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BDSM Whips


A classic BDSM accessory, the whip can introduce a wide range of sensations and help you have fun exploring power dynamics. With a wide range of designs and materials available, the right BDSM whip will help you achieve the perfect balance between pain and pleasure.

Experimenting with a flogger opens up new possibilities for acting out your fantasies and will bring you closer to your partner.

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What Is Impact Play?

Impact play is a popular practice among the BDSM community. It describes sexual acts that consist of hitting a consenting partner. There are different forms of impact play, such as spanking, flogging, or whipping.

Many BDSM couples enjoy using a whip or flogger because this accessory creates a sharp or stingy sensation that feels pleasurable.

Other common accessories used for impact or sensation play include paddles and slappers. Crops can also be used, but they deliver more of a dull sensation compared to paddles, slappers, and whips.

Single Vs. Multiple Tails

When choosing a BDSM whip, one of the first questions you'll have to consider is whether you want to use a classic bullwhip with a single tail or a flogger with multiple tails.

Bullwhips typically feature a longer tail, and hitting the intended area requires more skill. A flogger can be less intimidating to use if you're new to impact play, and the multiple tails can help minimize the stinging sensation by targeting a larger area.

Using single or multiple tail whips is a matter of personal preference, and you might want to experiment with both to see which type of BDSM whip you prefer.

Choosing the Right Materials

Materials can create different sensations and levels of pain when using a BDSM flogger. If you’re shopping for your first whip, it's important to understand what different materials feel like.

Here are the most common materials.

Satin Whips

Satin is a delicate fabric with a soft and smooth feel. Satin whips don't cause sharp pain, but they can be a fun accessory for caressing a partner or experimenting with flogging without causing any pain.

Satin whips can introduce new sensations due to their soft texture and help you experiment with BDSM play without pushing things too far.

Silicone Whips

Silicone is a durable polymer that is common in sex toys. It's bouncy, stretchy, and easy to clean.

Silicone is a popular material for sex toys because it can mimic the feel of human skin. Silicone also allows for thin falls that deliver a sharp and stingy sensation.

Leather and Faux-Leather Whips

Leather is probably the first material that comes to mind when thinking about floggers. It’s a timeless classic and the go-to material for many BDSM couples since this supple material delivers the right amount of sting.

A faux-leather whip can be a better option if you want an eco-friendly accessory or prefer synthetic materials that are easier to clean and maintain.

Fall Length

When choosing a flogger, the fall length is a crucial feature to consider. The falls are the thin strips that come in contact with the skin.

The fall length can range anywhere from 10 to 20 inches. A whip with shorter falls is a better option if you lack experience and don't want to risk hitting another area by mistake.

On the other hand, a whip with longer falls can target a larger area and deliver stronger sensations.

Safety First

There are a few safety rules to keep in mind when using a BDSM whip or flogger:

  • Target areas that are protected by a layer of fat or muscle to prevent injuries. Stay away from the head, joints, spine, and kidneys (in the small of the back).

  • Opt for a whip with a short fall to prevent wrapping if you’re new to whip play.

  • Skin tears can happen. Keep the whip clean and disinfect the area if it happens.

  • Practice on inanimate objects first to figure out how much strength to use.

  • Wearing eye protection isn't the sexiest accessory, but it's best to protect your eyes until you gain more experience.

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