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Dildos: What They Are and How To Use Them


Dildos are a sexual penetration toy that can be used during solo masturbation or with a partner. Using a dildo is very easy and straight forward, they can be used in a variety of different positions, angles and speeds to give a whole variety of sensations.

Dildos are one of the most popular types of sex toys available, and many first-time sex toy buyers would have heard of a dildo. Dildos are some of the oldest sex toys available and have been around in human society for approximately 30,000 years, with archaeologists finding wooden dildos from the stone age! In this time, we have been able to perfect the dildo, now these sex toys have shapes that have been ergonomically designed to give you the best sexual stimulation possible! These penetration toys are also available in various colours, making them look less penis shaped.

In this guide to one of the most popular sex toys available, we will discuss the best ways in which you can use a dildo, the different types of dildos, and some of the best dildos available to buy.

Before You Begin: Choose the Right Dildo

Over the last 30,000 years that dildos have been around, we have been able to perfect the shape and design of them. As we learned more about the human body, we have been able to design sex toys that stimulate erogenous zones more directly than ever before. That is why choosing the right dildo is extremely important.

To help you buy the right dildo for you or your partner, you must first know about the different types of dildos that are available to buy. Below we briefly outline the different types of dildos that are available to buy!

Anal Dildos

Anal Dildos are a type of dildo that has been specifically designed for anal penetration. These anal toys are great for people who enjoy a bit of bum fun.

What makes anal dildos different from other types of dildos is that they feature a slimmer shaft. This makes penetration very simple and straight forward. Anal dildos also feature a large or flared base. This is a feature that many anal sex toys have and is like this in order to prevent the dildo from being fully absorbed into your rectum.

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Double Ended Dildos

Double ended dildos, double dildos, or double penetration dildos are a type of sex toy that is designed to be used for dual penetration, be it solo or with a partner. Double ended dildos usually feature two phallic heads that are joined together. One side may be slightly slimmer than the other, making it more suited for anal penetration, whilst the other would be more suited for vaginal penetration.

You can use a double ended dildo during your solo masturbation sessions. This type of dildo is perfect for those who want to experience double penetration without the hassle of having to orchestrate getting more people involved! Double dildos are usually very flexible, allowing you to bend them. This means that you can use one for vaginally penetration whilst you use the other for anal penetration.

Double dildos are also great to use with a partner, and in fact are a very popular type of lesbian sex toy. When using a double ended dildo with another partner you would both insert the dildo into your preferred orifice and use it together.

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Glass Dildos

Glass dildos are a very popular type of dildo that are made from…. you guessed it…GLASS! These dildos are heavier than other dildos, making them great to provide even more pressure to your erogenous zones.

Glass dildos come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and often look more like artistic sculptures rather than sex toys. Glass dildos are usually designed with raised nodules or additional ridges to provide you with even more sexual stimulation when using them.

Glass sex toys, in general, allow you to apply even more pressure to your erogenous zones, like the g-spot, making these sex toys some of the best to help you squirt.

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G-Spot Dildos

G-spot dildos are a type of dildo that usually feature a curved shaft that allows for targeted g-spot stimulation. These sex toys come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, but all feature the curved shaft in common.

G-spot dildos are also great sex toys to make you squirt. If female ejaculation is something that you are interested in learning more about then look at our guide on sex toys to make her squirt.

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Realistic Dildos

Realistic dildos are sexual penetration toys that are designed to look, and often feel just like the human penis. These sex toys usually feature raised veins for additional internal stimulation and may also feature balls to make them even more realistic.

Realistic dildos are usually made from materials like TPE or PVC. TPE is a softer material that makes them feel very life-like. Dildos that are made from this material are usually referred to as ‘real feel’ sex toys.

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Large Dildos

Large dildos are designed for more experienced sex toy users, or for those who want to experience a more full feeling. These dildos are often larger than life, and are definitely not for beginners.

Big dildos are ideal if you want to experience an extra few inches in length and girth, giving the user a truly full feeling. They come in a large variety, but are mainly designed to have a realistic appearance.

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Non-Phallic Dildos

Non-phallic dildos are a type of sexual penetration toy that are designed to look unrealistic, often designed not to resemble the human penis.

These dildos come in a variety of different materials, with the most popular being glass and silicone. They also come in a variety of different shapes and sizes but are designed to be as unrealistic as possible.

