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E-Stim Toys


E-stim, or electro-stimulation, is a way to use electricity to heighten sexual pleasure. Using e-stim toys lets you safely harness the electrical power to shock your partner in the most sensitive areas. When you send a jolt of electricity to your partner's erogenous zones, you increase the area's sensitivity and give them a pleasurable buzz.

Using e-stim to tease your partner will increase their desire for your touch. The electricity feels like pins and needles, tingling their skin before stopping abruptly, leaving them begging for more. Find the best e-stim toys below, based on our high standards and expert experience.

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How To Use E-Stim Toys

You can start by using e-stim toys on your partner’s legs, arms, or back. They’ll get a chance to feel the spark on regular skin to gauge how it will feel on more sensitive areas. Some people love the teasing of feeling electric sparks on their thighs, neck, and chest. Others love the sharp pleasure of electricity on their nipples or sex organs.

Many toys give you control over the intensity of the electricity. You can use a remote to send more energy to your partner’s cock ring. An Electro Sensavox gives you total control over the attached toy by allowing you to isolate each electrode and deliver unique wattage. Some toys have built-in patterns that keep you guessing what will happen next.

You can use e-stim toys to tease yourself or your partner before physically touching them. You can also break up your sexual experience by distributing short shocks between each lick or touch.

Safety With E-Stim Toys

As with any BDSM activity, you want to get full consent from your partner before using electricity. You want to know what sensation they’d like to feel and what they want to avoid. Nipples are especially sensitive to electricity, so it’s ideal to have a safe word or signal they can use to get you to stop if they don’t enjoy the sensation.

The best way to explore e-stim toys is to experiment on different parts of the body. You and your partner can take turns placing the toy on your skin in sensitive areas. Add conductive gel and see how that heightens the sensations. Know how everything feels and how much enjoyment it delivers before turning the dial to ramp up the electricity, or else you might have to stop the fun.

Since you’re using electricity against your skin, you want to use e-stim toys in short bursts. You shouldn’t press the toy to the skin for too long, even if it’s not in a sensitive area. Trying the toy for short periods is the best way to understand what it’s capable of and how much pleasure it can deliver you and your partner.

Types of E-Stim Toys

As with any sex toy, there are various types electro stimulation tools. You can find electro items such as:

You can stick electro pads to your partner’s chest and inner thighs to simultaneously deliver shocks to multiple areas. At the same time, use e-stim vibrators, urethral probes, and butt plugs to provide internal pleasure.

Combining vibrations with electricity is sure to send your partner over the edge. However, if they don’t feel much from the e-stim toy alone, you can use conductive gel. Apply this lubricant to the part of the toy that touches the skin to heighten the electrical current.

Electro-Stim Toys FAQs