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Sex Swings


Sex swings are an exciting and erotic way to make standard penetrative or oral sex more pleasurable and thrilling. Our top-quality sex swings aren't your basic playground swings. These products are super durable and made from the best materials so they're comfortable and sturdy.

You can browse our wide range of sex swings to find the perfect tool to perform some aerial sex. We have everything, from bondage to door swings to spinning swings and anything else you can imagine. These sensational and sexy swings allow you to hang limp and become a plaything for your partner or let your partner float in the air while you ravish them.

Explore our expert-chosen selection of sex swings!

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Swing Into Pleasure!

Sex on the bed is old news. With a spectacular sex swing, you can take your erotic activities to the sky! And these swings are more than just a fun time, they can also lessen the strain on your joints and muscles caused by rigorous sexual activity. It can also make certain possessions more accessible to those with physical impairments.

Using a sex swing can make challenging positions easier to achieve and enjoy. The swings can also make sex more effortless and exhilarating, thanks to the added sensation of floating and additional movement of the swing.

The momentum of the swing is one of the best aspects of using a sex sling, as you can deepen penetration by harnessing the movement, whether using a dildo, penis, or another penetrating device.

Choosing the Right Sex Swing

There are a few different kinds of sex swings to choose from. A few of the best options include door swings, slings, body sex swings, bondage swings, and spinning sex swings.

All these varieties offer different benefits, but if you want to keep it simple, a conventional or door swing is a great place to start. Our swings are all high-quality and feature durable materials.

If you’re an experienced swing user, consider trying something new, like a bondage swing or spinning swing! Our experts have curated a wide selection of swings for you to choose from.

The Best Sex Swing Positions

Not sure how to get started with the new sex swing you just installed? Don't worry; we have a few expert tips! The best sex swing positions are versions of standard sex positions, but now, you're swinging in the air.

Let’s start with a classic: missionary. Swinging missionary entails one partner laying on their back in the swing, while the other stands between their legs to penetrate. This position is a great starter option to get accustomed to the swing!

More advanced positions include hanging doggy style, swinging cowgirl, and supportive lap dance. For doggy style, the receiving partner lays in the swing on their stomach and the swing supports them at their waste. Then, the penetrating partner can enter from behind, like a traditional doggy.

The swinging cowgirl requires the penetrating partner to lay back in the swing and allow the receiving partner to climb up and straddle them. A supportive lapdance occurs when the receiver sits with their thighs on the seat and their rear hanging off the swing. The penetrating partner stands beneath/behind them and uses the straps for support while entering their partner.

You can also use the sex swing to make oral more exciting and sensual. You can complete many oral activities with a sex swing. The receiving partner can hand face down with the performer on the floor beneath them. The receiving partner can face upward with the performer on top of them.

We’ve given you a few positions to get you started but don't be afraid to flip your partner around and try something new. With a sex swing, the options are endless!

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