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BDSM Crops


Many people appreciate spanking or a stinging sensation when playing around in the bedroom or other room. BDSM crops are a simple yet fun toy to bring into the bedroom when you or your partner enjoy a little sting.

These tools will help spice things up with role-play or when the stinging sensation helps you or your partner reach or have better orgasms. We have an excellent selection of BDSM crops that range in materials, colors, and sizes for you to browse.

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What is a BDSM Crop?

BDSM crops are simple yet effective spanking toys that bring even a little bit of excitement to your everyday sexual experience. The best part about BDSM riding crops is that you can use a light or as heavy of a hand as you like with your partner.

These spanking toys feature a rod, usually some metal, with a wrist attachment on one end and a flexible spanking tongue on the other. The tongue can be smaller or larger, covering different portions of the body wherever you're using them.

Why People Love BDSM Crops

People love BDSM crops for several reasons. Men and women can enjoy using BDSM riding crops with their partners.

One of the main reasons people love using these toys is because they're the perfect introduction to BDSM, but even experienced individuals love these tried and true spanking toys.

Crops allow for just the amount of stinging pleasure you want because you or your partner are entirely in control. Depending on how you use them, they can be more intense than just a hand or a paddle.

While not everyone wants something that intense, the fact that you can use them more intensely is appealing to BDSM fans.

Sex toys can be pretty pricey depending on the toy, manufacturer, and who you purchase them from. Another reason to love BDSM crops is the price. For the most part, they're very affordable sex toys that bring a lot of enjoyment to the bedroom.

How To Use a BDSM Crop

If you've never used a BDSM crop but are ready to experiment, you're in luck. These spanking toys aren't difficult to use at all. The only thing you need to use the toy is the toy itself, a hand, and someone to spank.

All BDSM crops come with a handle where you'll grip the toy. Some even have a wrist strap that you can slip your hand through so you don't drop it if you need both hands for another reason.

You can play around with light and heavy swings to see what you and your partner enjoy and which parts of the body. Most people start on the behind, but you can use BDSM crops on any part of the body to provide a pleasant stinging sensation.

You or your partner will swing the toy and spank the other with the toy. You can continue this as many times as you want to see what you both enjoy. BDSM crops are one of the best ways to experiment with BDSM, so be sure you have fun with it and listen to yourself and your partner when you're using these toys.