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How do you use Anal Beads as a Sex Toy?

Once you have received your Anal Beads, get them out of the packaging and give them a clean with some warm water. You could even use the Anal Beads while in the shower for the first time to ensure cleanliness and privacy. With Anal Play condoms are always recommended, especially if sharing with a partner.

We recommend you try this for the first time solo to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed. You may want to start off by putting some lubricant on your finger, and just getting your anus ready for penetration and then apply to the Anal Beads. Ease the first Anal Bead into your rectum when you feel comfortable, and then slowly push the rest of the Anal Beads in as comfort allows. If this is proving difficult slowly take them out and add some more lubricant to them.

While part of the Butt Plug family of Anal Sex Toys, these are designed to be pulled out rather than stay in the anus. So once you have fully inserted the Anal Beads start to pull them out, you can start off slow, and then gradually increase the speed if you so desire. Experiment with varying speeds for different types of sensations and sexual stimulation. You are stimulating the nerve endings in the sphincter so relax and breathe.

If you feel comfortable enough with your partner you can also bring the Anal Beads out during your love making sessions. Let your partner push the Anal Beads in and then pull them out to spice things up in the bedroom.

Once you have finished using your Anal Beads make sure you clean them with warm water of specifically formulated sex toy cleaner. You may want to clean any sheets

If you have any more questions on how to use Anal Beads read our tutorial guides for Anal Bead tips or feel free to contact us and one of our Sex Toy experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anal Beads. Sweet Pleasure Where You Least Expect?

Are you curious about butt play but shy away from it? Perhaps because you think it might hurt? If this is you, then we have got the perfect solution. Try Anal Beads. So what do anal beads look like? Well the Anal Bead is an anal sex toy with spheres attached together in a row. The balls can all be of the same size or vary in size starting from small and then gradually becoming larger as you move further up the row. Using Anal Beads is enjoyable as the balls passing through the narrow sphincter of the anus tickles all sorts of pleasurable nerve endings that will drive you wild. We have Anal Beads in a variety of styles and sizes. Be you man or woman, and regardless of your sexual preference, we’ve got something to make your sexual experience more explosive. They are so popular it’s worth checking out our customers anal beads reviews to find out what real people say.

What are Anal Beads?

The much-loved Anal Beads are one of the most popular sex toys in the world for anal play because of their smooth entry, ease of use, versatility, and promised pleasure. Typical Anal Beads consists of several small balls attached in a row. But there are more advanced versions, such as our vibrating anal beads. The sex toy is used by inserting it anally one after the other and then removed. Both insertion and removal are pleasurable, but you can control the pleasure during removal by varying the speed the Anal Beads are pulled out. Some like it fast while others like it slow, but most pleasure is had when the beads are pulled out at orgasm, as it enhances climax.

What are Anal Beads made from?

There are various Anal Bead styles and designs available. They are typically made of glass, metal, silicone, plastic, rubber, or latex. You can make your selection based on the desired sensation. The string of Anal Beads will have a ring or similar handle at one end for pulling out the Anal Beads with ease after insertion. This handle is also important because it prevents the Anal Beads from escaping into the rectum. Depending on the material used to craft and join the Anal Beads, they may be joined flexibly, rigidly, or semi-rigidly. With the rigid form, you can insert the Anal Beads at a go, but with the flexible version, you’ll have to insert the beads one at a time. During insertion and/or removal, the hundreds of nerve endings around the sphincter will be stimulated regardless if you are a man or woman. For heightened pleasure from using Anal Beads, you can opt for types with vibrating technology.

How to use Anal Beads as a Sex Toy?

Most types of Anal beads are very straight forward to use, and as with any anal sex toy we recommend to begin by applying lubrication to the anus and the product. The lubricant will make it easier to insert and also to use. Once lubricated slowly insert the Anal Beads into the anus and rectum. Once inserted remove them at varying speeds. Each speed will give you a unique sensation. Couples use Anal Beads during foreplay, and also sexual intercourse. Many people who use them report an enhanced climax, especially when combined with clitoral or vaginal stimulation. So using Anal Beads could not be easier.

How do you clean Anal Beads?

Like any anal sex toy we always recommend to clean before and after use. You can clean Anal Beads with warm soapy water, or specifically formulated sex toy cleaner.

