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Light touch bondage: simple tips for hot sex positions

Bondage and Fetish Guides

When you think of bondage, what’s the first image that comes to mind? Perhaps it’s a naked woman, tied up using an intricate pattern of knots? Perhaps it’s a guy suspended from the ceiling in a web of different kinds of rope? While these forms of bondage can be extraordinarily beautiful, they take a lot […]

Remote control sex toys: 3 hot sex games to play with your partner

The most commonly-cited sex game to play with remote control sex toys is the one where you wear them in public: vibrating knicker vibes or vibrating love eggs which can be worn discreetly, and turned up or down to give someone a secret sexual thrill. But we’ve all heard of these sex games, haven’t we? […]

Different libidos: discussing desire in long-term relationships

How do you solve a problem like different libidos? What happens if your partner wants more sexual activity than you do, or vice versa? The first thing to recognise is that this isn’t an uncommon problem! It would be very rare indeed for any couple to match perfectly in terms of the exact amount of […]

Spontaneous sex tips: how to inject more excitement into your sex life

People on a rollercoaster

It’s hard – and by that I mean ‘almost impossible’ – not to fall into a routine when it comes to your sex life. If you’re living with the same person for a long time, you tend to get into patterns. Some of those patterns are enjoyable – they’re the natural by-product of feeling comfortable […]

Sexual communication: non-awkward ways to talk about your needs and desires

Fountain pen drawing picture of heart in notebook

We can’t all be Casanova, so for many of us sexual communication can be tricky. One of the most frequently asked questions to advice columnists – and sex bloggers like myself – is how people can initiate sex more often in their relationships. Sometimes they want to know how to deal with a mismatched libido, […]

G-spot orgasms: what are they, and how do I have one?

When I was younger I was only vaguely aware of the g-spot, and my biological knowledge was – to put it politely – quite limited. So I believed that the g-spot was a magical place somewhere inside the vagina which, if touched – like a literal ‘come’ button – would give instant g-spot orgasms. Needless […]

Unique Valentine’s ideas that cost less than £20

Pile of £20 notes

Right now you can buy a dozen red roses from Marks and Spencer for £20. A nice Valentine’s treat, sure, but it certainly won’t win you any awards for originality. What’s more, those flowers will have wilted within a week or so. Surely there are more unique Valentine’s ideas that will last a little longer? […]

Unusual Valentines Getaways – Sex Toy Hotels

Image of a sign that says 'sex: do not disturb'

What are the best freebies to receive when you check into a hotel? Shampoo? Chocolate on the pillow? Well, how would you feel if instead of these obvious things, you got a menu of sex toys instead? That’s right: sex toy hotels exist, and if you’re planning a romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day you might […]

Erotic massage (AKA Nuru massage) – tips, tricks and sex toy special offers

Erotic massage has to be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable ways to begin a play session. You get to touch – and be touched – all over, paying attention to areas that often get overlooked in favour of heading straight for the genitals. What’s more, with the right massage oil and some sheets […]

Dry January, Veganuary, Januhairy: what impact do these have on your sex life?

New year, new you? We’re over that in 2019. The idea that you need to remake your whole body or personality when the new year rolls round is a bit dystopian. But with initiatives like Veganuary or Dry January on the rise, many people are using this month to try and make smaller lifestyle changes […]