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How To Clean Sex Toys for Women


Have you just bought a female sex toy for the first time and want to ensure that you get the most from it? Well in order to keep your sex toy in good condition and to make sure it lasts as long as possible you will need to take care of it. Taking care of your new sex toy is relatively straight forward, and often only requires two things:

  1. Cleaning
  2. Storage

Sex toys for women are usually very easy to clean and usually require wiping down or washing off. You can clean your adult toys with specifically formulated sex toy cleaner or warm water. We recommend to avoid using soap as some soaps may disrupt the natural balance of bacteria in your vagina, which could lead to a urinary tract infection. Using sex toy cleaner is very easy, the below are the steps that you should follow when using it:

  1. Spray the sex toy cleaner onto your sex toy
  2. Leave for two minutes
  3. Rinse with warm water
  4. Dry

Sex toy cleaner will leave your adult toy clean and germ free, it is a simple and effective method for cleaning your pleasure toys. Remember to always clean your sex toy before and after use to prevent any bacteria transmission.

The second important thing to remember when looking after your sex toy is to make sure you store it in a cool dry place!

If you have any more questions on cleaning your sex toy or sex toy storage then please feel free to contact us