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What is a Blended Orgasm and How Do You Achieve It?
By: Bo - 11/18/2023
Blended orgasms can be said to be the Holy Grail of orgasms. Achieved by stimulating two or more erogenous zones simultaneously, blended orgasms can increase satisfaction in ways you never imagined was possible
Best Strapless Strap-On Dildos for Pegging
By: Bo - 11/11/2023
The word's in. Pegging is trending. The last five years have shown a dramatic rise in the sales of prostate massagers, strap-ons and other tantalizing butt stuff tools. If you haven’t jumped in, you’re missing out.
What is Polyamory? An Introduction to Non-Monogamous Relationships
By: Bo - 11/03/2023
If you have ever been cuious about polyamory, our introduction will help you get an insight into what a polyamorous relationship can look like
Sexy Costumes For Halloween
By: Scarlett - 10/21/2023
Bag your sexy halloween costume from now
'What is Temperature play?' With Sexpert, Gigi Engle
By: Scarlett Ward - 10/13/2023
Resident Sexpert Gigi Engle speaks about what temperature play is and how to satisfy your curiosity
The Best Kink Sex Toys - In Celebration Of National Kink Day
By: Scarlett - 10/07/2023
In celebration of National Kink Day, we bring you a guide to the best kink sex toys
What Is a Fisting Toy?
By: Scarlett - 09/27/2023
Beginner's guide to choosing a fisting sex toy
What Is Sensation Play? (And How To Get Into It)
By: Scarlett - 09/22/2023
Ever wondered what sensation play was and just how to get into it? Read our guide to uncover some mind-blowing sensation play tips and hints.
Lingerie: The Forgotten Sex Toy?
By: Scarlett - 09/15/2023
When we talk about ways to spice things up in the bedroom, we often think about sex toys and new positions, but we shouldn't be forgetting lingerie as a hot tool to keep things interesting.
Back 2 School: ABC's of BDSM
By: Scarlett - 09/08/2023
Do you know your ABC's of BDSM terms? Brush up with our handy glossary guide.
The Benefits of Sex Dolls And Masturbators
By: Scarlett - 08/31/2023
As technology advances and societal attitudes evolve, the benefits of sex dolls are becoming increasingly apparent. Explore the advantages that sex dolls offer to individuals and couples.
How To Have A Mind-blowing Orgasm With Prostate Massage
By: Scarlett - 08/25/2023
What exactly is a prostate massage? And why does a prostate massage feel so good? Prostate milking can be a sexual technique to enhance pleasure in male bodies that can result in a mind-blowing orgasm.