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Big Dildo and Large Dildo Toys: The Ultimate Collection


People of all genders and sexual orientations can enjoy the pleasures of using brutal dildos of extra girth and length. With our large variety of materials, shapes, sizes, and colours, Sextoys UK has something for every preference and personal taste, for maximum pleasure.

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What is a Big Dildo?

A big dildo is a sex toy used for penetration of the vagina or anus (some folks even like to suck on them). Often made to look and feel very realistic, including phallic or penis-shaped options, these larger than regular size dongs are perfecting for size queens, men who love to be filled, and couples who want to 'stretch' the limits of their usual bedroom antics.

Types of Huge Realistic Penis Dildos

At Sextoys UK we sell a whole range of large and extreme dildos from a silicone realistic dildo, and dildo with strong suction, to a double ended dildo, huge black dildo, massive dildo, monster dildo, vibrating dildo, and strapon dildo--something for every desire. We even have dildos that can attach to sex machines for the ultimate handsfree play. If you want to experience the ultimate sensations in dildo sex, Gspot stimulation, or dildo riding pleasure, you will find everything your heart and holes may desire.

Why Choose a Big Dildo?

Extremely large dildos are able to fulfill all your fisting fantasies, with their thick, bulbous head, or double-ended dildo features. Use an oversized dildo to get stuffed and stretched to maximum fulfillment and pleasure. Our range of monster dildos will please every hole in all the right places, for intense pleasure and satisfaction. A big penis dildo is perfect for vaginal Gspot play, and an anal dildo will hit the P-spot for an exquisite dildo orgasm.

A huge dildo can be for anal penetration, or vaginal pleasure, depending on your pleasure anatomy. Choose from a dildo with balls for an ultra-realistic experience, or an alien dildo for an out-of-this-world adventure. From a firm dildo for more intense stimulation to a flexible dildo that hits all the right places, these series of dildos cater to every desire.

Advantages of Large Dildos?

A super huge 10-15 inch dildo can help stretch your boundaries when it comes to penetrative play, and sometimes bigger IS better. They also allow folx to slowly get used to a larger size dildo if the regular dildo they are used to just doesn't give them the eye-watering pleasure they are seeking. Whether you love an extreme dildo anal intruder to replace your old faithful huge butt plug, a giant inflatable dildo that allows you to work your way up gradually, or the thrills of fisting dildos to upgrade your pleasure potential to cloud nine, the sky is the limit! There are lots of options to choose from when looking for your extra-large fake cock that will give your deep pleasure and amazing orgasms every time.

How To Use a Huge Dildo?

Large dildos are generally for experienced sex toy users who are graduating to the upper echelon of realistic dildo sex toys. If you're new to these lifelike huge monsters, you need to consider if you are ready for the Premier League. Of course, when it comes to anal preparation of any kind, you need to use lube, extra lube, and, yes! plenty of lube. We can't stress this enough!

Type of Lubricant to Use

We recommend thick, long-lasting anal lubricants for any anal sex toy, whether it is for a dildo, a giant butt plug, or a prostate massager. If you are using a ridged glass dildo perfect for temperature play, or a stainless steel dildo, you can use silicone lubricants. However, with realistic look dildos, a silicone dildo, and any silicone material, make sure to use with water-based lubes only and stay away from silicone lube, or it may melt your sex toy.

Be gentle, go slow, take your time

The extra girth and the unusual length of giant dildos are going to seriously stretch you. Many dildo riding experts use smaller toys before playing with their huge dildo, gently stretching and relaxing your holes in preparation for the main event.

When ready, insert the fake huge penis slowly, inch-by-inch. Once comfortably inside, you can ramp up the tempo as you desire. Try bending and twisting to explore how different movements and positions with the anal dildo bring different sensations. If playing with a partner, be sure to stay vocal throughout your huge anal ride.

Explore fullness, sensation

A large cock dildo offers a very unique sexual sensation. People who love to get stuffed with huge sleek dildos usually get off on the fullness sensation, as well as texture, the feel of the material and lots of other sensation play for penetration.

Listen to your body

It is important to pay attention to how your body feels during large thrusting dildo play, even if you are used to anal sex toys and are using lots of lube. But if you or your partner suddenly feels pain anytime during the dildo fucking, STOP AND REMOVE THE DILDO SLOWLY BUT IMMEDIATELY.

Choosing your first large dildo

Choosing your first super-large dong is an important decision. Our best sellers in our big dildo selection include The Great American Challenge 15" Whopper. The Doc Johnson KINK - The Really Big Dick With XL Removable Vac-U-Lock™ Suction Cup, as well as the double-ended huge jelly dildo, Crystal Jellies® 18" Double Dong. For extra girth, you may enjoy the Jet-Destroyer that is reminiscent of a fist dildo, and the completely ultra-realistic dildo King Cock 11" Two Cocks One Hole.


Discover the Best Large Dildo for You

While we carry lots of humongous dildos at, we also carry a wide selection of remote control vibrators, portal handheld masturbators shaped like tight pussies, and nipple toys for amazing nipple orgasms. You can also find a fuck machine that you can use with or without a partner for handsfree play, vibrators to explore Gspot stimulation and a wide array of regular size fake cocks, glass dildos, and even an array of anal toys to suit your fancy. Shop at Sextoys UK for a wide variety of toys and for all your adult sex toys needs.