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Strap-On Dildos

Strap-On Dildos are a penetration toy that usually features a suction cup. The suction cup can be used to attach the dildo to a strap-on harness. This then turns the sex toy into a strap-on dildo.

Strap-on dildos are designed to be worn by one partner, who then penetrates another partner. There are a few different varieties of strap-on dildos, including; double penetration, g-spot; prostate; textured; and penis extensions. Penis extensions are hollow dildos that are designed to be worn by a man, who would then penetrate their partner. Hollow dildos are perfect for men who want to increase their size, or by those who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

These are some of the most popular types of dildos that our customers buy. Now that you know about the different types of dildos to buy, let’s talk about the best way to use a dildo.

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How Do You Use A Dildo?

Using a dildo is very straight forward. These sex toys are specifically designed for sexual penetration, so are very simple to use. However, before using a dildo there are a few important things to remember:

Keep It Clean

When you first receive your dildo make sure that you take it out of the box and double check it, confirming it is tip top condition.

Once you have given your new dildo a once over, we recommend cleaning it both before and after use. This is to ensure that there is no bacteria on the dildo, making sure that it will not disrupt the natural balance of your vagina.

Get Aroused

When using any sex toy it is very important to make sure that you are in the mood, or ready for action. You probably know what turns you on, or what your body responds best to, so start off by turning yourself on.

You may want to start off by dimming the lights, turning on some relaxing music, and then slowly start to caress your erogenous zones like your nipples. Then slowly work down your body, making sure that you are prepared and ready for action!

Use Lubricant

Once you feel like you are ready to use your dildo, start off by applying some lubricant to your sex toy and vulva. There are a huge variety of different lubricants available, so choose one that is best suited for what you want to use your dildo for.

If you want to use it in the shower then you may think using silicone lubricant is the best one for you, but if you have a silicone dildo then we strongly recommend against using this type of lubricant. This could lead to your silicone dildo becoming damaged, or degrading.

Popular Ways To Use A Dildo:

There are a few different ways in which you can use a dildo, we recommend trying all of them as this will allow you to find the one which you prefer!

Deep Thrusting

This is possibly the simplest and most popular way to use your dildo and you do exactly what it sounds like. When using your dildo like this it is very important to use plenty of personal lubricant, as well as starting slowly, and gradually building up the speed of the trust.

This technique requires a dildo that is firm enough, so it won’t bend. If the dildo is soft it can make this action more difficult. Furthermore, you may find using a textured dildo a bit overwhelming and not too comfortable. If you are a beginner and want to try this technique then you are probably best off buying a dildo that is smooth, or has a very discreet texture.

Shallow Thrusting

This technique is essentially the opposite of the deep thrusting one. With this technique, use your dildo to only slightly enter your vagina, spreading your labia. This technique is very popular because most of the sensitive nerve endings are found in the first third of your vagina.

Using a shallow thrusting technique means that you can get the most out of your dildo without having to fully insert it into your vagina. Just because your dildo has an insertable length of however much, doesn’t mean you have to use it. In fact, sometimes having a longer shaft is better as it can give you more control over the dildo.

Rocking Out (With Your Dildo In)

Dildos are usually straight, but this doesn’t mean that you must use it in a simple in and out way. By moving it back and forth at an angle, applying additional pressure to the bottom of your vagina can give even more stimulation.

When laying on your back, slowly enter the dildo into your vagina and then pull it back before gently thrusting it inside your vagina. This provides additional stimulation to your posterior wall, but can also give additional stimulation to your clitoris as it moves down.

The best dildos to use for this motion are ones that are soft and have a slight flex to them.

Twist & Shout

Just like with the rocking motion, dildos don’t have to be used in a standard thrusting way. Twisting the dildo around in your vagina can provide some fantastic stimulation. Simply insert the dildo and then begin to twist it round.

A straight dildo is usually the best one to use when using this technique. However, a dildo that features nodules can provide even more stimulation when employing this action.

G-Spot Stimulation

G-spot stimulation is very similar to a rocking motion, however you would need to use it the other way round. Start off by slowly entering your dildo into your vagina, then push down on the base, so the tip of the dildo is facing upwards. Then slowly pull the dildo out of your vagina. This will cause the dildo to rub against your g-spot.

