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How To Use Sex Toys


There are many different types of Sex Toys available, designed to stimulate differently, thereby all will be used in different ways. If you are unfamiliar with the different types of Sex Toys available then take a look at our full guide on the types of Sex Toys. This will then help you find out the best way to use the Sex Toy you have.

There are many types of Adult Toys available, some of which will be designed for external stimulation, some for internal. In order to give you a bit more information below is a brief list of the different types of Sex Toys.

Sex Toys for Women

Female Sex Toys are some of the most popular and also best selling Adult Toys available. The female body is also extremely different, and features numerous erogenous zones, all of which need to be stimulated in different ways in order to be fully satisfied. Below are a few different types of Sex Toys For Women, and a brief description on how to use them.

Bullet Vibrators ? Bullet Vibrators are some of the most popular female Sex Toys. They are primarily designed for external, Clitoral stimulation. When using any Vibrator, always play around with the buttons before getting used to the different vibration settings and functions that it has to offer. Bullet Vibrators usually feature an easy to use one push button at the base, meaning that you can easily move through the functions, finding one that you like best. Also, remember to always get yourself in the mood before using your Vibrator. Once you are ready, slowly work the Bullet Vibrator over your Clitoris, start off slow, and move through the different functions before finding one that you enjoy the best. Increase and decrease the pressure on your Clitoris depending on how much you like it, and then let the Bullet Vibrator take you to orgasmic bliss.

Clitoral Vibrators ? Clitoral Vibrators are used very similarly to Bullet Vibrators. Start off by massaging your erogenous zones like your nipples or your inner thigh before starting to softly caress your Clitoris with this Vibrator. Slowly move through the different vibration functions and find one that stimulates you. Continue massaging your Clitoris with the Vibrator until you reach orgasm. Remember to always clean any Vibrator before and after use.

G-Spot Vibrators ? G-Spot Vibrators are some of the most popular Sex Toys available. G-Spot Sex Toys are known for their ability to help women squirt, which is something that is very popular. A G-Spot Vibrator has been specifically designed to emit different vibration functions to the G-Spot. When using a G-Spot Vibrator make sure you know where your G-Spot is. Once you have found it and are sufficiently aroused, begin to apply pressure to your G-Spot with the Vibrator. Work through the different vibration settings and speeds and sit back and enjoy the incredibly sensations that targeted G-Spot stimulation gives!

Magic Wand vibrators ? Magic Wand Vibrators were originally invented to massage damaged muscle tissue. You can still use many Wand Vibrators like this, however if you target your erogenous zones with the vibrations you will experience incredible sensations. Magic Wand Vibrators are some of the most powerful Vibrators on the market, so we always recommend to start off slowly, before working your way up to the more intense vibration functions. Although Wand Vibrators are fantastic Sex Toys to use during solo masturbation settings, they can also be used during penetrative sex with a male partner. Apply pressure to your Clitoris with the Magic Wand Vibrator whilst he is inside you, and you will both be able to feel the vibrating patterns throughout your intimate areas.

Rabbit Vibrators ? Rabbit Vibrators are some of the best selling Sex Toys For Women. These extremely popular Vibrators are well known due to their ability to stimulate the user internally and externally at the same time. Rabbit Vibrators are pretty straight forward to use and often have two different switches allowing you to independently control both motors, so you can increase or decrease each one depending on how you like it. When using a rabbit Vibrator always make sure you are well lubricated before inserting it.

Remote control Vibrators ? remote control Vibrators are incredibly popular couples Sex Toys as they allow your partner to control the different vibration settings. However, they are also great Sex Toys for solo masturbation. The benefit of having a remote control is that you can just slip the Vibrator in, get comfortable and then move through the functions on the remote control. Having a remote control means that you can comfortably control the vibration settings. For this reason they are also very popular Vibrators for arthritis sufferers.

