How to clean your sex toys: the easy sex toy cleaning guide

Cleaning your sex toys doesn’t have to be a pain – there are a few key things you need to know to keep your sex toys in good shape. Here’s our guide to sex toy cleaning, with key tips and advice as well as cleaning products you might want to try out.

Cleaning sex toys: are they waterproof?

The first thing you need to know when cleaning your sex toys is whether they are waterproof, splashproof or something else. The easiest sex toys to clean will be ones that are entirely non-porous and contain no moving parts – this means they’re fully waterproof and will not be damaged by high temperature water, so you can give ‘em a good clean in hot water to sterilise them. Good examples of these include:

silicone butt plugs (without batteries/motors)

glass dildos

You might be surprised to learn that one of the most efficient ways of cleaning these sex toys is to pop them in the dishwasher. Yep, that’s right: you can put some sex toys in the dishwasher. Just wash them with a bit of soap and water first, then run a sanitizing cycle – without detergent, because detergent can irritate your skin.

This won’t work with sex toys that are made from more delicate materials, or sex toys which have batteries/motors/internal parts though. For that you need to know…

Is my sex toy waterproof or splashproof?

There’s a big difference between a waterproof sex toy, like this Fifty Shades Classic Wave Vibrator, and a splashproof sex toy, like this Loving Joy Bullet Vibrator. Waterproof means that it’s fully submersible – you can put the sex toy in a dish of warm soapy water to clean it, as well as being able to use it for extra fun times in the bath or shower. Splashproof means that you’re OK to use water to clean it, but you need to be careful not to get the water near important parts like the charging port (or the opening to the battery pack, if it has removable batteries).

For splashproof toys, you can wet a cloth with warm soapy water and use that to clean the toy (being sure to get into all the nooks and crannies where your juices might collect) or if you want to be a bit more efficient about it this Loving Joy Sex Toy Cleaner can just be spritzed on, left for a couple of minutes, then rinsed off. It’s anti-bacterial, so designed to kill lots of the bacteria that would otherwise collect on your toys.

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Sex toy cleaning: what about masturbation sleeves?

I’ve left the one of the trickiest dilemmas for last, because I wanted to give it some proper time and attention. If you’re a fan of masturbation sleeves like Fleshlight (or Tenga, or indeed any of other other brilliant Male Masturbators that you can find on this here site) you have probably already noticed that they can be a little difficult to clean. Not only are they often closed at one end, so lube gets trapped inside, they’re also deliberately designed to catch spunk – so it doesn’t go flying across the room or necessitate you scrabbling for a tissue at the point of climax.

This makes them a bit harder to clean, but never fear – I am here to help you do it as easily as possible!

The material these toys are made of is usually not conducive to dishwashing, because the heat of the water in the dishwasher could damage the toys. However luckily, most of them are designed to be flipped inside-out.

The easiest way to clean a Fleshlight (or similar) is to turn it inside out. Rinse it well under a warm (not hot) tap, then submerge it in a bowl of soapy (again – warm but not hot) water. Clean it all off and rinse very thoroughly afterwards. For this you can also use the sex toy cleaner mentioned above as it will help kill off the bacteria (more important as you’re cleaning these sex toys at lower temperatures).

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Leave it to dry – that’s an important step! I find leaving it to dry inside-out works well, then flipping it the right way again and leaving a little longer. You’ll find that the texture is different once you’ve washed it, so if you’d like to renew the softer texture, just give it a dusting of renewing powder – here is Fleshlight’s renewing power, and here is Satisfyer’s renewing powder. Pro tip: you can use either brand’s powder on other toys, it’s fine.

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Caring for your sex toys – before cleaning!

Of course when it comes to keeping your sex toys sparkling clean, it’s not just about the post-wank cleanup. Check out our guide on safe sex toy storage, to see how to store your sex toys in a way that will keep them ready for use. And you can also help keep your sex toys in top condition by ensuring you’re using the right lubricant. Visit our guide to Sliquid lube, including the four lube commandments, and get the low-down on the right ones to use.

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