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Buy Male Masturbators today from, and find the best male masturbation aids and artificial vaginas from leading brands like Fleshlight and Tenga. Purchase your male masturbator from Sex Toys UK and remember that all our adult toys come with a one year product guarantee.

Loving Joy Realistic Male Masturbator

Realistic Male Masturbator

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Loving Joy Real Feel Blow Job Stroker Male Masturbator

Mouth Male Masturbator

“Best male masturbator I have bought”

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At Sex Toys UK we stock every male masturbator imaginable, from Artificial Vaginas to the REV1000 Rotating Masturbation Aid, from Strokers to Male Vibrators. Our masturbation aids are a great way to spice up your solo masturbation sessions. Check out our vast range of male masturbators from leading brands Fleshlight™ and Tenga, including products like the Pocket Pals and the Fleshlight Girls. We've got every inch covered. Browse our collection of high quality male masturbators today and remember that all our products come with 100% discreet delivery, shipping and billing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a male masturbator?

A male masturbator is a male sex toy that is usually made up from a soft feeling material that features an entrance hole where you can enter your penis. Male masturbators are a masturbation aid for men, designed to enhance pleasure during masturbation. These male sex toys can also be called pocket pussy’s, strokers, or penis gloves. There are many well known brands of male masturbators including TENGA and Fleshlight.

How to improve male masturbation? Some tips for male masturbation

A great way to quickly improve male masturbation is by using personal lubricant. There are numerous lubricants on the market, some cooling lubricants and some warming lubricants all of which will give your erogenous zones a unique sensation when jerking off. Another way of improving masturbation is by using a masturbation aid like an artificial vagina, mouth, or one that resembles an ass. Male sex toys in general have been designed to increase pleasure whilst you are wanking, so take a look at the full male sex toys category and find a product that will fulfil your sexual fantasies today! Some products that are extremely popular with our customers are:

  1. Loving Joy Realistic Pocket Pussy – this is a realistic male masturbator that resembles a vagina. It is small and discreet so can be hidden away and brought out whenever you are in the mood

  2. Loving Joy Real Feel Blow Job Stroker – this is an ultra-realistic male masturbator that features a mouth with soft teeth, tonsils, tongue and lips for the ultimate realistic blow job sensation!

  3. REV1000 Rotating Male Masturbator – this is our best selling rotating male masturbator that offers a total of 49 different combinations to tantalise and tease the top of the penis!

Remember to use personal lubricant when using a male masturbation aid.

How do you masturbate?

Many men choose to simply use their hand whilst they masturbate. Here at we have a large selection of male masturbation aids that have been designed to increase pleasure whilst you masturbate. We have realistic male masturbators, vibrating male masturbators, artificial vaginas and even a male masturbation machine that rotates around the tip of the penis! All of our masturbation aids are perfect for solo masturbation, so grab a male sex toy today and enjoy masturbation like never before!

If you have a male masturbator already, or you do not want a male sex toy, we highly recommend masturbating with lubricant!

How to use a male masturbator?

Male masturbators are extremely easy to use. Popular male sex toys like strokers and pocket pussy’s are handheld, so you would apply lubricant to these and your penis, then slide your penis in, and begin masturbating like you would without a male masturbator. Male masturbation machines are often hands free, and these can be used in the same way. Simply apply lubricant to both and then insert your penis into the intended area.

Is male masturbation good for you?

We created a blog around this subject, so if you want to hear more about this why not check out our blog: 5 Reasons Masturbation Is Good For You

Which is the best male masturbator?

Here are some of our most popular and best male masturbators based on which ones our customers order most frequently:

  1. Loving Joy Real Feel Pleasure Stroker – £12.95 – This Real Feel Pleasure Stroker is made from high quality TPE making it feel incredibly real. The stroker features internal ribbing for added stimulation. This small and discreet pocket pussy is re-useable, easy to clean and can be used with both water-based and silicone lubricants.

  2. Realistic Male Masturbator Vagina – £29.95 – This simply and discreet male masturbator comes in a hard outer casing that fits extremely easily in your hand. The inner sleeve is made from body safe TPE is removable making it easy to clean and wash out. The sleeve also features a ribbed canal making each thrust incredibly intense and pleasurable.

  3. Loving Joy Real Feel Pocket Pussy – £12.95 – This realistic feeling and looking male masturbator is made from body safe TPE, it is re-useable and easy to clean. The small and discreet design makes it easy to hide away and even easier to bring out for those solo masturbation sessions.

  4. REV1000 Rotating Male Masturbator – £106.00 – This is truly the ultimate male masturbation machine. The REV1000 has seven speeds and seven functions, giving it a whopping 49 different functions for you to experience and enjoy. The rechargeable rotating male masturbator will bring you to new levels of enjoyment!

  5. Loving Joy Real Feel Blow Job Stroker – £24.95 – This ultra-realistic mouth masturbator is unlike any other on the market! The mouth features tonsils, a tongue and soft pearly white teeth for the most realistic blow job out there. The ribbed tight canal will feel just like you are hitting the back of the throat. Remember to use with plenty of water based lubricant.

  6. TENGA Deep Throat Original Vacuum Cup – £11.95 – This male masturbator comes pre-lubricated and provides a deep suction sensation that is made possible by the special internal structure that creates a vacuum like sensation within the cup.

  7. Fleshlight Vagina Stamina Training Unit – £49.95 – This is one of the most popular and best fleshlights we sell. The vagina training unit is an artificial vagina that is designed to train yourself to last longer with your sexual encounters. It features a realistic feeling lips as well as a tight canal that has multiple pleasure nubs throughout it. If you would like to buy a Fleshlight but want something else take a look at our Fleshlight category here or for help choosing the perfect one for you, take a look at ‘Which is the best Fleshlight?’ here.

  8. Svakom Hedy Reuseable Egg Style Male Masturbator – £7.95 – This egg shaped male masturbator is made from ultra soft and stretchy TPE. The product is designed to stretch over your penis whilst you masturbate. The sleeve features inner dots and ribs designed to intensify your sexual satisfaction.

  9. Doc Johnson Main Squeeze – Sasha Grey Textured Vagina – £49.95 – The Doc Johnson Main Squeeze Sasha Grey has been one of our most popular hard cased male masturbators. It is moulded directly from Sasha Grey’s body. Made from Doc Johnsons Ultraskyn material this stroker looks and feels just like the real thing.

  10. Fleshlight Pink Vagina Original – £49.95 – This original Fleshlight remains one of our best selling realistic male sex toys. The easy to grip handle that looks like a torch is made from a real feel patented material. If you would like to buy a Fleshlight but don’t think this is the one for you, then take a look at our Fleshlight category here or for help choosing take a look at ‘Which is the best Fleshlight?’ here.

These are also some of our most highly reviewed male sex toys, so if you want to look at what others think then click on the product and read the reviews! Remember to always use lubricant when using a male sex toy.