How To Use Female Sex Toys

There are many different types of Sex Toys for women including ben wa balls, clitoral vibrators, clitoral pumps, and many more. For all the different types of Sex Toys for women, take a look at our full guide to the types of female Sex Toys. If you have already bought one of those, and want to know how to use it then this guide is perfect for you!

Ben Wa Balls

Loving Joy Silicone Jiggle BallsBen Wa Balls or Love Eggs, Orgasm Balls and even Geisha Balls are small balls that are usually hollow and contain a light weight or a smaller ball. They are designed to be inserted into the vagina and then held by the pelvic floor muscles. Please note, Ben Wa Balls should not be confused with anal beads, as although they have a retrieval chord, they do not have a wide base for retrieval.

In general Ben Wa Balls are very easy to use, and would require you to apply a slight amount of lubricant to the balls before insertion. Once inserted the aim is to try and keep them inside your vagina for as long as possible. This requires you to clench your pelvic floor muscles and then relax them, which in turn strengthens them. Once you have done this as much as possible with one weight you can increase the weight, thereby training your pelvic floor muscles, making them stronger. Doing this can lead to stronger orgasms in the user.

Butterfly Vibrator or Rabbit Vibrators

Svakom Alice Waterproof Rabbit VibratorRabbit vibrators and butterfly vibrators consist of a shaft that has either a vibrator inside or rotating metal beads, both designed for internal stimulation. They also have a bullet vibrator that is shaped like a rabbit or butterfly. This is to deliver clitoral stimulation to the user. Using a rabbit vibrator or butterfly vibrator means that the user will receive dual stimulation to two erogenous zones simultaneously. Stimulating both areas at the same time can lead to the user experiencing what is known as a blended orgasm.

Rabbit vibrators are also very easy to use. When you have received your vibrator we always recommend that you play around with it, getting to know how it works and also a feel for the different vibrating functions. Once you know how to turn it on and move through the different settings lubricate the vibrator and make sure you are sufficiently aroused. Then begin by gently inserting the rabbit vibrator or butterfly vibrator into your vagina, moving it far enough in so that the clitoral vibrator delivers clitoral stimulation whilst you experience simultaneous vaginal stimulation. Slowly work through the vibrators settings and find one that will bring you to climax! Rabbit vibrators are a great Sex Toy to make you squirt. Once you have finished using your Sex Toy remember to always wash it down and give it a good old clean!

Clitoral Pump

Doc Johnson Vagina PumpA clitoral pump is a female Sex Toy that is designed to be applied to the vulva creating a suction, and therefore increased blood flow to the genitals. Clitoral pumps were derived from the penis pump, which is intended for sexual enhancement, as well as to treat ED (erectile dysfunction).

Clitoral pumps are very straight forward to use and would just require you to place the pump over the vagina and then begin to pump using the squeezer on the side. Squeezing it will suck out the air from around the vagina, and then create a vacuum, which will cause the blood to flow to the clitoris and vagina. The clitoral pump also features a quick release valve that rapidly restores air pressure. Using clitoral pumps increase sensitivity of the area, and also enlarge the clitoris, making your sexual activity even more enjoyable. 

Clitoral Vibrator or Bullet Vibrator

Loving Joy Power Bullet VibratorClitoral vibrators and bullet vibrators are often separated as two different types of Sex Toys, however, fundamentally they are designed to do the same thing. This is to provide mind blowing clitoral stimulation, and this is exactly what these vibrators do!

Bullet vibrators are usually very easy and straight forward to use. They usually consist of a one button controller at the base that you simply push down and then push again to move through the vibrators different functions.

There are many different types of clitoral vibrators, ranging from hands-free, butterfly strap-ons, vibrating-panties, and even magic wand vibrators. So depending on the type of clitoral vibrator will depend on the exact way to use it. However, they are all designed to provide intense clitoral stimulation to the user.


Loving Joy Realistic Suction Cup DildoDildos are some of the most well known Sex Toys available. Dildos are Sex Toys that are primarily designed for sexual penetration during solo masturbation sessions. However some people also use them during sexual intercourse in order to experience double penetration.

Dildos are extremely easy and often some of the most straight forward Sex Toys to use. You can get vibrating dildos, however for the purpose of explaining how a dildo works we will explain a standard suction cup dildo. When using any Sex Toy make sure you start off by getting yourself aroused and making sure you are in the mood. Once you are ready we recommend using lubricant, applying it to your dildo and your intimate areas. Then slowly insert the dildo into your vagina, and begin to move it in a thrusting like technique. There are many different types of thrusting techniques, including shallow penetration, deep penetration and rotational. Find the one that you enjoy the most and continue to do so until you reach orgasm.

Nipple Clamps

Nipple ClampsNipple clamps are said to be the most underrated Sex Toy for women. These Sex Toys are designed to increase sensitivity of the wearer and work by drawing blood to the nipples. There are many different types of nipple clamps, all of which are designed to be used in a similar sort of way.

Nipple clamps are designed to be attached to your nipples, and then gently tightened. They may feature a chain or weights which will provide more stimulation around the breasts and nipples. They often feature plastic or rubber tips in order to make them more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. Many of them have adjustable clamps, meaning that you can choose how much pressure is applied to this usually ignored erogenous zone.

Magic Wand Vibrators

Loving Joy VITA Rechargeable Magic Wand VibratorMagic wand vibrators were originally designed to be used as sports massagers to relieve pressure in the muscles. The Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator was the first of its kind, and similar designs have been rolled out to make it more accessible to all women.

Wand vibrators are straight forward to use. Strap off by turning it on and finding out what pattern the vibrator has that you like the most. We always recommend to start off slow, massage your other erogenous zones like your breasts or nipples, before working down to your inner thigh and then start to apply pressure to your erogenous areas, focus on delivering strong clitoral stimulation in order to experience an incredible climax. Some people even enjoy using a wand vibrator during penetrative sex with their partner as both parties can feel the vibrators power throughout their erogenous zones.

Strap On Dildos

Loving Joy Strap On KitStrap on dildos are a very popular type of Sex Toy for those who want to try pegging or who are after a lesbian Sex Toy. There are many different types of strap on dildos, the most popular types feature non-phallic dildos or unrealistic dildos. Tantus is one of the leading manufacturers of Sex Toys like this.

Strap on dildos are very straight forward to use, and often require one partner to wear a strap on harness. Once they are wearing this they can then begin to mimic PIV sexual intercourse by thrusting or moving in a motion that pleasures their partner.