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Automatic Masturbator


Automatic masturbators are a great way to enhance sexual pleasure totally hands-free. Browse our selection of the most advanced, hands-free male stroker toys. Take your pick to enjoy the best on-top rides and live out all your deep-throat fantasies.

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What is an Automatic Masturbator?

An automatic masturbator is a sleeve-like masturbation machine that combines vibration patterns, oral suction modes, and up-and-down movements to stimulate a penis, leading to orgasms.

Automatic strokers can produce up to 250 strokes per minute and work great for most penis sizes. For those who enjoy oral sex sensations, there are manual strokers with suction modes that mimic a blowjob. They can go as fast as 180 impulses per minute!

The soft elastic silicone sleeves have a discreet design or feature a vagina opening for the most realistic experience. The outer case has ridges and nubs to stimulate tons of nerve endings around the penis. This provides an incredible feeling of relaxation and intense sensations.

To add a sense of authenticity to every session, you can adjust the suction levels. They go from a gentle squeeze to a tight hug, sending waves of pleasure from the penis head to the gooch.

Amp Up Your Pleasure with the Best Masturbation Stroker Toys: Suction Control, Vibration Power & Long Battery Life

You'll find plenty of incredible options in our electric masturbator collection. A discreet masturbator can open up a whole new dimension of pleasure for you:

  • Realistic or discreet design
  • Multiple vibration modes
  • USB-rechargeable batteries
  • Oral suction interactive pleasure
  • Blowmotion power heat warming function
  • Fully automatic modes with unpredictable vibration patterns for extra fun and the most realistic sensations
  • A masturbation cup or a special holder with a suction cup allows you to place your manual masturbator in any desired position

Automatic Masturbator FAQs