Sex swing top tips, positions, assembly and more!

A set of empty playground swings in a park

The first time I ever encountered a sex swing was, poetically, inside a swingers club. A woman was lying in it being attended to by a group of eager gentlemen, and having an absolute whale of a time. But while you might think of sex swings as something you need a big budget – or an actual sex club – to take advantage of, you can in fact get them for just over £100. That means if you order the Fetish Fantasy sex swing online now, you could be swinging from the rafters having an awesome time before the week is out.

But I can guess what you’re thinking. Apart from ‘why the hell is this post illustrated with the kind of swings you find in a park?’ – you’re thinking how the hell do I use a sex swing? Where do I hang a sex swing in my house? And is it possible to have a sex swing without anyone who comes round for dinner knowing about all the sexy stuff I get up to behind closed doors? Fear not, I am here to help.

How do you hang a sex swing?

Naturally, if you’re lucky enough to have a house with beautiful big exposed oak beams (I am as much into property porn as I am actual porn), then you can attach the sex swing to that. Screw the heavy duty steel eyelet bolt which comes with the Fetish Fantasy sex swing into one of your beams, and then you can simply hook the sex swing to that.

If you, like me, don’t have beautiful exposed oak beams then you can use a stud finder to locate a ceiling beam, then screw the heavy duty eyelet through the plasterboard and beam before hanging your swing. And for those of you who would rather not mess around with stud finders, you can simply hang the sex swing in a doorway – attach the bolt in the centre of he wooden frame of whichever doorway you’d like to have it in, then voila! You’re ready to shag!

Sex swing safety tips

One of the most frequently asked questions about sex swings is how much weight they hold. That will depend, naturally, on the kind of sex swing you have, but this Fetish Fantasy one will hold up to 350lbs (25 stone, or 158 kilos). They recommend that if the weight will be less than 200lbs (14 stone or 90 kilos) you install the swing with a torsion spring – provided in the kit you’ll receive when you buy it. If the weight is more than that, no need for the torsion spring.

Before you get jiggy on your sex swing, naturally you want to test it out to make sure it has been installed properly – check that the bolt is firmly screwed into whichever mount point you’ve chosen, and test it out by pulling and then hanging from it to check you’ve installed it securely. Once the screw is in, don’t remove it. Obviously you can unhook your sex swing when guests come round for a dinner party (unless it’s one of those kinds of dinner parties), but keep the bolt in place. If you remove and rescrew it you can weaken the screw and/or the wood.

Sex swing positions and tips


A stone-cold classic which becomes even hotter with the addition of a sex swing. One partner lies in the swing, with their back supported by the main strap and their legs through each of the holes – beautifully demonstrated here by the Fetish Fantasy model.

Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing
Grab the Fetish Fantasy sex swing for £104.95

In this pic, she also has her wrists through the additional wrist straps, which you can do yourself if you choose to, though I think one of the main benefits of this position is that the person getting shagged has their hands free, so they can use a bullet vibrator for extra clitoral stimulation while they swing.

The partner penetrating them steps in between their legs (making sure the sex swing is adjusted so they’re just the right height) and can either grab the straps to ‘swing’ their partner towards them, or grab their waist or thighs. This position is the best beginner sex swing position, and it also works brilliantly for pegging if you fancy some strap on dildo play in your brand new swing.

If you’d like to achieve deeper penetration, try having the penetrating partner raise their legs and rest their ankles on the penetrating partner’s shoulders (instead of wrapping them round their body at waist height). Intensity and depth – and a great view for both parties!

Doggy style

Another classic that gets even better with the addition of a sex swing. Adjust the leg straps so they are slightly longer, then have one person lie forward on their stomach with the two main straps supporting them. They may need a little help getting their ankles in the straps, but when you’ve got them in you have the perfect position to indulge in some ‘flying’ doggy style sex.

As an extra bonus, why not combine this position with a precious metals butt plug? They get the extra thrill, and the penetrating partner gets a beautiful bejewelled view.

Oral sex

Your sex swing doesn’t just have to be used for penetrative sex – there are lots more things you can do with it! Positioning one partner in a reclining position (like missionary described above, though you may need to lower the straps a little so they’re closer to the ground) while the other partner gives them head can be incredibly sexy. Think about it: you’re basically hovering off the ground, and the person giving you head can tug on the straps to bring you closer to their face.

As you might be able to tell, I am very keen to give someone head in a sex swing. Very. Keen. Indeed.

If you like the idea of any of this, it’s worth me reminding you again that you can have this kind of fun for the ridiculously reasonable price of £104.95. Head to the Fetish Fantasy sex swing page, click ‘Add to basket’, and then book this entire weekend out in your diary for epic swinging fun!

And to those of you still wondering about the park swings, that image came from Wikimedia Commons, because it turns out it’s not possible to find open-source images of two people banging in a sex swing.

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