Strap on Vibrators ? Strap on Vibrators are designed to be worn by a partner who then mimics sexual intercourse with the Vibrator that is attached to a harness. Strap on Vibrators are very popular lesbian Sex Toys, as they allow for sexual penetration in one partner, and the vibrations can often be felt in the person wearing the harness as well. When using a strap on Vibrator is it important to slip into the harness first, making sure it fits comfortably. Once in, attach the Vibrator, slowly insert the tip into your partner and turn the vibration settings on! Prepare for some mind blowing good times!

Vibrating Eggs ? vibrating Eggs are great for both internal and external stimulation. Start off by using the vibrating Egg against erogenous zones like your nipples, then work you way down your body, work around your inner thigh, before applying the vibrations to your Clitoris and vulva. Move through the different speeds and find one that drives you wild. Then, when you are ready, gently insert the Egg into your vagina, and let the vibrations rumble throughout you.

Dildos ? Dildos are Sex Toys that are primarily designed for sexual penetration. They are great fun and relatively straight forward to use. Start off by getting in the mood, making sure you are well lubricated. Then when you are ready, slowly insert the Dildo. You can then use a Dildo in a variety of different ways, including a shallow thrusting motion, or a deep thrusting motion. Try angling the Dildo when it is inside you to stimulate different areas like your G-Spot. For more information on how to use Dildos, take a look at our Dildo guides.

Double Dildos ? Double ended Dildos are designed to be used either for double penetration in two partners or simultaneous anal and vaginal penetration. When using by yourself make sure you use plenty of lubricant for anal insertion, and never insert directly from your Anus into your vagina without cleaning the double Dildo first.

Strap on Dildos ? Strap on Dildos are usually a suction cup Dildo that attach to a strap on harness. They are great Sex Toys for pegging, which is where a women wears a strap on and performs anal sex on a man. Strap on Dildos are also great lesbian Sex Toys as the strap on can be worn by one partner who would then perform sexual penetration on the other.

Love Eggs ? Love Eggs or jiggle balls are a extremely popular female Sex Toy. They can be used in a variety of ways including for solo masturbation. However, they were originally designed to improve the pelvic floor strength in women. By following an easy training routine, women can strengthen their pelvic floor muscles which can lead to better orgasms. Using them is pretty straight forward and would require you to insert them, and then clench your pelvic floor muscles with different intervals. For more information on how to use jiggle balls take a look at our Love Egg guides.

Sex Toys for Men

There are many different types of male Sex Toys, ranging from ones that are designed to make the Penis bigger, or ones that are designed to stimulate the Penis.

Cock rings ? cock rings are a great male Sex Toy, and very popular with beginners. They are designed to be slid over the shaft, the balls, or both. Penis Rings are designed to reduce the blood flowing out of your Penis. This causes your erection to stay firmer for longer, and also helps to delay ejaculation. You can also get vibrating cock rings which make fantastic couples Sex Toys as they also stimulate your partner whilst having sexual intercourse.

Male masturbators ? masturbation aids are an extremely popular Sex Toy for Men. They are designed to enhance solo masturbation sessions. Male masturbators usually feature ribs and nodules inside the internal canal for even more sexual stimulation. Male masturbators are very easy to use and simply require you to lubricate your Penis and the male Sex Toys, then gently penetrate the hole of the Adult Toy with your Penis. Once inside start masturbating with the toy over your Penis and feel the different ridges and nodules as they massage your Penis. 

Penis enlargers ? Penis enlargers are designed to give you permanent Penis growth. They are very straight forward to use, however would require you to invest a bit more time into using them. Manufacturers or these products are certain that you experience permanent Penis growth with some of the products, however they require about 6 months of wearing them. To use them simply strap your Penis in and over time increase the traction of the device, making sure you wear them for up to 12 hours. 

Penis pumps ? Penis pumps are an extremely effective, non-surgical way of rectifying erectile dysfunction. They are also great to temporarily increase Penis size. They are very easy to use, to start off with, put your Penis through the base ring, making sure it is as far in as possible. Begin to squeeze to bulb or other control handle. This will then create a vacuum, causing the blood to be drawn down to the Penis. Once the Penis is erect slide off the base ring from the Penis pump, and wrap it around the base of your Penis. This will keep the blood flow in your Penis, giving it a larger and firmer look.

