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Browse our large collection of Fleshlight Male Sex Toys

Fleshlight is the number 1 selling male sex toy in the world, and it feels just like the real thing. There are now over two million men worldwide enjoying the patented Reel Feel Superskin inner texture of Fleshlights. Using Fleshlight male masturbators can also help to increase your sexual performance and improve stamina. Some men say it's even better than the real thing! At Sextoys.co.uk all our Fleshlight products come with 100% discreet delivery, packaging and billing. Buy Fleshlight male masturbators from the UK's leading online sex toys shop! Finding it difficult to find the best Fleshlight for you? Why not check our our guide to 'Which is the best Fleshlight to buy?'

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Fleshlight?

A Fleshlight is a male masturbatory aid that is used by inserting the penis into an opening, this can be in the form of a mouth, vagina, or anus. Fleshlights were created by Steve Shubin who patented his flash light shaped masturbation aid as a tool for discreet sperm collection.

What does a Fleshlight feel like? Does a Fleshlight feel like a real vagina?

Fleshlight sex toys are made from a flesh like material called super skin. This material has been designed to feel as much like the real thing as possible. Some Fleshlights called Fleshlight Girls are moulded from porn stars vaginas, making these ones even more life like. The internal sleeves of Fleshlights differ, some have different textures in them to give you more sensations when using it, the feeling of these will differ from the real thing, however they will still be extremely satisfying.

How to make a Fleshlight?

You don't need to make a Fleshlight, or even a male masturbator. Here at SexToys.co.uk we stock the best Fleshlights on the market. So pick up the real thing here!

How to use a Fleshlight?

These masturbation aids are extremely easy to use, simply apply lubricant to your erection and the inner sleeve and then insert your penis into the flesh-like material. Once inserted either use your hand to move it up and down your penis or hold the Fleshlight still and thrust your penis in and out of the orifice.

Do you cum in a Fleshlight?

You can cum inside your Fleshlight if you so choose to. But remember to clean after use with toy cleaner or warm soapy water.

How to clean a Fleshlight?

Fleshlights are extremely easy to clean. Remove the inner sleeve from the plastic case that it is housed in. Soak the sleeve in warm water, ideally for three to five minutes. After soaking rinse the toy throughout and also clean the hard outer case. You can then leave out to dry, or pat down with a cloth. To prolong the life of your Fleshlight we recommend that once dry, and once cleaned to use Fleshlight Renewing Powder, which will keep your Fleshlight in tip top condition and feeling just like the real thing every time you use it!

What is the tightest Fleshlight?

One of the tightest Fleshlights that we offer is the Fleshlight Flight Pilot, this is one of our most popular Fleshlights. Other tight, and extremely popular Fleshlights include the Vagina Stamina Training Unit, and the Fleshlight Girls Stoya Destroya Textured Male Masturbator which is directly molded from the popular pornstar!

Which is the best Fleshlight? Which Fleshlight to buy?

You can see our guide to which is the best Fleshlight here, where we discuss our best selling Fleshlights and some of our customer reviews of them!

How much does a Fleshlight cost?

We offer a large selection of different Fleshlights ranging in prices from £24.95 (for the Quickshot Boost and Vantage) to £74.95 (for our best selling Fleshlight Stamina Value Pack). If these are still our of your price range then take a look at all our male masturbators here.

Are Fleshlights any good?

Fleshlights are some of our most popular and best selling male masturbators, we also have customers who buy numerous Fleshlight Girls, so they must be good! We also have numerous reviews from our customers saying how great their Fleshlight is, so the general feedback is YES, Fleshlights are good. So grab yours today from the UK's leading online sex shop!

What is the best Fleshlight?

Here are some of our best Fleshlights based on what our customers have purchased in the past:
  1. Fleshlight Pink Vagina Original - £49.95 - This is the original Fleshlight, this realistic male masturbator has a smooth tunnel and is made from the patented Fleshlight material.

  2. Fleshlight Flight Pilot Male Masturbator - £39.95 - This discreet male masturbator features internal ribbing for additional stimulation as well as a twist base to allow for suction.

  3. Fleshlight GO Surge Male Masturbator - £49.95 - This realistic male masturbator is designed to be travel sized so can be taken on the road. The sleeve has a ribbed internal texture and is made from the patented Super Skin material

  4. Fleshlight Girls Stoya - £55.95 - Stoya is our most popular Fleshlight Girl, The sleeve has been directly molded from the porn star, and features a ribbed texture for enhanced pleasure!

  5. Fleshlight Stamina Value Pack - £74.95 - This is one of our best selling Fleshlight's, and is extremely popular with our customers. This cheap Fleshlight kit includes everything you need to get going including the Fleshlight renewing powder, lubricant and toy cleaner!