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Anal Probes


Explore our collection of pelvic toners, great for deep stimulation of pelvic floor muscles in a smooth and effective way. These high-tech devices come in a variety of styles with different insertion depths.

They can accommodate everyone's needs and make your pleasure-and-training routine fun and comfortable. Complete your purchase online and enjoy the benefits of discreet shipping and UK delivery.

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What is Anal Probe?

An anal probe can be a sex toy or a medical device designed for pelvic floor toning. It is typically made of body-safe, non-porous materials, including medical-grade silicone, borosilicate glass and ABS plastic.

While all type of anal probes are designed to stimulate pelvic floor muscles, their constructions may vary from model to model. Electronic pelvic toners that are corded provide stimulation through built-in electrodes. Cordless models can be paired with skin electrodes.

Anal probes that come in the form of sex toys have a big advantage of the two-in-one tool. People can use them as a pleasure tool and exercise equipment at the same time. Their built-in bullet vibrators offer multiple vibration modes, providing an effective workout with maximum comfort.

Anal stimulation probes that are designed specifically for anal insertion - such as some of the Anuform anal probe designs - often come with female connectors. These connectors can adapt the device for vaginal use (this kind of probes is known as 'vaginal probe').

Contoured shapes and rounded tips ensure comfortable insertion and effective, body-safe stimulation. An anal probe set can be a great choice as it provides targeted stimulation of the anal sphincter muscles.

Anal Probes: The Best Anal Toys For Pelvic Floor Toning

Our anal probes are sex toys optimally designed to provide effective workout options for everyone. Whether you're planning to use your device for a vaginal or anal stimulation routine, our designs can meet all your requirements.

  • High-quality materials: Even if you're not planning to purchase a gold probe, you have a lot of choices. Premium silicone, ABS plastic and borosilicate glass are some of the high-quality materials commonly used in most anal toys. They are non-porous, hypoallergenic, durable and easy to clean.
  • Perfect shapes: Shape is one of the most crucial considerations you need to keep in mind when choosing an anal probe. Whether small and neat or larger and anatomic shapes, we offer different options for everyone to enjoy an ideal probe positioning.
  • Anal-safe features: Anal electro-stimulation can be great, but using a device designed for vaginal use or other activities may sometimes lead to a negative experience. Our anal probes sex toys, made from non-porous materials, come with flared bases for anal-safe play.
  • Added stimulation: Many anal probes - such as contoured probe designs - are great for users who want to add extra stimulation to their pelvic floor exercise. These perfectly-shaped probes stimulate your anal sphincter muscles and kegel muscles, releasing muscle tension in the area.
  • Sex and pleasure: Anal probes that come in the form of sex toys can enhance sexual satisfaction. You can use them for training, as a tool to relieve pelvic pain, or as a sex toy during masturbation and couples play. They have many features to provide you with satisfying and comfortable muscle stimulation.

How To Use Anal Probes

Anal probes are great when it comes to achieving enhanced stimulation during your anal workout. Here are some handy tips to help you make the best of your anal probes set.

Keep your exercise equipment clean. Just like with any sex toy designed for anal insertion, it's very important that you take all the necessary steps to keep your anal probes clean at all times.

Don't share anal toys. Sharing anal probes with others is unhygienic and can easily result in varied complications that no one wants around their anal region. No matter what, never make the mistake of sharing your anal toys with others (unless your partner uses condoms every time).

Check user instructions. You might be a veteran user of sex toys, but it can still be helpful to read the user instructions. As most anal probes are high-tech devices, they come with different specifications.

Anal Probes FAQs

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