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Flaunt your womanly curves with our fabulous plus size lingerie. Our sexy plus size lingerie range has been specifically designed with curvaceous and voluptuous women in mind. Shop our sexy plus size lingerie with confidence and remember that all products come with 100% discreet delivery, packaging and billing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Plus size lingerie: Look as Sexy as You Feel

With our line of plus size sexy lingerie, you can be beautiful, confident and sexy not just in your heart and mind but also on the outside.
We have a wide range of sexy plus size lingerie to help you flaunt you voluptuous womanly figure. Each piece of lingerie is designed with proud full-bodied women in mind. We have fabulous plus size lingerie for a variety of occasions, including kinky sex games, or to wear as underwear to feel sexy as a goddess when you go out.
Browse our unique and diverse collection of plus size lingerie today and shop with confidence. We offer 100% discreet delivery, packaging and billing on all offers! So regardless of your sexual orientation or goals, rest easy knowing that your privacy is in competent hands with

What is the history of lingerie?

Did you know open crotch underwear have been around since the 1800s? The term “lingerie” comes from the French word “linge”, or linen. The term was used in direct reference to the sort of material used to make female underwear back then. In French, the word lingerie means undergarments worn for sexual purposes. In English, it generally means women’s underwear or sleepwear. Lingerie was used in reference to underwear and bras for the first time in 1922. The use of the word informally suggested erotic. As the nineteenth century wrapped up, lingerie became a more generic term used to refer to underwear being worn for not just practical purposes. Rather, the underwear or “lingerie” was worn as a tool of erotic pleasure for highlighting a woman’s figure during sexual play.

What is lingerie made from?

Lingerie are available in a wide range of materials. But the most popular material type for lingerie is lace. You can also find lingerie in cotton, animal print, leather, and a host of other materials depending on your unique preference. There are even lingerie made of edible material in the crotch area. You can find lingerie in any of the following forms:

  • Babydoll: This is a negligee or short nightgown that can be worn as nightwear or as a seductive piece
  • Basque: This is a close fitting bodice or coat.
  • Bodystocking or unitard: These can be worn over the torso or thighs and abdomen.
  • Brassiere or bra: This is available in a variety of attractive designs that lift and accentuate your breasts
  • Camisole: This is a sleeveless top that is made up of light materials and has thin “spaghetti straps”
  • Corset: This is a bodice that is worn to create a more shapely or hourglass figure while also lifting and accentuating the breasts.
  • G-string or thong. This is panty that consists of a narrow band around the hips and little piece of cloth that slides between the butt cheeks
  • Garter/Garter belt: This sexy bit of lingerie is worn to keep stockings up and highlight your curvaceous legs.
  • Negligee. This is a loose nightwear dressing gown. It can be floor length or knee length
  • Teddy: This is a sexy undergarment that comes in the form of a one-piece bathing suit. It is typically strapless or sleeveless, and is available in lace and other materials.
  • Pantyhose: These accentuate the legs and are available as crotchless
  • Fishnet: This is a full body suit whose name comes from its material which closely resembles a fishing net. It is available in crotchless and regular designs.
How to clean lingerie?

The best way to clean lingerie will depend on the design of the lingerie and the material it is made from. To avoid damaging your lingerie, it is best to follow the instructions provided on the packaging. Lace lingerie can be typically hand washed in warm water using laundry soap, or a detergent without enzymes. It’s best not tumble dry or hand wring as this can ruin the lingerie. Instead, dry out in direct sunlight.

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Sexy lingerie is a great way to spice things up sexually and it requires very little effort. Nonetheless, the increased desire and long-term sexual rewards are evident. We have plus size lingerie for women ranging between £5 and £40. We also offer custom jobs tailored to suit your unique sexual fantasy. At, we take your privacy very seriously and have mastered discretion to the letter. We can have your lingerie order discreetly delivered to the address of your choice in a nondescript package. Even your credit card statement won’t mention the contents of your order. To place an order or find out more about our line of sexy plus size lingerie, give us a call today for a private chat.

What is considered plus size?

Over the years, what is considered plus size has systematically evolved. Some consider plus size as sizes at 10-14 and beyond. Others consider plus size to start at size 18 and larger. There are also certain UK retailers that label plus size at clothing that start at size 14. Simply put, there’s no one size fits all rule when it comes to plus size. At, we appreciate that all our clients have unique bodies and what they are comfortable in. This is why we offer our range of plus size lingerie in a variety of sizes and styles. To find the plus size lingerie that beautifully accentuates your curves and complements your body type, check out our diverse catalogue.