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Sexy Costumes For Halloween

By: Scarlett

Sexy Lingerie Costumes

Sexy Lingerie Costumes For Halloween


In the run up to Halloween we know the panic when you're struggling to find the perfect costume for that spooky party. You want the perfect balance between scary and sexy. You DON'T want to end up like Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls, turning up as a zombie corpse when everyone else is like, a sexy cat. (Whatever that is.)

(Oh wait, like this.)

Do ensure you get that perfect mix of naughty AND nice this year, by shopping from our bedroom costume range. 


Lingerie as a costume

You don't HAVE to wait until Halloween to explore role playing and dressing up, adopting another personality and embodying a sexy alter-ego is one way to really heat things up.

Habit is the killer of adventure, and doing the same thing repeatedly bored our caveman brain into finding something not enjoyable anymore. This is why kink and fetish play can be an absolute blessing, because it changes the environment, shakes up the ordinary, and introduces an element of the unknown.

Role play.

Role play is the practice of stepping into a different scene or identity whilst you engage in sex with your partner or partners. It can be a safe and consensual way to engage in fantasies (such as having sex with Britney Spears in the Toxic video. Don't pretend you haven't thought about it!)


Fly with Me Flight Attendant Costume Set - Plus Size

Fly with Me Flight Attendant Costume Set - (15% off) £44.54


What we love about lingerie as Halloween costumes.

Purchasing lingerie or sexy outfits as Halloween costumes means that not only are you investing in something that you know you will look good in at that Halloween party, but also you're making an investment in your private sex life too. 

Check out our blog here about how lingerie is the forgotten sex toy to learn more about how it can really add a layer of adventure to your sex life. As well as your vibrators and cock rings, lingerie is such a great addition to spice things up. They're also great for cosplay too. Check out our Sailor Moon sexy Cosplay set below!

Cosplay with Me Costume Set

Cosplay With Me Set - £38.46




Durable and re-wearable.

Unlike cheap Halloween costumes you may get online, our range of sexy outfits and lingerie can double as a sauchy Halloween outfit and then reused over and over. That's because they're made of material that is comfortable, affordable, and won't let you down when you've had one too many Proseccos at that Halloween party! Some outfits are alt grunge goth girl core (so many parts to that description, thanks Gen Z) like our Witch halloween outfit, that you can totally reuse them to wear to the club, to a gig, or as part of your every day outfits. That pentagram body harness is giving soft punk vibes and we are here for it! 

Pulse Check Nurse Costume Set - Plus Size

Pulse Check Nurse Costume Set - Plus Size - 15% off £41.49


They're varied!

You can select from so many options when selecting your sexy Halloween outfit. A naughty nurse costume can be splattered with fake blood to become a zombie costume, a sexy maid costume can be... splattered with fake blood to become a zombie costume. (Listen, literally everything is fair game to become a sexy zombie costume at Halloween - it doesn't have to make sense as long as it's raunchy!)

5 Star Service Maid Costume Set - Plus Size

5 Star Service Maid Costume Set - Plus Size - £46.58


Select from the wide range of lingerie and sexy outfits and get creative with your Halloween outfit this year!