G-spot orgasms: what are they, and how do I have one?

When I was younger I was only vaguely aware of the g-spot, and my biological knowledge was – to put it politely – quite limited. So I believed that the g-spot was a magical place somewhere inside the vagina which, if touched – like a literal ‘come’ button – would give instant g-spot orgasms. Needless to say, I never found this magical place, so I spent most of my teenage years and twenties relying on the clitoral orgasms that had done me so well since the first time I realised I could wank.

Now, as an adult, I’m a little more knowledgeable about what a ‘g-spot’ is, where it is, and how to stimulate it to achieve satisfying g-spot orgasms.

So if you’re sitting comfortably, let’s have a little biology lesson on g-spot orgasms!

What exactly is the ‘g-spot’?

The term ‘g-spot’ (short for Gräfenburg spot – Gräfenburg was a German gynaecologist) was originally coined when a doctor – Dr Beverley Whipple – realised that stimulating a particular spot about 2-3 inches inside the vagina could induce orgasm. From that point, there was a lot of debate about the so-called ‘g-spot’, with many questioning whether such a magical, simple thing could really be so easy. Cue decades of debate about whether the g-spot exists, with some people saying ‘yep, I can definitely climax if you use a ‘come hither’ motion on my g-spot’ and others saying ‘meh, it doesn’t work that well for me.’

So what’s the actual answer? The truth is a bit more complicated, and has to do with the fact that the clitoris is like an iceberg: there’s lots more of it beneath the surface.

Check out this image of the internal clitoris, courtesy of Wikipedia.

How cool is that? The little part of the clitoris which sits externally is just the tip of the pleasure iceberg, and inside there’s even more of it. This means that during penetration (with a penis, sex toy, fingers or whatever else floats your boat) you are often stimulating some of the internal parts of the clitoris.

Current thinking is that the ‘g-spot’ – rather than being a distinct and separate sexual zone – is in fact just a place inside the vagina where stimulation can reach the internal clitoris. For consistency I’m going to keep referring to it as the ‘g-spot’, and to ‘g-spot orgasms’, even though what I really mean is ‘orgasms that are induced by stimulating the internal clitoris’, because honestly that takes a lot of time to type and now that you’ve read this section you all know what I mean.

How do you have g-spot orgasms?

On to the good stuff. Seeing as the g-spot is inside you, ideally in order to have a g-spot orgasm you need a penis, finger or sex toy that can stimulate the front wall of your vagina – about 2-3 inches inside. There are some sex positions that make it a little easier to get this kind of stimulation, but this is a sex toy website so I’m going to focus on g-spot sex toys. And between you and me, this kind of stimulation is much easier to achieve with a sex toy, because they can be moulded with a curve that’s designed to stroke you in just the right place.

What you need to do is insert the toy (or a finger) into the vagina and angle it so that when you thrust it in and out it will press against the front wall – stimulating the g-spot and adding intensity to the sensation of whatever else you’re doing too. For me, I find that it’s not possible to orgasm purely from g-spot stimulation – I need external clitoral stimulation too. But your body may be different, so the best advice I can give is to invest in a great g-spot stimulating sex toy, and having a play to see what works best for you.

Best sex toys for g-spot orgasms

I’m going to start with a toy that you can get for free – yep, free! – if you hit ‘buy’ really quickly, because there’s only one thing better than sex toys and that’s free sex toys. If you spend over £40 on the site today, you’ll get a FREE Shed Simove Silicone G-Spot Vibrator worth £34.95. This vibe is made of silicone that’s curved to perfectly hit your g-spot, and what’s more the bullet vibe inserted into the external end means you can combine g-spot fun with external clitoral stimulation.

Get in quick! This deal is only available on the day of publication!

If you’d like something with a more acute angle, the Rocks-Off Rock Chick 7-speed vibrator might be perfect for you. It’s flexible, waterproof, and includes a powerful bullet vibrator for that all-important clit stim.

Pick up a Rocks-Off Rock Chick g-spot vibrator for £39.95

Top tip: if you’re using either of these sex toys, I’d recommend having a go at using a rocking motion. Insert it to a place that’s comfortable, then place your palm flat on the toy so you can press the external vibe onto your clit. Then use a back-and-forth rocking motion to nudge it in and back, alternating between g-spot stroking and clitoral stimulation.

If you’d prefer something that will stimulate your g-spot without the external clit vibe, this Svakom wand should do the trick. It’s slim, with a curved head designed to put pressure on the magic spot, but the head itself is adjustable so you have a lot more flexibility to play with while you experiment.

Grab a Svakom Cici Flexible Wand for £58.95

And if you really want to push the boat out, this Adrien Lastic hands-free vibrator comes with all the bells and whistles: two motors (one for clit stim and one for internal g-spot stimulation), and a handy remote control for ease of use – or for sex games where you give someone else the remote and let the sparks fly.

Treat yourself to this Adrien Lastic hands-free double vibrator

If none of these take your fancy, don’t worry – there are plenty more g-spot vibrators on the site for you to choose from. Just make sure to stock up on lube at the same time, because if you’ve never experienced a g-spot orgasm before, I suspect that the first time you see how this kind of stimulation can enhance your orgasms, you’ll want to spend at least a couple of weeks experiencing it all over again…

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