If you don’t think anal beads are the right toy for you, but you are still interested in exploring anal stimulation, then take a look at our full range of anal sex toys here.

What is unique about Anal Beads?

You can incorporate your use of Anal Beads into a variety of sex games. You can also use them on your own or with a partner. Because the male prostate is highly sensitive, proper insertion of Anal Beads can lead to very powerful orgasms or ejaculation. The prostate is located about two to three inches up the front wall of the anus. Prostate stimulation with Anal Beads, combined with masturbation or sexual intercourse can lead to new levels of pleasure in men, improving the strength and duration of the climax. Orgasms from stimulating the male prostate are believed to be more intense and explosive than what is typically accomplished from stimulating the penis.

For women who are willing to experiment with anal penetration, Anal Beads are a great place to begin because of their easy penetration that yet delivers complete stimulation and pleasure. With the help of Anal Beads, a woman can actually have a more satisfying sexual experience as the sex toy adds pressure on the back vaginal wall and magnifies the sensation of vaginal penetration during intercourse. Anal beads can also be used to magnify the pleasure of cunnilingus in women. This occurs during climax as orgasmic contractions intensify and stimulate nerve endings surrounding the anus and inserted beads.

Does one-size fit all?

As in all scenarios, size does matter. For more experienced individuals, smaller sized beads may not yield the desired effects. For those trying for the first time, a smaller size will be less intimidating and make them more receptive to anal penetration. We have Anal Beads in various sizes for experts and beginners. Browse our catalogue today to find your unique size and style.

Explore the pleasure lurking behind?

If you are uncertain about anal toys, let our Anal Beads change your mind about anal stimulation. Take a look at our full range of Anal Beads and other sex toys here. We can have your order discreetly delivered to the address of your choice in a nondescript package. Even your credit card statement won’t mention the contents of your order. To place an order or find out more from our catalogue of anal toys, give us a call today for a private chat.

What do anal beads do and feel like?

You are probably wondering how do anal beads work? Compared to regular beads, vibrating Anal Beads provide a whole other level of pleasure. The vibrating sensation helps the sphincter muscles relax which is great because it allows for smoother insertion and removal. Pulling out the Anal Beads (vibrating or otherwise) as you near climax will lead to sensational orgasms that will leave you quivering and gasping in ecstasy. We have a variety of vibrating and non-vibrating anal beads available, including remote control vibrating beads for a fantastic hands-free experience. This frees your hands to take up other pressing matters either for you or your partner’s sexual pleasure.

Best selling Anal Beads?

Here is a list of our most popular and best Anal Beads which is based on what our customers have ordered in the past:

    1. Loving Joy Triple Ripple Anal Beads Black – £8.95 – These Anal Beads feature a total of three gradually increasing in size beads that are made hypoallergenic and super smooth, soft silicone.

    2. Loving Joy Anal Love Beads Purple – £3.95 – These fantastic value purple Anal Beads have 10 different sized beads that give you a whole variety of sensations. They can be used during sex, foreplay, and masturbation and feature a finger loop at the end for easy removal

    3. Loving Joy Triple Ripple Anal Beads Pink – £8.95 – These soft, smooth silicone Anal Beads feature three different sized spheres that gradually increase in size. They also have a sturdy finger loop at the end, making removal extremely straight forward

    4. Fifty Shades of Grey Silicone Pleasure Beads – £9.95 – These silicone pleasure beads are small and discreet and have wide spacing between each Anal Bead giving even more stimulation! The sturdy ring at the end helps with delivering blissful sensations.

    5. Rocks Off Petite Sensations Vibrating Anal Beads – £19.95 – These are our most popular vibrating Anal Beads. They are made from velvety soft silicone and offers pure pleasure to the user whether they are a beginner or an expert!

If you have any more questions about the best Anal Beads then feel free to contact us and one of our product experts will get back to you as soon as they can.

How much do Anal Beads cost?
We stock cheap Anal Beads from £3.95 so if you want to buy Anal Beads online or from a sex shop, you are in the right place. With cheap, fast and discreet delivery and bargain prices, we have your Anal Bead online shopping experience covered. So no more wondering where to buy Anal Beads, start shopping today.