Sex toys for medical issues: vaginismus, erectile dysfunction, arthritis and more

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I’ve got a bee in my bonnet this week, I’m afraid – there’s a lot of news going round about adult content being stripped from the internet. The biggest news is, of course, the UK’s porn ban, which will come into force on the 15th July. I won’t go into detail on that here though because there’s more sex-toy-focused news to attend to: this week Reddit announced that it will no longer accept adverts for ‘adult products and services’ including sex toys.

This is a huge blow for any of us who enjoy perusing Reddit for porn. And let’s face it, I’m definitely in that category. As a sex toy lover, too, I’m gutted that Reddit – once a safe haven for the kind of adult joys that you’ll find here on this site – is going to start cleaning house and getting rid of all the best bits.

What struck me about this news in particular, though, was the fact that Viagra was exempted from the ban. Viagra ads will still be allowed, if they focus on the medical aspect of the drug: the fact that it can be used to help people with a medical condition, i.e. erectile dysfunction. That’s interesting to me because sex toys help people with medical conditions too! Erectile dysfunction is one of them!

There are any number of fantastic cock rings on the market that are designed to help you get – and keep – a stronger erection. If they were marketed off the back of this benefit, do you think the ads would be allowed?

I mentioned this on Twitter and was surprised to find quite a few people were unaware of the ways in which sex toys can help people with medical conditions, so I thought this week’s blog would be a good opportunity to highlight some of them.

Sex toys for vaginismus

Vaginismus is a condition that makes penetrative sex painful. It’s a condition that around 2 in 1000 people with vaginas will experience in their lifetime – find out more about it on the Vaginismus Awareness website.

For those who struggle with vaginismus, vibrators can be vital for accessing sexual pleasure. So clitoral vibrators and bullet vibrators can give intense stimulation without penetration, and if someone with vaginismus does want to try penetration (often vaginismus sufferers are encouraged to dilate, using slowly-increasing sizes of dilator to become comfortable with penetration) then decent lubricants are vital. Vaginal moisturisers like this formula from YES can help too.

Grab this YES vaginal moisturiser for £11.95

Sex toys for erectile dysfunction

The obvious choice here is cock rings. Although cock rings don’t do the same thing as Viagra, they do slightly constrict the base of the penis meaning that more fills the erectile tissue. Cock rings can help give you stronger, longer-lasting erections.

Personally I’m a big fan of super-simple cock rings, because they’re a total bargain – this set of Loving Joy cock rings gets you three different-sized ones for less than £5. For added stimulation (for you or a partner), you can also get cock rings with bullet vibes embedded in them, like this 50 Shades Secret Weapon cock ring. There are plenty to choose from!

Fifty Shades Cock Ring Vibrator
This Fifty Shades Secret Weapon cock ring is just £14.95

Sex toys for arthritis/joint pain

One of the things that becomes tricky if you have arthritis is wanking. Often the pain or lack of dexterity means you’re unable to masturbate the way that you used to. For this scenario, hands-free sex toys are a huge bonus.

The Cone is a great example of a hands-free sex toy: you can just turn it on, sit on it, and away you go! Other toys like remote controlled vibrators allow you to get stimulation but without having to fiddle with small buttons on the toy itself.

Pick up The Cone for just £29.95

Sex toys for Peyronies Disease

I hadn’t heard of this sex toy before I started writing this article, but the boss at highlighted to me that there’s a product specifically designed to help people with Peyronies Disease that’s well worth a mention in this list.

The Jes Extender was originally designed and patented to help people with Peyronie’s Disease – a condition that causes scar tissue to form in the penis, and therefore the penis to bend. The Jes Extender is designed to help straighten – and lengthen – the penis and there are many different versions of the Jes Extender available on the site.

The Jes Extender is £165.95

Sex toys aren’t just for fun

It’s important to note, here, that I am not claiming sex toys cure any of these conditions. That would be awesome, but also ludicrous. All I’m saying is that sex toys aren’t just for fun – for many people they are vital tools which help them access sexual pleasure. It is not exaggeration, simply fact, to state that without sex toys some people would not be able to orgasm – or even experience pleasure – at all. So when sites are considering banning sex toy related content, they need to have really good reasons for doing so.

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