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Nipple Clamps: A Sensual Toy To Enhance Sexual Pleasure


Nipple clamps are said to be one of the most underrated sex toys for women, however they are a very popular piece of bondage equipment. These pieces of bondage gear are designed to be attached to the nipples of a person from any gender. Nipple clamps are designed to pinch the nipples, causing a little bit of pain to the wearer. They also prevent the blood from flowing to the nipples. By loosening the clamps or removing them the blood is re-introduced back into them. The introduction of new, fresh blood can lead to an increase in sensitivity in the nipples. 

Nipple clamps usually have a chain or weight attached that is there for additional stimulation. These sex toys come in a variety of different styles, below are a few of the different styles available.

  • Clothes Pin – this is essentially two parts of metal that are joined by a spring
  • Tweezer Clamp – this is a type of nipple clamp that looks like a pair of tweezers
  • Clover Clamp – these increase in tension when the chain is pulled, so are designed for more advanced bondage practitioners

If you think that a nipple clamp is the right sex toy for you, but aren’t sure which is the right one, then take a look below at some of our best nipple clamps.


How To Use Nipple Clamps

Once you have chosen your nipple clamps you will probably want to get to using them straight away. Below if a brief guide to how to use the nipple clamps that you have bought, based on which type of nipple clamp they are.

Clothes Pin Style Nipple Clamp

Clothes-pin clamps work like a household clothes pin, they feature two pieces of metal that are joined by a spring, which keeps it closed. These clamps are very straight forward and easy to use.

To use these nipple clamps just put pressure on the openers, which will cause the clamp to open up. Once the clamp is open put it over your nipple and then gently release. If the nipple clamp is putting on too much pressure then remove it. Some clothes-pin styled clamps may have a screw that allows you to adjust the tightness that the clamp gives.

Tweezer Style Nipple Clamp

Tweezer styled nipple clamps look like a pair of tweezers. They feature two pieces of metal that are usually joined at the base. They often feature a ring that joins the metal rods together, which in turn allows They are also very easy to use, and are also some of the most common types of nipple clamps.

In order to use these simply place them over the nipple, and then gently push the o ring up to tighten them. Make sure they are comfortable and aren’t too tight to begin with.

Clover Style Nipple Clamp

Clover styled nipple clamps are also called butterfly clamps. These nipple clamps are a Japanese design that if pulled create more tension, causing the clamps to get even tighter.

To use these nipple clamps simply squeeze the middle outside to open them up, and then place them over the middle. They will close as you release them. Then if you want to apply more pressure to your partner pull on the chain, which will cause even more pressure to be put on them.

If you have any more questions on how to use nipple clamps then please feel free to contact us and one of the experts here at Sex Toys will get back to you as soon as possible.