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Whether you're looking for a warm-up sex toy to heighten sexual pleasure or want to enjoy impact play with heavy spanking, we have all the most popular and exquisite spanking paddle sex toys for couples. Light to hold and easy to wield, our bondage paddle designs combine beautiful materials with functionality.

Made from black leather, hard plastic and other sturdy materials, most are classic leather spanking paddles. Others feature lovely faux fur details, stitched diamond patterns or are dual-sided with a smooth finish on both sides.

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What is a BDSM Spanking Paddle?

A BDSM spanking paddle is a sex toy that features an elongated, comfortable handle with a flat, widened end. It is typically used in BDSM and role play for erotic spanking that aims at the buttocks of the submissive partner.

Erotic spanking is the act of spanking another person for the sexual arousal or gratification of either or both parties. (Wikipedia)

BDSM sex paddles come in various styles and textures. From fat paddles with adjustable wrist ties to lightweight designs with abrasive surfaces that cause extreme sensations and leave love marks. Some dual-sided designs are stitched, while others have an edgy design perfect for intense spanking sessions.

Erotic paddles from a bondage collection can be used as a play toy for teasing, as a disciplinary BDSM tool or during adult cosplay together with other bondage gear. Compared to hand spanking, they produce an exciting sound and cover a wider area for enhanced pleasure. Used as a form of punishment, paddle BDSM toys cause impact on the ass cheeks for the sexual arousal of both partners.

Sex Paddles: Teasing Sexy Designs to Heat Things Up

BDSM paddles as well as bondage riding crops are often seen as sex toys for couples who want to deliver enhanced sensations. However, they can be used by anyone who enjoys a bite of pain from a good slap to achieve sexual arousal. We offer an array of silicone and leather spanking toys that are skin-safe and perfect for all experience levels.

If you're curious about BDSM accessory, here are just a few reasons why people enjoy stinging the sensations erotic paddles can provide:

  • Sensual: Paddling and kinky play are known to increase the body's serotonin and other 'happy' hormones. This makes players feel more energised and confident while having fun during their Fifty Shades of Grey experience.
  • Versatile: Engaging in BDSM activities can add more spice to your sex life. Playing with your partner and teasing each other with different BDSM toys, such as our beautiful satin steel paddle, can lead to immeasurable pleasures.
  • Stimulating: People who enjoy enhanced pain during sex play can experience toe-curling orgasms using spanking paddles. As a part of erotic corporal punishment, a lightweight BDSM spanking paddle is preferred over a hand slap.
  • Delicious pleasure: Impact play can result in intense sexual gratification for both partners. A wooden paddle can deliver delicious impacts, while a paddle with holes will provide a more intense experience.
  • Sexual health: According to sex therapists, BDSM lovers tend to be more open to new experiences. In most cases, BDSM play makes people more confident, helping couples feel more secure about their feelings and sexual desires.

How to Use Sex Paddles for Ultimate Pleasure

Before engaging in impact or BDSM play, discuss boundaries with your partner. Having a safe word is essential. Partners should also discuss their role play fantasies, after-care routine, discomfort levels and the painful impacts they enjoy.

The key is to start slow and use your hands before moving on to the paddles. BDSM beginners should consider soft paddle materials, while experienced users may prefer ergonomic designs that deliver sharp sting sensations. For those who've never experienced impact play, double-sided paddles with flat surfaces or durable, well-made paddles, made from faux leather, can be the right tool.

Do not be afraid to experiment using other items from the bondage collection, such as wrist straps, ball gags or a spanking bench.

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