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Dress your room for seduction this Valentine's Day


Dress your room for seduction this Valentine's Day

You've purchased yur gifts, done your 'everything' shave, and you're ready to seduce your date this Valentine's Day, but have you neglected your bedroom set up? With ur guide you'll be setting the scene for romance in no time.

Why dress your bedroom for Valentine's day?

The art of erotic feng shui is nothing new. Most of us have watched How to build a sex room on Netflix by now and considered investing in some home bondage kit to turn the heat up in the bedroom. But let’s be honest: while it would be sexy as hell to create your very own dungeon and whip your lover into submission in your basement every night, it’s not always practical – or romantic.

As the cost of living crisis wages on and rents soar, in reality no one has the space or the cash flow to invest in serious bondage furniture for your home. And if you erect a leather spanking bench in your bedroom, it’s asking for an impromptu visit from the in-laws.

However, there are a few subtle interior design tricks that will transform your home into a sex room for seduction without breaking the bank this Valentine’s Day. And while we can’t promise that this will convince your partner to indulge in a full-blown S&M session, going the extra mile will definitely sex the scene for love and – most importantly – you will get laid. 

Bed Post Bindings Restraint KitBed Post Bindings Restraint Kit - 15% off


Tips and ideas to dress your room with a sexy vibe

From atmospheric candles to sex wedges and even bed restraints, a few well-chosen accessories will transform your bedroom into a sensual boudoir to wow your beloved this Valentine’s Day.


If you’re new to the world of restraint, you need to introduce some ropes, straps and even a pair of handcuffs into your playtime. Don’t be scared, some light bondage restraint can be seriously sensual. Simply tie your lover’s hands behind their back and take full control, and the feel of utter powerlessness will leave them writing about in sexual ecstasy. Better yet, add some fetish bedding into the mix to explore your kinky side. Plus it’s super-easy to store in a drawer out of sight once you’ve had your fun.


Bound to Please PVC Bed Sheet

Bound to Please PVC Bed Sheet in red or black


Dressing the room 

Sex furniture has come on leaps and bounds in recent years and now you can buy specially designed throws, pillows and even wedges that are about so much more than getting you in the mood. is an exclusive online retailer of Liberator products in the UK and the brand has raised the bar. Forget pain-play, Liberator stocks a range of ramps, throws and mounts that will enable you to comfortably enjoy deeper, harder, longer and more intimate sex all night, and we are here for it. 

Candles and scents

Did you know that certain aromas have aphrodisiac properties that will get you both in the mood? Plus we can all agree that candlelight is sensual as hell (and a bit more forgiving when you’re naked). Best of all, invest in a set of Japanese drip candles and you can safely drip hot wax on each other’s bodies during playtime.


Bound Goddess Drip Candle

Bound Goddess Drip Candle


Finishing touches

Let’s be honest: while rose petals, chocolates and champagne will set the scene this Valentine’s Day, if you really want to send a sexy message out loud and clear, now is the time to go hard. Drape this waterproof PVC sheet over your bed to protect your bedlinen and your partner will know you mean business. Throw in some Snake Oil Cum Lube and a pair of vegan leather red handcuffs and s/he will be quivering at the knees. 

Accessories you will need

If you’re on a budget or simply dipping your toe into the world of BDSM this Valentine’s Day, there are three products you really need to get the juices flowing:

Massage oils

Saliva can only take you so far, so if you’re intrigued by sensual play and want to rub your lover down tonight, you need to add massage oil into the mix. With everything from warming to scented to luxurious oils to choose from, the range will oil you up in just the right way.

Kama Sutra Oil of Love

Kama Sutra Oil of Love - 15% off


Fancy a rub down, struggle with chafing or tempted to explore all of your orifices? You can never have too much lube. Choose from water-based, anal, warming or even numbing lube and you will be able to go the extra mile.


Sure, a sex dungeon has its perks. But if you don’t have the space to transform your home into a rubber room, you’d be surprised what you can achieve with a good old fashioned blindfold. It’s the easy way to titillate all your senses this Valentine’s Day. Simply slip one one and you’ll discover that denying one of your senses will heighten all the others, making your sex play extra pleasurable. 


Amor Blindfold

Amor Blindfold




Happy Valentine's Day, lovers!