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Celebrate Global Orgasm Day This December With Multiple Climaxes

By: Scarlett

Celebrate Global Orgasm Day This December With Multiple Climaxes

At, EVERY day is Global Orgasm Day. Naturally. But the day that’s the MOST Global Orgasm Day is actually December 22 nd . That’s also the birthday of Meghan Trainor, DaBaby, and Noel Edmonds, so kind of a celebration of people who we’re all not entirely sure if it’s ok to like. That’s not related to what we’re talking about today, but we looked it up, so we’re including it. Global Orgasm Day is that magical day of the year when we all come together to… all come together in the spirit of human interconnectedness, and if there’s one day in the calendar when we at are absolutely allowed to market our little socks off with impunity, surely it’s this one.
So let’s go.


What Is Global Orgasm Day?

Ok so you’re gonna think we’re making this up, but we swear the following is true. Global Orgasm Day is an annual event started in 2006 by a couple of anti-war activists who wanted to initiate a globally concerted effort to spread a message of peace as they watched the wars spreading in the Middle East in the wake of 9/11. No seriously, Global Orgasm Day is a response to international terrorism and the spread of unchecked western militarism. 

They believed that hundreds, thousands, even millions of simultaneous climaxes across the planet, all of them while actively thinking about world peace, would manifest peace in reality… through… Tantra. Or something. We dunno, the details get hazy at that point. But they had a secret hand signal and everything. 

Anyway, since about 2011, the ‘shared consciousness’ and pacifist elements of what was then called The Global Annual Global Orgasm For Peace were slowly deemphasised, and the event gradually evolved into the broader Global Orgasm Day as we know it today – just an uncomplicated celebration of all things climaxy. Whatever the reason, it gives us a very good excuse to do a sex toy promotion.


How To Celebrate Global Orgasm Day

Clue’s in the title there, bud. Help yourself to some discounted sex toys, call in sick, and climax your way to world peace. Maybe release a dove at the point of orgasm. Thank you for your service to world peace.Naturally, we have your Orgasm Day tools ready to go. You might want to consider…

The One Rose

  • The One Rose at 50% off. This bestselling viral superstar is perfect for peaceful clitoral climaxes. And when you’re done, it looks as good on your nightstand as it feels to use.


The One Realistic Dildo

  • The One realistic dildo is literally The One. Pair it with a powerful vibrator for the kind of blended orgasm that can bring world leaders together. That’s 48% off for Global Orgasm Day, you are welcome. 

The One Wand

  • If anything can diffuse complex geopolitical tensions, The One wand can. It’s perfect for unlocking the awesome power of a multiple orgasms. It’s very hard to invade a neutral country when your legs are shaking so hard you can’t stand up. Also 48% off – so you can afford to buy two and send one of them to Putin.


What Are Multiple Orgasms?

Good question, thanks for asking. Multiple orgasms are nature’s way of making up for the fact that we have to wear clothes and have jobs and stuff. That’s the scientific answer. In practice, multiple orgasms are a series of orgasms experienced very closely together.

Those who experience them often consider them to be the pinnacle of the human sexual experience. The actual definition of a multiple orgasm – as well as the grammar around it – is not well codified, and reporting is subjective. Some experience a number of orgasmic peaks and troughs back to back, others report a short refractory period between each one. Whatever, they are huge fun to try, regardless of the actual result.

How To Achieve A Multiple Orgasm

There’s no universal secret trick to achieving multiple orgasms: all of our bodies are different, and therefore all of our orgasms are different too. But there are things that can help.
In no particular order…


use lots of it.


EVERYONE overlooks to power of their own breath when it comes to climax. With practice, you can delay, induce, and prolong your orgasms. It’s not magic, it’s just breathing. It was inside you the whole time.


use more.

Mixed sensations:

work with more than one kind of stimulation at a time. Love G-spot vibes? Add a clitoral vibe at the same time, the sensations will become more than the sum of their parts.


more than that.

Edging and exercise:

practice surfing that blissful wave at the border of a climax without tipping over. Help that process by doing kegel exercises.


did we mention this already?

There you have it. From all of us at, we wish you a merry Global Orgasm Day and a happy new climax.