Vibrating love eggs: what are they, and how do you use them?

You might have noticed that we have a lot of wireless love eggs for sale here at Sex Toys. From super-fancy ones like the Lelo Lyla Remote Control Egg to more accessible bargains like this Vibrating G-spot egg. But why would you want to put an egg in your vagina? I’m here to explain the basics of what wireless love eggs are, how you go about using them, and give you some tips on how to use remote control love eggs for sexy games and fun.

What is a love egg? And how do love eggs work?

Let’s start with the very basics: a love egg is a small, egg-shaped sex toy that you put inside your vagina. The egg should sit slightly inside your vagina, near to your g-spot, and when you move around it’ll bump gently against the walls of your vagina (or your vagina will squeeze and hug around it) and gently stimulate you like a careful and patient lover.

There are side-benefits too: some people use love eggs as a way to exercise their kegel muscles: squeezing them with the walls of their vagina to try and improve muscle control in that region.

How to use a love egg

For most love eggs, all you need to do is pop them inside your vagina, making sure you’ve inserted them comfortably. The first time (and, if I’m honest, the second time too) that I used love eggs I was really worried that I’d get them lost forever: my vagina has a tendency to clamp down on things, and I’ve spent more than a few minutes of my life panicking and trying to ‘push’ traditional stone love eggs out of there.

But if you’re worried about the same thing, then using a wireless vibrating love egg might be the solution for you: these remote control love eggs come with cords attached, that dangle down to the entrance of your vagina a bit like the string for a tampon. So rather than worrying that you might need to clench, strain and ‘lay’ the egg at the end of a sexy session, you can just pull on the string to remove it.

Protip: eggs like this, even with the cords attached, should not be used anally. The anal passage works differently to the vagina, and so you’re much more likely to ‘lose’ a toy up there – and no one wants that! For anal toys focus on things which have a flared base to prevent them going too far in – save the wireless love eggs for vaginal use only.

Which vibrating love egg should I buy?

Now we’re onto the exciting bit. And I have a few egg-selent suggestions for you.

Loving Joy Vibrating Love EggLoving Joy 10 Function Rechargeable Remote Controlled Egg (£44.95) With a reach of 15-20 feet you could conceivably use this remote control love egg in a sex club, as well as in your own home. And it’s a bargain at less than £50!

The 50 Shades Remote Control Love Egg (£84.95) does what it says on the tin Fifty Shades Freed I've Got You Rechargeable Remote Control Love Eggbut in a super-fancy way: it’s a waterproof, remote-control love egg with a smooth sliding surface for ease of insertion, and a handy remote control so you can turn it on when it’s inside you. It comes with 12 different speeds and 8 patterns, meaning you’ve got plenty of variety when it comes to stimulation.


Adrien Lastic Remote Control EggThe Adrien Lastic Remote Control Vibrating Love Egg (£64.95) is slightly cheaper, but still has an impressive range of vibration functions and is made from body-safe silicone. As with the love egg above, it is also controlled by a small hand-held remote, which means that either you or a partner can easily flick through the settings to get maximum pleasure (or maximum tease, if your partner’s feeling cruel!)



How to use a vibrating love egg – solo

“That’s all well and good,” I hear you say “but what exactly do you do with love eggs?” They’re not toys that you can use during any other kind of vaginal penetration, so unlike a vibrating bullet I wouldn’t recommend them as an addition to penetrative sex. But there are plenty of other options, especially if you’re going with one of the wireless vibrating love eggs like those mentioned above.

For masturbation, all you need to do is put the egg in and turn it on: remote love eggs all come with external controls so you don’t need to go fumbling around in your vagina to change settings. Don’t turn it on before you put it in – the whole thing will quickly descend into farce as you roll around the bed trying to catch a lubed-up, jiggling egg. Add a bit of lube, then slide it in with your fingers. You should feel the gentle stimulation of the vibration once you’ve turned it on with the remote, which will get more powerful and intense as you turn the settings up. If you can’t orgasm from this stimulation alone, don’t panic! Most people with vaginas require at least a little clitoral stimulation to orgasm too – so why not try pairing your new remote control love egg with a clitoral toy like a bullet vibrator?

Best way to use love eggs – with a partner

For me, the main draw of these egg vibrators is the fact that you can play all kinds of games with them if you hand the remote control to your partner. They can use the settings to tease and play with you, vibrating you into a frenzy before cruelly hitting the ‘stop’ button and leaving you writhing in a mess of horny lust. Thanks to the discreet nature of wireless love eggs (and the fact that some of the remotes can be easily attached to your key ring) you don’t always need to limit your play to the bedroom.

How about inserting your wireless love egg at the start of a quiet night in? Your partner can then give you little jolts of pleasure as you go about your evening routine, playing with you for hours and making sure that when bedtime comes you are sop horny you’re practically ready to eat them.

Once you’re comfortable with inserting the love egg, and you know roughly how long you can wear it without it becoming uncomfortable, you might want to start experimenting with playtime outside the house. Be aware, before you get stuck in to this, that sex play in public is dubious from a legal and ethical standpoint, so if you’re planning on trying this you need to make sure that you’re doing it in an environment where you won’t accidentally disturb or upset people. A sex club is the perfect venue, but you could be equally experimental on a long walk in a deserted wood, or a very quiet day at the beach. Insert the wireless love egg before you get there, hand your partner the remote, and see if they can use the different speeds and patterns to distract you from whatever activity you’ve chosen. I have a friend who once put a vibrating love egg in before she and her partner started working out – suffice to say neither of them concentrated much on their form or training goals, but they did both work up quite an impressive sweat.

Fancy having a go yourself? You can pick up one of many vibrating love eggs here on the site. And if you come up with a fun scenario in which to use them, pop back here and let us know your favourite vibrating love egg games!

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  1. Ian Singer says:

    Please can you explain how to turn on The 50 Shades Remote Control Love Egg. I have followed the instructions and am unable to turn the egg / remote on? Thank you

    • Lili Hornyai says:

      Hi there,
      I couldn’t find an order from you on our system so I couldn’t determine which Fifty Shades remote control egg you have. It’s probably the best idea for you to get in touch with the retailer you bought the egg from, they should have instructions for you or, alternatively, if the item is faulty, they’ll be able to arrange an exchange for you. I hope that helps! Best wishes, Louise

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