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BDSM Collars


Discover the best submissive collars, leather chokers and master series jewelry for every kind of bondage play.

Collar your submissive and have them delighting in obeying your every command. Or treat them to a piece of jewelry they'll love: a bold necklace for the most daring looks and a whip for caressing. Use the whip tassels to lead your partner's movements or let yourself be led. Whatever your collar fetish, we have all the old classics and sexy, remastered designs.

Take control and enjoy your role play with pleasure!

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What is a BDSM Collar?

A BDSM collar is a part of a fetish wear that appeals to sexual excitement. Sometimes called 'bondage collar' or 'slave collar', it can be reserved for sexual bondage play or worn by subs in their daily lives.

In a BDSM context, a collar is a device of any material worn by a person around the neck to indicate their submissive or slave status in a BDSM relationship. (Wikipedia)

Submissive bondage collars are very popular in the BDSM community. They are available in different styles for every level of commitment. Just like with engagement and wedding rings, a consideration collar and a permanent collar are an important part of a power exchange relationship.

A collar of consideration is the first neck collar a submissive receives from their dominant. The collaring ceremony is often held to honor the commitment. It symbolizes the start of a serious relationship between the dominant and submissive.

The consideration collar is usually followed by a training collar. While a permanent collar represents a long-term commitment which is celebrated like a classic wedding ceremony.

Although a type of collar can be symbolic in a power exchange relationship, people who are new to the kinky scene often wear a play collar or choker necklace simply as a piece of sexy jewelry.

Types of Bondage Collars & Partner's Accessory

Wearing a BDSM collar does not always mean the wearer is a part of the dom-sub scene. People can wear it to spice up their bedroom routine or explore new sensations. Kink collars can be paired with mouth gags, nipple toys, ankle cuffs, wrists restraints, rope bondage and other bondage items.

If you're curious about kink collars or want to incorporate one into your sex life, here are the top 5 BDSM collar designs you should know about:

  • Protection collar: When a sub wears a protection collar, it means they have an owner. This neck collar puts them off limits from other doms who might be interested in sharing a sexual experience.
  • Play collar: Play collars come in a wide variety of styles and color options. They are used to spice up a sexual experience. Some subs prefer to wear a play collar on top of their eternity collar.
  • Day collar: Discreet day collars can pass as standard necklaces or sexy jewellery. They can also help subs carry out their submissive role in a discreet way.
  • Leash collar: A collar with leash that resembles a dog collar. Made from faux leather and other sturdy materials, they offer more physical control to the dom and require a higher level of trust.
  • Alternative collar: From a bondage set collar with nipple clamps to leather BDSM choker and shock collar that delivers a small shock. This style offers a lot of fun and requires a minimum effort level.

How to Use a Collar in Romantic Relationship and BDSM Sex

Whether you enjoy taking on the submissive role or get turned on feeling in control (dominant role players can wear chokers as well), our assortment of bondage items can enhance sexual satisfaction in your BDSM experience.

Before starting any BDSM play, partners should discuss boundaries and come up with a safe word. Using that word means that one partner wants to cease the BDSM play.

As many subs enjoy being disciplined by their doms, slave collars with an attached chain leash, nipple clamps or breathable ball gags can be great for adventurous couples. Pulling on the leash gently will allow the sub to experience intense pleasure from pain.

For a heightened BDSM punishment adventure, experienced players may want to consider using the full restrain set with bondage restraints, cock rings, chastity devices, and other kinky accessories.

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