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Numbing Lubes


Enjoy anal stimulation and sex with our desensitizing and numbing lubes. Their long-lasting formulas are ultra-thin and relaxing. They offer maximum strength, safety and smoothness.

Anal sex lubricants help to reduce uncomfortable sensations and pelvic pain. Explore the best options and turn pleasure into joy. Ensure a body-safe experience, smooth insertion and explore new heights of anal sex safely.

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What is a Numbing Lube?

A numbing lube is a type of personal lubricants designed for use during anal stimulation, partnered sex or masturbation. Most anal lubricants, including numbing lubes, are compatible with sex toys and can be applied to the body and sex toy before anal penetration.

Many lubricants are safe for anal sex, but there are products that are specifically marketed or designed to enhance enjoyment of anal sex. (Wikipedia)

Compared to water-based lubes, numbing formulas offer a greater slippery effect to make the action smoother. While their desensitizing active ingredients offer an easing effect, making the anal experience more pleasurable and pain-free.

As the anal muscles contract when stimulated, the sphincter reflex creates an 'iron grip' at the entrance. That's why many people can't avoid the feeling of discomfort or pain during anal masturbation or sex. When absorbed by the skin, the topical anesthetics of a numbing cream decrease the sensitivity in the anal region.

A numbing cream usually contains an oil-based formula designed to protect and moisturize sensitive skin. However, it is not compatible with latex condoms. People who enjoy partnered sex should consider using polyurethane condoms when applying numbing creams.

Why Use Anal Numbing Lubricants: Less Pain and General Stimulation

Anal anesthetic creams are engineered to provide a pain-free experience, allowing easy penetration. A numbing cream hydrates the anus, increasing elasticity. At the same time, using small anal toys like anal beads or butt plugs can prepare the body for intense sexual activity. Many people use numbing formulas for many reasons.

Explore the different types of lubricants that turn pleasure into joy:

  • Strength: Anal lubricants with natural ingredients can be a great option for comfortable penetration. Lube up the body and sex toy before getting started.
  • Comfort: Anal sex can provide new erotic pleasures, but only if there is no pain. Using a desensitizing lube helps to achieve a long-lasting glide during anal penetration.
  • Power Glide: Get your anal play on with body care. A slightly numbing sex lube can harden the penis, making it stiff and slippery at the same time.
  • Quick effect: Proper lubrication can help desensitize the anus and numb you to the pain and discomfort. Start your penetration session within a few minutes after applying the lubricant.

How and When to Use Anal Lubes: Desensitizing Lube and Numbing Cream

We offer a wide array of numbing and hybrid lubricants, all of which are great for anal sex. Choose the type of lube that fits your fancy. A water-based lube can be the right choice if you're not a seasoned player. Consider a silicone lube if you want more slickness.

To make anal penetration smoother, apply a bit of lubricantto the body and start by warming up. Use your anal-safe sex toys: from butt plugs and anal beads to classic vibrators and prostate massagers!

Apply a generous amount on your anus and use your fingers to coat your outer and inner rim. Do the same for your partner's penis and the sex toy. Take it slow on the first insertion.

When using a desensitizing lube or numbing cream, make sure you're aware of the timing. If you indulge in your play for too long, it can damage sensitive anal tissues and you might not even notice it.

Desensitizing Lubes FAQs

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