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Choose your favourite magic wand vibrator from our hand picked selection of the worlds best massage wands. Use a massage wand all over the body, and let the vibrations rumble through you. Wand vibrators are perfect for clitoral stimulation during foreplay, sex or solo play. Browse our collection of rechargeable and mains powered wand vibrators from leading brands such as DOXY, LELO and Svakom, and experience earth shattering orgasms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a magic wand vibrator?

A magic wand vibrator is a type of vibrating sex toy that is used to massage erogenous zones like the vulva and clitoris. Wand vibrators can also be used to massage the whole body and can also provide relief to certain sports injuries. Wand vibrators can be rechargeable or powered by batteries, however the more powerful versions will be mains operated.

How do you use a wand vibrator?

Wand vibrators can provide a whole variety of different types of stimulation, and there are many ways for you to enjoy the variety that wand vibrators offer. Here are some of our top tips on how to get the best out of your magic wand:

  • Get to know your wand - Start off by trying the different settings on the wand and get use to the controls. This allows you to fully explore your vibrator and see which setting and function you think you are likely to enjoy the most!

  • Build up to the more powerful settings - Start off slowly and on a lower vibrating function before working your way up to the more powerful settings. Magic wand vibrators are some of the most powerful sex toys so you do not want to rush straight in to it. Get to know the vibrations and what your body can handle and gently build your way up to the powerful settings.

  • Don't always be direct - Although clitoral stimulation is great with a wand, sometimes just using it around your erogenous zones is even better. If you want to bring yourself to a gradual climax use the head of the wand around your intimate areas, rather than using it directly on them. The wands powerful vibrations will transmit throughout the entire area, giving you a slower, more intense orgasm.

  • Use with your partner - Magic wand vibrators are a great sex toy to use with your partner. They can be used to gently massage each other during foreplay, or even used for external stimulation during sexual penetration.

Which is the best wand vibrator?

Here is a list of some of our best wand vibrators based on what our other customers have bought in the past:

  1. Svakom Emma Mini Magic Wand Vibrator - £44.95 - This mini magic wand vibrator is perfect for those who want a smaller sized massager, but the power of a big one! It has a flexible head, is rechargeable and fully waterproof, so can be taken in the shower or bath. The wand features powerful vibrations and also the Svakom intelligent mode, which is a vibration pattern that has been designed to gradually take you to climax.

  2. Doxy Mains Operated Magic Wand Vibrator - £64.95 - This is our most powerful mains operated wand vibrator and is 30% more powerful than the Hitachi magic wand! It has easy to use buttons and a 12 foot long power chord. The Doxy was designed and assembled in the UK and also has a 12 month guarantee!

  3. Loving Joy DUA Interchangeable Vibrator - £99.95 - The Loving Joy DUA is a truly unique product and features two interchangeable heads. The wand attachment is small, discreet and extremely powerful. The DUA has been extremely well reviewed, and was voted as one of the best vibrators in the Good Housekeeping Tried and Tested Panel 2018.

  4. Classic Magic Wand Vibrator - £39.95 - This classic wand vibrator is extremely easy to use and delivers powerful vibrations to your erogenous areas. It offers deep, rumbling vibrations and is mains powered.

  5. Svakom Emma Heating Magic Wand Vibrator - £84.95 - The Svakom Emma is a larger version of our popular Emma Mini. The larger wand has even more powerful vibrations as well as an additional heating function that warms up to body temperature. It also includes an accessory that can be used internally or externally.

How do you clean a magic wand vibrator?

Magic wand vibrators are extremely easy to clean and we always recommend to do so before and after use. You can usually clean with warm soapy water or sex toy cleaner. Remember to always store your sex toys in cool dry places.

If you don't think a magic wand vibrator is for you then take a look at all our different types of vibrators here.