Anal Dildos: What Are They and How to Use Them

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Anal dildos are a type of dildo that have been specifically designed for anal insertion and penetration. These dildos usually feature a slim shaft to allow for easy use, as well as a wide base. The wide base is there to prevent the dildo from going all the way up the rectum.

Anal dildos are popular sex toys for both solo masturbation and partnered play. These anal sex toys can be used with a partner during sexual penetration, giving you a double penetration sensation. If you like anal penetration, then using an anal dildo can give you the sensations without a partner.

Anal dildos differ from other anal toys like anal beads and butt plugs because they are often penis shaped and designed to look as realistic as possible.

In this guide we discuss how to use anal dildos, and some of the best anal dildos that you can buy.

Using an Anal Dildo: What to Know

When using an anal dildo there are some very important things to consider. To start off with you need to make sure you are choosing the right anal dildo for you. If you are trying anal penetration for the first time, then an anal dildo might not be the best anal toy to use. If this is the case, then we recommend looking at our beginner’s anal toys section.

If you enjoy anal penetration and have tried it before then an anal dildo could be the right sex toy for you. When buying an anal dildo remember to buy one that has a slim shaft and a wide base. If you want to experience a full feeling but aren’t sure how wide you want your dildo to be, then look at our inflatable dildos and butt plugs. These are a type of anal toy that are designed to inflate, and gradually increase in size. This means that you can find a comfortable size for you.

Once you have chosen the right anal dildo for you, then you are almost ready to use it.

Before Use

Before you start using your brand-new anal dildo make sure you give it a once over, making sure that it is in perfect condition. If it is an inflatable dildo then make sure that it inflates up to a desirable size and make sure you know how to release the air quickly.

Now you know your dildo is good for use, there are a few more little protocols to follow before anal insertion.

Give It A Clean

When using any type of sex toy, it is very important to give it a good old fashion clean. This is even more important when using an anal toy, especially using it for the second time.

Warm Up

Before using an anal dildo, it is very important to make sure you are warmed up for it. You need to make sure your bottom is ready for action. So, start off by getting yourself in the mood and relaxing. When you are sufficiently aroused start off by putting a finger or a small anal toy into your bum. Move it in and out, and up and down.

If this is the first time trying anal penetration then you may want to use some anal ease cream to help numb your bum, making insertion even easier.

Anal Ease Desensitizing Cream

Use Lubricant

With any dildo lubrication is important, however it is even more important with an anal dildo. This is because your rectum does not produce its own natural lubrication. So, apply some anal lubricant to your rectum and the anal dildo. You can use normal lubricant, however specifically designed anal lubricant is thicker, and designed to last longer.

Now it is time to insert your anal dildo! Remember when inserting any dildo to start off slow, and gradually build up in both depth and speed. If at any point using your anal dildo starts to become uncomfortable then stop immediately. It may be that you just need more lubricant.

Now you know how to use an anal dildo easily you can try using it in a variety of different ways.

Popular Ways to Use an Anal Dildo:

There are many ways in which you can use an anal dildo to get the most out of it. When trying a new technique make sure you start off slowly and are comfortable whilst using it.

Deep Thrusting

This technique is very simple, once you have applied enough lubricant to your anal dildo slowly begin to enter it. Start entering it as far as you can and then pull it out. You can then repeat this time and time again.

Shallow Thrusting

Shallow thrusting is essentially the opposite from deep penetration. This technique is very simple and just requires you to slightly enter the anal dildo into the beginning of your rectum.

P-spot Stimulation

This technique is just for men. When a man uses an anal dildo an amount of pressure is applied to the prostate gland or p-spot. The prostate gland is a build up of nerves in the rectum. Stimulating it correctly can lead to men having full body orgasms. Dildos that feature a curved shaft are perfect for p-spot stimulation as they allow you to apply even more pressure to the p-spot.


This technique simply requires the user to twist the dildo inside them. You can combine this technique with both the shallow and deep thrusting techniques for even more stimulation.


This method involves you inserting the anal dildo into your rectum and then moving the base gently up and down. This will create amazing stimulation that will blow your mind!

Double Time

Using your anal dildo with a partner or another sex toy can give you a mind blowing, double penetration sensation. You can use anal dildos for this, or you can even buy double penetration dildos that can enter both the vagina and the anus simultaneously.

These are some of the most popular ways in which you can use an anal dildo, however there may be one that we haven’t mentioned that you prefer.

There are many other techniques that you can use, and there are also many positions in which you can use and anal dildo in order to make your experience even more pleasurable.

Popular Positions For Use

Different positions can increase the sensations that an anal dildo offers, this includes increasing depth and stimulation. Below are some of the most popular positions in which people use anal dildos.

Laying Down

This is the position that many people choose when they are masturbating, and it works perfectly when using an anal dildo. To make this position even more comfortable try pulling your legs up or even sticking a sex pillow under your hips.

Face Down

This is another popular way to masturbate, and a very popular position for anal penetration. Try laying on your front and placing your hand behind your back, slowly inserting your anal dildo into your rectum. This should be a very comfortable and easy way to use your anal dildo (if your arms are long enough)

On The Side

Laying on your side and putting one leg over the other is another very popular and straight forward way to use an anal dildo. This position will make the anal dildo feel bigger, and your bottom tighter, so will be a perfect way for you to increase stimulation.

Now you know how to use an anal dildo it is time to get started! So if you already have an anal dildo then ride away. However, if you would like to buy an anal dildo but are not quite sure which is the best one for you then look below at some of our best anal dildos.

Popular Anal Dildos

Here are some of our most popular anal dildos based on what our customers have bought in the past.

Loving Joy Curved 5 Inch Silicone Dildo with Suction Cup

This anal dildo is perfect for both men and women. It features a slimline shaft allowing for easy insertion as well as a wide base for safety. This anal dildo also features a curved base that is perfect for prostate stimulation.

Loving Joy Curved Silicone Dildo with Suction Cup

Loving Joy Realistic Dildo with Balls and Suction Cup 6 inch

This is a realistic anal dildo that features a slim shaft, balls, and a suction cup. The suction cup gives extra grip when in use, and allows for the user to stick it to any flat surface ease of use. The shaft on this anal dildo features raised veins for additional, internal stimulation.

Loving Joy 6 Inch Realistic Dildo with Suction Cup

Beginners Suction Cup Dildo 5 Inch Purple

This anal dildo features a slim shaft and a very wide base for extra safety. This means that the anal dildo won’t go completely into the rectum. This anal dildo also features raised veins for additional stimulation.

5 inch Beginners Anal Dildo


When choosing an anal dildo it is extremely important to make sure that you buy one that is the right size for you. If you are a beginner, then you need to start off with a very slim anal dildo, whereas if you have experienced anal penetration before you may be able to use a slightly bigger sex toy. No matter the size it is extremely important to use a lot of anal lubricant when using any sex toys product. Furthermore, it is extremely important that you clean your anal dildo both before and after use. We also strongly recommend that you do not use your anal dildo for vaginal insertion as this could lead to infection.

Popular Anal Dildos