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Vibrator Anal Toys and Anal Vibrators


Anal vibrators are a great way to enjoy anal stimulation. They fit comfortably and add to intense orgasms during solo play and couples’ time. Body-safe, smooth or textured, they stimulate thousands of nerve endings in the anal sphincter through powerful vibration. Choose from beginner silicone vibrators, beaded plugs, and prostate massagers and experience the most pleasurable sensations.

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What are Anal Vibrators?

Anal vibrators are sex toys designed to provide internal stimulation of the anus and explosive prostate pleasure through intense vibrations.

High-quality silicone materials, multi-function vibration modes, suction cup bases, and remote control for hands-free play are just some of the exciting features these toys have to offer. A flared base makes them safe for anal use so you can enjoy perineum stimulation and deeper pleasure.

Silicone anal toys with firm beads offer unique popping sensations and intense stimulation. Some toys A prostate toy will be enjoyed by trans femme users and some may want to use them as G-spot vibrators as well.

Anal vibrating toys offer a variety of sizes, shapes, and textures to satisfy every need. We carry a large selection of the best anal vibrators, from small anal butt plugs and mini silicone vibrators to bubble plugs and inflatable P-Spot vibes.

Find Your Ideal Anal Vibrator: Anal Pleasure for All Experience Levels

Check our varied selection of the best toys to find your perfect fit:

  • Butt plugs - A vibrating anal butt plug is a small anal vibrator with a flared base. A smooth or ridged base of a vibrating anal butt plug can deliver amazing perineum stimulation. When inserted, it creates pressure, while mighty vibration modes provide deeper stimulation.
  • Anal dildos - These sex toys are a great way for solo play and couples who enjoy deep stimulation and anal penetration. With an anal-safe vibrator, you can enjoy a whole range of sensations, from backdoor pleasure to clitoris stimulation. Choose from different intensity levels to enjoy gentle-to-strong vibrations.
  • Anal beads - These toys are super versatile as they feature different-sized balls. To enjoy anal stimulation, you can start with a beginner-friendly size bead and gain your experience gradually. Anal beads are inserted and then drawn out in one motion or slowly one by one.
  • P-spot vibrator - P-spot vibrators - a.k.a. prostate massagers - are designed to massage the P-spot. These toys usually have a bulbed shape to hit and stimulate the prostate gland safely. An inflatable P-spot anal plug works like a prostate massager as it reaches the prostate for extra stimulation.

Take Advantage of Size, Vibrations, Remote Control & Other Features

Thrusting, pulsing, and rotating, anal vibrators are nice to the touch and fun to use. Made from smooth silicone material they offer easy insertion and safe play. Some come with remote control for ease of use!

To make your experience enjoyable, remember to use an appropriate personal lubricant. Lubing up and inserting something up your butt or your lover's anus can be a thrilling experience, especially when it vibrates!

Water-based lubes are always great options as they are body-safe, toy-friendly, and compatible with all condoms.

Anal Vibrator FAQs