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5 Best Sensory Sex Toys For Men

By: Scarlett Ward

Yes - you read it right. We’re talking about “sensory sex” - not “censored sex”. If you’re here for the latter option, I have to break it to you, but you’re in the wrong place.

Sensory sex is sex that engages all of your senses, sometimes in unexpected and surprising ways, in order to intensify the experience. It helps to deepen your intimacy with your partner, and with yourself. This term covers a variety of different sensations, including anything from anal sensations to temperature play all the way to breath-play, and much more. 

And although sensory sex doesn’t have a gender, if you’re a male-bodied person, you’re in luck, because we’re here to provide you with a list of 5 Best Sensory sex Toys For Men. 

Please enjoy, and you can thank us later.

1. Night Rider Rechargeable Cock Ring


Night Rider Rechargeable Cock Ring

“Yes, Michael?”

In order to provide more sensation during sex - whether that’s sex with your partner or solo play - this vibrating cock ring should do the trick. It’s the perfect choice for couples, providing intense sensations for both parties involved. 

The beauty of this toy is in its simplicity - it’s made out of creamy smooth silicone, and is easy to operate using its 1-button control. Trust me, even your Tinder hookup who doesn’t understand how to fill the washing machine can get this thing to work.

Best of all, this little guy is 100% waterproof and submersible (no one wants their dick electrocuted right? Well, most of us don’t…), meaning that you can incorporate it into sensory play involving your shower or bathtub - though try to stay away from seawater unless salty sex is your thing.

2. Aneros Tempo

Aneros Tempo

Speaking of water, this amazing and luxurious toy is also submersible - but for different reasons. The Aneros Tempo is specifically designed for temperature sensory play - it allows you to explore different temperatures against your skin and various erogenous zones of your body. It’s also insertable, and a perfect sensory sex toy for men to begin exploring heat play with their partners.

As a toy designed specifically for temperature play, this one retains hot and cold temperatures really well - simply submerge it into hot or cold water, and get kinky - it really is that easy. No charging or fiddling with batteries is required for this one. And better yet - it arrives in a beautiful box surrounded by red satin. Out of all of these sensory sex toys for men, this one is absolutely the fanciest choice.

Finally, a word of warning to anyone lacking basic adulting skills: please do not attempt to warm this one up in your microwave, unless burning your house down is your biggest kink.

3. Dr. Joel Kaplan’s Perineum Massager

Dr. Joel Kaplan's Perineum Massager

Stimulating your perineum is underrated. Your perineum might be lonely, so it’s finally time to give it some company - a new friend, if you will.

This friend is Dr. Joel Kaplan’s Perineum Massager, intended to stimulate your prostate and perineum for the ultimate male sensory experience. It’s is a must-have for your collection of sensory male sex toys. This massager is packed with power, and can provide a precise pinpoint stimulation against your sweet spots - or any other body parts for that manner. 

Something that should also be mentioned is that if you’re on a budget and have been unable to find a new sugar daddy - or mommy - this one is the most affordable toy on this list. This is the sensory male sex toys for any male-bodied person, regardless of budget.

4. Bondage Couture - Blindfold

Bondage Couture - Blindfold

Sensory toys are not necessarily only about your penis, perineum, prostate - or other sexual body parts. Other senses, such as vision, hearing and taste are a part of the experience, and that’s why the Bondage Couture Blindfold has made it onto this list of the  best sensory sex toys for men.

Having your partner place this in front of your eyes will give you an exciting and titillating experience, heightening all your other senses, not knowing what happens next. This can be sexy in a very hardcore kinky context - or even with a vanilla partner. Either way, just make sure that your partner doesn’t use this opportunity to steal those aftercare snacks that you had prepared.

This is another great option for anyone working with a limited budget - and is also a great first step towards building your bondage or sensory sex toy collection. 

5. KINK - Anal Essentials Weighted Silicone Anal Balls

KINK - Anal Essentials Weighted Silicone Anal Balls

These weighted silicone anal balls create an interesting internal backdoor sensation - without the risks that come with stuffing balls intended for Kegel exercises up your butt. These are designed for the purpose. Additionally, they are easy to remove and overall very easy to work with, including the cleaning that we hope you’re taking care of when using any sex toy.

This high-quality item by Doc Johnson is worth buying for anyone who’s interested in exploring the various sensations that come with anal toys. It’s great for beginners as well as more experienced users - and certainly is one of the top anal toys when it comes to sensory sex toys for men.