Intro to dungeons: the Berkley Horse, St Andrew’s Cross & other BDSM equipment

Picture of metal shackles bolted to wall

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you’ll know that we’re currently blogging on the theme of all things bondage and BDSM. From erotic spanking equipment to invest in through bondage safety tips, to a few ideas for interesting rope ties you can use in your sexy play. But what if you want […]

Kink curious: what are sleepsacks and vacuum beds?

Image of a vacuum cleaner on a carpet

What are sleep sacks and vacuum beds? Both of these things are designed to touch on the same kink: that of being bound and restricted tightly in latex. But how do they work and what’s the kinky appeal? Join me in exploring this unique and intense kink! When SexToys asked me to write about these […]

Bondage positions: hogtie, overarm tie and more

Bound to Please 10 m Bondage Rope Hemp

Regular readers will know that we’ve been on a bit of a bondage spree recently. I don’t mean we’ve tied up the boss so we can nip down to the pub, rather we’ve been giving an overview of some key bondage-focused topics here on the blog: from different ways to use physical restraints through fetish […]

Fetish fashion: what to wear when you’re feeling kinky

Walking into a fetish club for the first time can be quite intimidating, especially if there’s a dress code. One of the things I found most nervewracking when I started going to fetish clubs were the dress codes with ‘NO STREET CLOTHES’ written in all capital letters. I’m not great at following fashion at the […]

Bondage tips: Different ways to use physical restraints

So you’ve bought yourself a shiny new set of restraints – bondage cuffs, maybe, or a spreader bar. You’ve had a bit of a play and you’re starting to really get into this bondage thing, but you’d like to try a few new tricks to give you more variety. I’m often guilty of rambling on […]

Cock cages, chastity and getting off on not getting off

Chances are, you’ve already got off on some kind of chastity play. It may not have been specific, but if you’ve ever found yourself writhing in delicious frustration as someone built you up into a frenzy of sexual excitement, before telling you in sadistic tones that you’ll need to wait before you can orgasm… congratulations! […]

Bondage safety: top tips on tying (and being tied) safely

There are two reasons you need to read up on bondage safety before you get stuck into rope tying. The first is that in order to be suitably dominant and powerful, you must be in control of a situation – from a health and safety standpoint as well as in the words you use and […]

Erotic spanking: whips, floggers, paddles and how to use them

How do you know when you’re kinky? For me, it’s the shivery sensation I get when I hear a whip, flogger, paddle or hand come down – smack – on someone’s bum. For others, it’s the noise of a cane whistling through the air before landing with a crack, or the similar-yet-subtly-differently whoosh of a […]

Popular bondage gear (and tips on how to use it!)

What should you pick to restrain someone with – cuffs, tape or rope? How do you use nipple clamps safely? What the hell is a Wartenberg wheel, and why does it look so scary? Today I’m going to give you a brief run-down of some of the most popular bondage gear on this here site, […]

The sex toy industry in China – Svakom and other innovative brands

When SexToys asked me to write about the sex toy industry in China, my mind immediately leapt to an article I’d read in the New York Times about sex education. It’s well worth a read: in China, sex education is limited – and public discussion of sex, as the article explains, is limited. But one […]