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Lingerie: The Forgotten Sex Toy?

By: Scarlett

Lingerie: The Forgotten Sex Toy?

When we talk about sex toys we think of vibrators, clit stimulators and even anal toys like butt plugs and prostate toys, however one often overlooked area of the conversation is lingerie. Incorporating lingerie into your bedroom adventures can add a touch of excitement, a dash of excitement, as well as boosting confidence and strengthening your connection with your partner, to really enhance your overall sexual experience.

Enhancing Confidence:

Wearing lingerie sets can empower individuals by boosting their self-esteem and body confidence. When you slip into a sexy set of lingerie, you're embracing your sensuality and allowing yourself to feel desirable. This newfound confidence can significantly impact your overall attitude in the bedroom, leading to a more passionate and adventurous sexual experience. 

We have ranges for all body types from petite to plus size, so you know that you can step into something that you look AND feel great in.

Ava Tie Front Cami and Flutter Panty - Plus Size

Ava Tie Front Cami and Flutter Panty - Plus Size - £35.39

Sparking Desire:
The power of anticipation should not be underestimated. Selecting lingerie together or surprising your partner with a new set and giving them a glimpse of what's underneath your day-to-day clothes can be a real turn on.

Lingerie sets the stage for seduction building up to intimacy, and with many textures from lace to silk, you can even incorporate certain texture-related kinks into your sets. Just letting your partner know that you've selected something you think they'd like can be a great way to initiate great sex before they've even left work. Send a saucy pic and you know they'll be making it home time for dinner. 

Parker Gartered Bustier and Panty

Parker Gartered Bustier and Panty - £36.38


Variety and Novelty:
In long-term relationships, it's easy to fall into routines that can dampen excitement in the bedroom. Lingerie introduces an element of novelty, offering a fresh perspective on your partner's body and desires. Experimenting with different styles, colors, and fabrics keeps things interesting, ensuring that your sexual encounters remain vibrant and unpredictable. 

The term "maintenance sex" was coined and is the act of making time especially for sexual intercourse, whether you're feeling partcularly horny or not, to ensure intimacy and closeness is maintained in relationships. Switching up lingerie sets in the bedroom can help combat satiation and keep things feeling hot. Discussing your desires and preferences can strengthen your emotional connection and create a sense of unity in your sexual exploration. The act of unveiling your lingerie-clad self to your partner can be a deeply intimate experience that will help keep things interesting!

If you're usually a fan of a bra and panty set, then why not switch it up with a full body stocking to accentuate your curves and achieve a really theatrical and erotic feel.


Scandal Strappy Lace Body Suit

Scandal Strappy Lace Body Suit - £30.21


Role-Playing and Fantasy:
Lingerie provides an excellent opportunity for couples to explore fantasies and engage in role-play scenarios. Whether it's a sultry French maid outfit, a playful nurse costume, or any other fantasy, dressing up in lingerie can help you both step into exciting new roles and explore different aspects of your desires. Perhaps you partner has told you that they used to fantasize about Britney Spears in the Toxic video - we have just the flight attendant outfit to make those dreams a reality. Browse our fabulous dress-up range to uncover what character you want to adopt.

Fly with Me Flight Attendant Costume Set - Plus Size

Fly with Me Flight Attendant Costume Set - Plus Size - £50.88

Don't forget that lingerie and role-playing sets can be for men too, from leather harnesses to tantalizing thongs, it's not just women who can play dress up! Check out our apparel for men to select something for him too.

Rip Off Body Harness Set

Rip Off Body Harness Set - £38.27