Penis sleeves ? Penis sleeves are a great way to immediately increase your Penis size without any side effects. They are extremely easy and straight forward to use and simply require you to lubricate your Penis and the sleeve before putting your Penis into it. Your Penis sleeve may have a ball loop, so if it does gently wrap that around your balls. The loop should help to keep your Penis sleeve in place. 

Sex Dolls ? Sex Dolls are a type of male masturbator. These male Sex Toys are very popular and there are two types main types, these are blow up dolls and silicone Sex Dolls. Blow up dolls are very popular male masturbators for beginners. They are inflatable meaning that you can store them easily, whereas luxury love dolls are solid objects, and will often require you to store in a box. Sex Dolls are very straight forward to use, and will require you to lubricate the orifice of your choice. You can then have penetrative sex with it using all sorts of motions and positions. Remember to always clean your sex doll after use in order to get the most our of it.

If you have any more questions on using male Sex Toys then take a look at all our Sex Toys for Men guides.

Sex Toys for Couples

There are many different types of couples Sex Toys available, all of which are designed to enhance your love life with your partner. Below is a short list of the different types, and also how to use them.

Couples cock rings ? these are a type of Penis ring that have been specifically designed to increase pleasure for two partners. They work and can be used the same way as normal love rings, however they usually have additional functions. The additional function is usually patterns of vibrations that are designed to turn the wearers Penis into a pleasure machine! Many of them also have rabbit ears or areas that are designed to stimulate the Clitoris.

Couples massagers ? couples massagers are a type of couples Sex Toy that are designed to increase sexual pleasure with between two partners. These range from a whole different type of different Sex Toys so will all be used differently. 

Remote controlled Vibrators ? remote control Vibrators are great couples toys. They are great for foreplay as they can be used to massage your partners erogenous zones, getting them in the mood. You can even use some during sexual intercourse, such as wearable Vibrators like the we-vibe. They are usually quite straight forward to use and would require one partner to control the remote, whilst the other sits back and enjoys the different functions it has to offer. If you are using a wearable Vibrator make sure you use plenty of lubricant.

Sexual positioning furniture ? sex furniture is a great way for you to try new positions or even get more out of your favorite positions. Usually very straight forward to use, sexual positioning furniture would just require you to rest on top of the pillow that is designed to raise or lift certain parts of your body to stimulate you even more.

Anal Sex Toys

Anal Sex Toys is a huge growth market and they have become incredibly popular in recent times. There are a few different types of Anal Toys, below is a list of the different types and a brief outline on how to use them.

Anal Beads ? Anal Beads are a very popular type of anal Sex Toy and like all Anal Toys, they are extremely straight forward to use. Start off by lubricating your Anal Beads and also your Anus. Then slowly insert the Beads into your rectum. Once inserted slowly pull out with the retrieval cord. Repeat this at different speeds and experience different sensations. You can also try tying this in with penetrative sex for even more mesmerizing sensations!

Anal Dildos ? Anal Dildos are just like normal Dildos, however they feature a slimmer shaft, meaning that anal insertion is even easier. Once again lubricate the Anal Dildo and your Anus, and then slowly insert and remove the Dildo from your Anus at different speeds. Repeat this process at varying speeds for different sensations, and reapply lubricant if needs be.

Anal Vibrators ? Anal Vibrators are great fun and can be used in a variety of ways. Start off by lubricating the anal vibe and then inserting it. The type of anal Vibrator you have will change the way you use it, as some are designed to be inserted and removed, whereas others are designed to be left in and worn during other sex acts.

Butt Plugs ? Butt Plugs are an extremely popular type of anal Sex Toy. They require you to lubricate your Anus and the Plug. You can then slowly insert the Plug into your rectum. You can then remove the Plug and re-insert it, or leave it in. Some couples enjoy wearing it during penetrative sex as it makes the vagina feel tighter, meaning that it is also more receptive and the wearer becomes more sensitive to every thrust.

If you have any more questions on how to use the different types of adult Sex Toys then please feel free to contact us and one of our customer service assistants will be more than happy to get back to you.