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How to prepare your space for Masturbation May and have the best orgasms ever
By: - 05/10/2024
Dress the room to romance yourself this Masturbation May
The best toys on the market to help you cum in 7 different ways this Masturbation May
By: - 05/03/2024
Take up the heat on your Masturbation May with this selection of ways to orgasm (and the toys that can get you there!)
Deepthroating 101
By: - 03/01/2024
Take your blowjob skills to the next level by learning these best tips to deepthroating
Dress your room for seduction this Valentine's Day
By: - 02/13/2024
How to create a DIY sex room to turn up the heat this Valentine's Day.
What is a Blended Orgasm and How Do You Achieve It?
By: Bo - 11/18/2023
Blended orgasms can be said to be the Holy Grail of orgasms. Achieved by stimulating two or more erogenous zones simultaneously, blended orgasms can increase satisfaction in ways you never imagined was possible
What Is Sensation Play? (And How To Get Into It)
By: Scarlett - 09/22/2023
Ever wondered what sensation play was and just how to get into it? Read our guide to uncover some mind-blowing sensation play tips and hints.
Lingerie: The Forgotten Sex Toy?
By: Scarlett - 09/15/2023
When we talk about ways to spice things up in the bedroom, we often think about sex toys and new positions, but we shouldn't be forgetting lingerie as a hot tool to keep things interesting.
How To Have A Mind-blowing Orgasm With Prostate Massage
By: Scarlett - 08/25/2023
What exactly is a prostate massage? And why does a prostate massage feel so good? Prostate milking can be a sexual technique to enhance pleasure in male bodies that can result in a mind-blowing orgasm.
An Introduction To Anal In Celebration Of Anal August.
By: Scarlett - 08/16/2023
Happy Anal August! It’s a month where we are celebrating all things peachy. So whether you are just starting your exploration, or are a seasoned veteran of the backdoor adventures, lube up and let's get into it!
6 Reasons To Use Lube During Sex
By: Scarlett Ward - 05/16/2023
We all agree that lube enhances sex and masturbation, and yet, we either only use it for special occasions. Here's 6 reasons why lube is a vital part of sex
How To Use Vibrating Love Eggs
By: - 01/06/2021
A love egg is a type of vibrator that is usually egg or bullet shaped, this is why they are some time referred to as egg or bullet vibrators.
How To Use Spanking Equipment
By: - 01/06/2021
Spanking another person for sexual arousal or gratification is known as erotic spanking. It can involved a light spank, or a deep thwack, it entirely depends on you and your partner.