You can buy specially designed dildos for this. They feature a curved shaft, meaning that you don’t have to bend the dildo so much. Other popular dildos for g-spot stimulation are glass dildos. These are weightier sex toys that allow even more pressure to be applied to the g-spot.

Dual Stimulation

This is exactly what you think it is. Dual stimulation is when you would use your dildo whilst simultaneously rubbing your clitoris, or using another sex toy, like a bullet vibrator, to stimulate it.

Performing this technique properly can lead to you having a blended orgasm, where you would experience a simultaneous internal and external orgasm.

Temperature Play

If you have ever used a metal or glass sex toy then you will already know that your body will be shocked by the coolness of the sex toy. To some this will feel enjoyable and give you a completely unique sensation. If you aren’t a fan of this then try warming up your dildo in a bowl of warm water.

Alternatively, if you enjoy cool sensations, and want to have an even colder sensation, then cool the dildo down in a bowl of cold water. The best dildos to use for this temperature play are glass or metal ones, however silicone dildos can be warmed up quite well.

Anal Penetration

I’m sure you can guess how to use your dildo for this technique! When using your dildo for anal penetration it is essential that you warm up and get your rectum ready for some fun. Start off by using plenty of lubricant and warming up with a finger.

When you feel comfortable start slowly entering your dildo into your rectum and pulling it out. You may also want to try doing this technique whilst your partner penetrates you vaginally, as this will give you a feeling of double penetration.

Double Penetration

This is where you would use two sex toys, or one sex toy and a partner, to give you a double penetration feel. Many people have a double penetration fantasy, and using a sex toy with your partner is the perfect way to give this a go. You can also perform this technique without a partner.

Some ways in which you can do this is by using a dildo alongside a butt plug, or even using an anal dildo and then your fingers. Before you use it with a partner you want to try it by yourself in order to make sure you enjoy it.

Use with A Condom

Many people suggest to use a condom with your dildo, this is beneficial for two reasons. Firstly, putting a condom over your dildo can help to avoid infection or allergic reactions. This is especially relevant when sharing a sex toy with someone else. Secondly, there are many different types of condoms that are designed to enhance sexual penetration, so putting a condom over your dildo can lead to your dildo giving you even more sensations.

Now that you know about the different ways in which you can use a dildo, look at the most popular positions in which people use their dildos.

Popular Positions to Use A Dildo:

Have you ever heard the expression ‘it’s all about the angle’? Well it is. Different positions provide a different sensation and allow you to fully embrace the sensations that dildos can provide. Below are some of the most popular positions to use a dildo in.

Laying Down

Many people naturally masturbate whilst laying on their back and facing the ceiling. Although it may not have the greatest views, it often works extremely well. You can mix this position up slightly move moving your legs and knees, or even by putting a sex pillow under your bum. Doing both should make it easier for you to stimulate your g-spot even more.

Face Down

Another way to masturbate is to face down. You can use a dildo in a couple of different ways whilst laying on your front. First off, if your arms are long enough, try reaching behind your bottom and then thrusting the dildo, you can even place a sex pillow under your hips to give you even more angle. Using your dildo like this can also give even more g-spot stimulation.

Secondly, whilst face down you can pull your dildo up towards your belly button, this should allow you to simultaneously stimulate your clitoris whilst using your dildo.

On Your Side

Laying on your side with your legs together can make your sex toy feel a lot larger. This means that you may get even more stimulation from the different ribs and nodules on your dildo. You can keep your legs straight or bend them, which would again give you unique sensations.

Sitting Down

Sitting down works very well if you are enjoying watching some visuals on a screen. If you have a suction cup dildo you should be able to attach it to a chair or the floor, meaning that you can easily ride it in a comfortable position without having to use your hands.

In The Shower

Although not strictly a position, and more of a place where you can use a dildo, the shower provides some great fun. Showers are generally quite relaxing and incredibly enjoyable, so using a dildo in them can be great fun, and give you the piece and quiet you need when using it.

Depending on how long you plan to use your dildo for, may change the way in which you position you use your dildo. You may also find one position easier and more comfortable, so this may be your preferred position.

Now you know how to use a dildo, start using yours and enjoy it in a variety of different ways. If you don’t yet have a dildo, but now really want to buy one, then look below at some of our best dildos.