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Flavored Lubes


Enjoy your sex games like never before with our flavoured, juicy lubes. They offer silky sensations and maximum pleasure, while their water-based formula keeps things sliding.

Sweet strawberry, tropical mango, stimulating cherry and other delicious flavours are available. We have them all and so much more! Take your pick and spice up your bedroom time with your favorite aroma.

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What are Flavoured Lubricants?

Flavored lubricants contain flavorings, such as fruit flavors, to enhance oral contact. 'Edible' lubricants may be flavored and/or may not contain any ingredients that are not advisable to eat. (Wikipedia)

Flavoured lubricants, sometimes called 'edible lubricants,' aim to make oral sex more fun, flirty and exciting. But this doesn't mean that they can't be used for vaginal or anal sex. Glycerin and sugar-free formulas can be used with condoms, toys and for penetrative (vaginal and anal) sex.

Most flavoured lubricants contain a water-based formula that is safe to digest in small amounts. As organic standards become a common trend, water-based formulas of flavoured lubes often consist of organic and all-natural ingredients.

Oil-based options are usually flavoured with essential oils and natural extracts. If used during foreplay, they may heighten arousal, providing additional sensations (cooling, warming or pulsating).

Flavoured with natural extracts, most edible options are suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Natural Taste and Silky Textures for Sensual Play

Flavoured lubricants can be a great way to enhance any sex activity. People love them for their premium qualities and natural taste. Just like other personal lubricants, they help reduce friction, making things extra slippery when it's needed. Delicious and stimulating flavours can also heighten arousal, adding pleasure and excitement to a sex game.

If you're consider trying one, check our list of the most important qualities of edible lubricants:

  • Variety of options: Flavoured lubes come in a wide variety of different formulas. Body-safe, ideal for people with allergy to latex or sensitive skin. Some are designed to enhanced oral sex, others for anal pleasures and vaginal use.
  • Smooth and tasty: While flavoured lubes smell and taste like a real fruit or cake, they have the same purpose as other personal lubricants. They reduce friction during sex. Plus they smell and taste great!
  • Enhanced sensations: Thanks to many different formulas, flavoured lubes can deliver different sensations. Refreshing, stimulating, relaxing, warming, cooling or pulsating. What's your pick?
  • Body-safe: High-quality flavoured lubes are hypoallergenic, compatible with all kinds of sex toys, and body-safe when used properly. Check the manufacturer's instructions to ensure safety and optimised results.
  • Ideal for solo and couples play: Flavoured lubes can spice up any sex game, couples play, and self-pleasure sessions. Apply the lube on your body or play with your partner. The possibilities are endless!

How to Use Flavoured Lubes

Using a flavoured lube is as easy as any other personal lubricant. Apply a bit of your favourite lube on the body and on your sex toy.

Depending on your preferences, you can use the lubricant to enhance handjobs, oral sex, or reduce friction during penetrative sex.

Keep in mind that oil-based formulas have thicker textures and last longer than water-based options. Handjobs can be more fun with flavoured warming lubes. Aloe-based and other enhanced formulas will keep your skin hydrated and radiant.

If you're a fan of oral sex, you may want to consider flavoured water-based options. Even if you enjoy your partner's genital flavour, your own saliva is often not enough for a proper oral lubrication. That said, a high-quality, edible lubricant with a subtle taste can be a great addition to your health care collection.

Flavoured Lube FAQs

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