Hot halloween costumes (with sexy role play scenarios to match!)

Are you the sort of person who shudders if you receive a fancy dress party invite? Me too! While I love a good party, I don’t love the idea of having to spend time creating my own costume. On top of that, there’s the whole ‘sexy’ thing. Don’t get me wrong, I have no issue with hot Halloween costumes. It’s just that if I’ve spent time getting dressed like a horny zombie, I’d much rather spend the evening at home, putting my costume to good use in a variety of sexy role play scenarios.

One of the best things about Halloween is that you get the chance to be a bit playful. Let’s face it, even if we can’t all go door-to-door requesting sweets, many of us get as excited as kids do when Halloween rolls round, because it gives us the chance to indulge our creative sides.

I’m indulging my creative side today with a few suggestions for hot Halloween costumes, complete with sexy scenarios for you to act out when you’re dressed up… I can’t promise they’re all going to be scary, but who cares about scary when you’re having an orgasm?

Sexy nurse: she needs a guinea pig to train on, and you’re sitting right there…

For this costume you need: Dreamgirl plus size ‘Triage Trixie’, latex gloves, any medical equipment that will help you get into the mood, a PVC bed sheet.

Scenario: She’s a trainee nurse and you find yourself under her care. Normally full of smiles, tonight she’s looking despondent because she thinks she might fail the biology part of her nursing exam. Wanting to cheer her up, you offer your services as a willing body for her to practice on. Will she use the urethral probe on you? Or the penis plug? Or perhaps she’ll just lay down a PVC sheet and give you an all-over sponge bath…

Sexy kitten: she’ll purr but only if you treat her really nicely…

For this costume you need: Dreamgirl one size fetish feline costume, a tail butt plug if you’re feeling cheeky, and a saucer of milk.

Pet play is now so popular that you probably don’t need me to write a scenario for this one – it’s so mainstream now that puppy play has even featured on This Morning! The idea is, essentially, that one person dresses up as an animal and takes on animal behaviour. In this case, purring like a kitten, rubbing up against your legs, stretching out and snuggling up against you, and the pet owner cares for them with strokes and treats and… watching their bum as they bend over to lap from a saucer of milk. Meeee-ow.

Sexy banker: she’s f*cked the economy, now she’s coming for you!

For this costume you need: Dreamgirl ‘Working Late’ lingerie, a briefcase filled with sex toys (I’d go for butt plugs and lube, but the choice is yours!), and a chequebook.

Scenario: She’s been working late, betting big money on the stock market. After a day of swigging champagne and shouting at other hedge fund managers, she’s accidentally lost billions and tanked the UK economy. She’s angry. But luckily you – her willing assistant – are there to help her vent her frustrations. Unclipping her brief case, she pulls out a butt plug and a bottle of lube, and tells you to bend over her desk…

Sexy computer nerd: she can hack the bank, but she needs you to help her get focused…

For this costume you need: Dreamgirl one size nerdy talk, a laptop, and possibly a butt plug if that’s your thing too.

Scenario: Computer programmers sometimes get into an intense, deep state of concentration when they’re coding. But your computer hacker is about to break the world’s biggest bank, and for that she needs world-class concentration. Her whole body needs to be in a state of pleasure in order for her brain to be working at tip-top performance. As she sits at the computer typing frantically into the terminal, it’s your job to kneel between her legs and make sure the pleasure keeps flowing – with your hands, your tongue, a vibrator, and whatever else it takes to help her crack it.

Create your own sexy role play scenario!

While it’s all well and good for me to come up with scenarios for you, the hottest role play scenes are usually ones that you’ve dreamed up with your partner. Ones that hit your specific kinks, and involve the exact sexy costumes or sexy underwear that you find most arousing. So if you have a better use for sexy Halloween costumes than going to a boring party, browse those pages, pick your favourite outfit, and get cracking on your own sexy script!

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