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Ball Gags


A ball gag is a sex toy that prevents the wearer from talking. It heightens the feeling of submission in sex acts because the wearer has a sphere or ball in their mouth and straps keeping it attached to their head. Whoever wears the ball gag is the submissive partner, while the other person takes on the dominant role.

If you want the best ball gags, check out the selection below. We use the highest standards to provide reliable ball gags for sexual excitement. There are options to include accessories and customize the gag to best suit your partner's submissive feelings and aesthetic expression.

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Why Choose a Ball Gag

A ball gag is an exciting accessory for BDSM fans. The wearer becomes submissive and unable to speak while the dominant partner teases them to the brink of explosion. If you want to try giving up more control and letting your partner be fully responsible for your sexual pleasure, a ball gag is a great accessory.

You can choose a comfortable ball gag with a soft or furry lining to soothe your partner's cheeks. Or you can strap them into a ball gag made of materials such as:

  • Leather

  • Silicone

  • Pleather

These materials truly capture the thrilling bondage vibe of classic ball gags.

As with any BDSM activity, talk to your partner before you get too worked up. Establish boundaries and safe signals so everyone can give consent and enjoy themselves. Then choose the best ball gag for your pleasure and have fun!

Types of Ball Gags

You can choose various ball gags based on your comfort level and ideal aesthetic. For example, elastic ball gags will fit over the wearer’s head and stay in place with movement. Ball gags with buckles add a layer of intimacy because the dominant partner can put them into place and buckle them tightly onto the submissive partner's head.

Beyond elastic and buckle ball gags are different looks, such as those with straps that glow in the dark, those that resemble fishnets, and those made of colored fabric or leather.

There are different types of balls for ball gags, too. You can get breathable balls that have holes drilled through them, allowing more air to escape. These options are more comfortable, and the submissive partner might feel better wearing them for a long time since they can breathe through their nose and mouth.

Solid balls heighten the submissive experience because the wearer is entirely at the dominant partner's mercy.

The size of the ball also impacts comfort and the level of submission. You can find compact ball gags that don't make the wearer drool too much but keep them from talking. Larger balls will severely restrict their speech and noise, making them even more submissive.

Ball Gag Accessories

You can buy a straightforward black bondage gag or surprise your partner with a hidden pleasure gag. With this product, a sleek mask covers the mouth and hides the ball tucked behind to increase the wearer's feeling of submission.

You can add even more excitement to your sexual experience with accessories. Ball gags that connect to nipple clamps keep your partner more submissive than ever because the BDSM gag pulls the clamps if they move their head. You can deliver more pleasure and pain to them without extra effort.

Push the boundaries of your intimacy with a ball gag that includes cuffs. You can take your partner's wrists and keep them tied behind their back. They won't be able to use their hands to touch you, so you can tease them until they can't stand it anymore. The adjustable straps put the dominant partner in charge, as they can tighten or loosen them to restrict motion.

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