What is a wand sex toy? And how to make the most of it…

If you dumped me on a desert island and told me I could bring just one sex toy with me, I’d have to pick my favourite wand sex toy. Naturally I’d have to also hope you’d provide me with a power source, because most of my favourite sex toys are the rumbly kind which require either recharging or direct access to the mains.

The reason my wand sex toy is so precious to me is simply because it can do what many other sex toys cannot: tear an orgasm out of me even when my body is weak and I wouldn’t be able to come in any other circumstances. If you’ve never tried a wand sex toy before, allow me to introduce you. Like a wide-eyed evangelist, I think everyone should get the chance to try them once, not just those of us – like me – who like clitoral stimulation and deep, rumbly vibrations.

What is a wand sex toy?

Let’s start with the basics: a wand sex toy is one you hold in your hand and use externally. It usually has a large head so when you press it against you it stimulates a broad area, and it is characterised by deep, rumbly vibrations as opposed to the higher-frequency vibrations you tend to get in smaller sex toys.

The most famous of all the wand sex toys is, of course, the Hitachi Magic Wand. Originally sold as a ‘back massager’, the Magic Wand was pretty much immediately adopted by horny folks and kinksters as an orgasm tool. The intense vibrations it delivered meant it was brilliant for BDSM play, particularly ‘forced orgasm’ where a consenting, tied-up subject could be edged into a state of ecstatic delight or forced to orgasm over and over again. Hot.

Unfortunately the Magic Wand came with some fatal flaws, in that it wasn’t very easily available and it could be tricky to get hold of. Luckily, these days there are plenty of amazing wands on the market to choose from, so you don’t need to rely on one brand to deliver the kind of magic that Hitachi used to be famous for.

Best wand sex toys


Does it count as ‘bias’ if I recommend Doxy here? I’m not sure. It is, after all, my favourite ever sex toy – one that has given me more orgasms, to date, than my own fair hands ever have. It’s deeply rumbly and intensely powerful – so powerful that you are strongly advised to start on the lowest possible settings and work your way up from there. I personally enjoy the pattern which builds in waves from gentle to intense, then back to gentle, over and over, and makes you feel like you’re surfing the waves until you eventually crash heavily onto Orgasm Beach. It’s hot. In fact, it’s so hot that it has a bit of a reputation as the sex toy that sex bloggers recommend most often.

Buy a Doxy for yourself for less than £65, and find out why we’re all so obsessed!

Doxy Mains Operated Magic Wand Vibrator
Pick up a Doxy for just £64.95

Loving Joy VITA rechargeable

The Doxy is a powerful wand that you need to plug into the mains, and I know that some people prefer their toys rechargeable. It gives you more flexibility – especially if you’re using it during partnered sex and want to get the wand into the right place as you’re trying out different positions. For those, SexToys.co.uk recommends the Loving Joy VITA rechargeable wand. It’s really tricky to deliver the kind of deep, rumbly, intense sensations you’d expect from a wand toy, but in a rechargeable version, so it’s testament to the quality of this one that sex blogger Cara Sutra said of it: “I’m still – even as I write this – amazed that a rechargeable, cordless wand vibrator could deliver the level of vibrating power that VITA does.”

Loving Joy VITA Magic Wand Vibrator
Grab a Loving Joy VITA rechargeable for £89.95

How to use a wand sex toy

You know the basics, so I won’t get into those in huge detail here. Suffice to say that magic wand style sex toys are primarily used for clitoral stimulation: press head against your clit (on the outside of your labia or with labia spread, depending on how intense you’d like the sensation to be; lubed or unlubed depending on preference) then turn the toy on and wait for the sparks to fly. Not literal sparks: that’s dangerous.

But you probably know that already or could work it out when you first hold the wand in your hands, so instead I want to give you a few tips that have worked brilliantly for me, which you might like to try out.

Apply wand to butt plug. The nice thing about wand toys is that you can transfer the deep rumbles from the toy to other sexual accoutrements if you like. Put a metal butt plug inside yourself (or a keen volunteer), and touch the wand to the base of the plug. Hey presto! Your butt plug will pick up the vibrations itself – this can be a great way to deliver Doxy-powered rumbles to someone’s prostate if they are into prostate stimulation.

Place wand sex toy on bed: grind. One of the trickier things about wand sex toys is that they can be large and heavy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of their rumbles hands-free. By placing a wand sex toy on the bed, then lying on top of it with the head in contact with your clit, you can grind against it for a hands-free wank, or during sex if you’re shagging in a face-down position.

Use wand for orgasm denial/edging. This is the classic move which – in my opinion – was the main reason for the Hitachi Magic Wand’s success. So powerful is the wand that you can essentially touch it very lightly against someone’s clit and have them squirming and begging for more. Why not try tying your partner up, and gently touching your wand sex toy to their delicate parts, and making them beg for you to give them more?

You don’t have to be a Doxy die-hard to see how much fun wand sex toys can be, so if you’ve not yet tried one of your own, go browse all our magic wand vibrators and get one of your own. There’s a reason they’re often called ‘magic’ wands, after all.

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