Sex pillow positions and top sex tips

Before I’d ever tried it, I didn’t realise just how much difference putting a pillow under my bum during sex could make. A slightly more elevated angle makes all the difference when having sex that’s designed to stimulate my g-spot. Given this can be done with an ordinary household pillow, imagine how much more is possible with a sex pillow designed specifically for this purpose!

The most popular sex pillow brand on the market is Liberator Shapes, and for good reason: they make a wide range of cushions and other positioning equipment designed to help you get into some hot positions. Most importantly, they’re comfortable.

Comfort isn’t something we talk about enough when it comes to sex, I don’t think. It’s all well and good Cosmo publishing lists of sexual positions designed to blow your mind, but it’s often hard to climax if you’re busy trying to stave off cramp. A decent sex pillow will take the ‘ow’ out of ‘out-of-this-world sex’ and help you actually enjoy what you’re doing.

Sex pillow position: Doggy

Doggy is a classic, and one of my favourite positions. It’s also a nicely flexible one, as the partner on hands and knees can adjust the height of penetration by simply spreading their legs wider, and the angle of penetration my adjusting the top of their torso up or down. However, it’s much easier to get – and keep – the perfect angle if you have a sex pillow to hand.

The Liberator Shapes ramp and wedge combo will work wonders for this: it consists of two different, firm-yet-comfy sex pillows that you can use in combination. Bend over one of them, and position your bum at the perfect angle, then use the other as a rest for the top of your torso and arms.

Sex pillow position: Cowgirl and cowboy

One of the most fun things about suction cup dildos is that they give you the opportunity to actively ride, rather than lie back and passively enjoy them. But squatting over a coffee table or risking slippage in the shower just to shag yourself with them can sometimes be a bit dangerous or – here’s that word again – uncomfortable.

So if you’re keen to ride something sexy, the sex pillow that you want to consider is the Liberator Shapes Bonbon. It’s rounded and comfortable so you can straddle it with your thighs, and it has a mount point where you can attach your favourite dildo or vibrator. If you’re playing with a partner, one of you can sit on this and ride whatever toy you choose, while the other one either sits behind them (to penetrate or just provide extra stimulation with hands) or in front (again, providing manual stimulation or sitting on your cock). And if you want even more fun, try adding a vibrating cock ring to the dildo in the sex pillow.

Sex pillow position: Leopard

I had to look up what this position was called, because although I’m meant to be a sexpert I don’t know many of the technical terms, preferring instead to refer to ‘that one where he kneels behind me and I’m squatting back onto him.’ Anyway – click the link for a picture, and then consider just how much better the Leopard position would be if the person being penetrated could be grinding against the head of a powerful wand toy at the same time!

The Liberator Wanda magic wand mount would be perfect for this, I think. It’s a firm and comfortable sex pillow, like the others, but this one has an extra pocket into which you can mount a magic wand vibrator. The steep ramp just below where the wand vibrator is mounted means you can position yourself perfectly for clitoral stimulation, then get your partner kneeling close for access. Like with the other sex pillows and erotic furniture mentioned here, one of the key benefits is that you can maintain the position without needing to switch out when your thighs get tired – having something to lean/rest on means you’ll be able to play for longer!

Sex pillows for spanking and BDSM

Submissive people, shall we be honest here? Submission can often play merry hell with the joints. It’s always ‘kneel down here’ and ‘bend over that’ and ‘stay on all fours while I whip you.’ Don’t get me wrong, it’s sexy, it’s just that I’m 35 now and when I stand up after a BDSM blow job it’s often hard to hear me say ‘thank you, Sir’ over the sound of my knees cracking.

So ideally what we want is a sex pillow that will protect our delicate knees while also allowing us to enjoy the hot beatings to which we’ve become accustomed.

Enter the Liberator Obeir Spanking Bench. You can kneel on the slightly raised end while bending over the other, to make sure your knees aren’t leaning on the hard, cold floor. And as an added bonus, you can also be easily cuffed to the mount points at all four corners. This sex pillow has a lot of versatility, as well – bend over the raised end or crunch yourself up into a pretzel shape and get bound to it for a beating… honestly the choice is yours. I think what I like most about Liberator sex pillows is there is so much room for experimentation.

Where to buy a sex pillow

Naturally, we’ve got plenty of different sex pillows here on – the above are just a few recommendations. If you check out the sexual positioning section of the site you can see all the Liberator Shapes products including sex pillows, toy mounts, this doggie style sex harness which I used to own and was one of my favourite ever sex toys, and lots more.

And if you’re shopping when this blog post goes live – May 3rd 2019 – you can use the code SAVE25 to get 25% off anything you purchase on the site. What better time to invest in a sex pillow of your own and open up your sex life to a whole new world of comfortable, intense, inventive new positions?

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