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Sex dice: the benefits of sex games and other smutty fun

Four different coloured dice on a black background

Is there any sex toy more maligned than the humble set of sex dice? As activities like bondage and erotic electrostimulation become more popular, it seems people often brush aside some of the more playful sex accessories available on the market. I’m guilty of this myself – as a sex blogger I spend so much […]

Sex pillow positions and top sex tips

Before I’d ever tried it, I didn’t realise just how much difference putting a pillow under my bum during sex could make. A slightly more elevated angle makes all the difference when having sex that’s designed to stimulate my g-spot. Given this can be done with an ordinary household pillow, imagine how much more is […]

Light touch bondage: simple tips for hot sex positions

Bondage and Fetish Guides

When you think of bondage, what’s the first image that comes to mind? Perhaps it’s a naked woman, tied up using an intricate pattern of knots? Perhaps it’s a guy suspended from the ceiling in a web of different kinds of rope? While these forms of bondage can be extraordinarily beautiful, they take a lot […]

Different libidos: discussing desire in long-term relationships

How do you solve a problem like different libidos? What happens if your partner wants more sexual activity than you do, or vice versa? The first thing to recognise is that this isn’t an uncommon problem! It would be very rare indeed for any couple to match perfectly in terms of the exact amount of […]

Spontaneous sex tips: how to inject more excitement into your sex life

People on a rollercoaster

It’s hard – and by that I mean ‘almost impossible’ – not to fall into a routine when it comes to your sex life. If you’re living with the same person for a long time, you tend to get into patterns. Some of those patterns are enjoyable – they’re the natural by-product of feeling comfortable […]

Sexual communication: non-awkward ways to talk about your needs and desires

Fountain pen drawing picture of heart in notebook

We can’t all be Casanova, so for many of us sexual communication can be tricky. One of the most frequently asked questions to advice columnists – and sex bloggers like myself – is how people can initiate sex more often in their relationships. Sometimes they want to know how to deal with a mismatched libido, […]

Unique Valentine’s ideas that cost less than £20

Pile of £20 notes

Right now you can buy a dozen red roses from Marks and Spencer for £20. A nice Valentine’s treat, sure, but it certainly won’t win you any awards for originality. What’s more, those flowers will have wilted within a week or so. Surely there are more unique Valentine’s ideas that will last a little longer? […]

Consent is king: are you ready for Sexual Health Week 2018?

It’s probably fair to say that most of us think we’re great at establishing consent. After all, no one wants to imagine they are encouraging people to do things they’re not comfortable with – not just in the bedroom but elsewhere in life. If you ask around the office to see who wants to come […]

Sexual positioning equipment for when you’re… umm… ‘sweeping the special chimney’

How often do you bump uglies? Perhaps more importantly, how likely is it that the phrase ‘bump uglies’ has turned you off so hard that you’re going to struggle to ever get turned on again? This week, in lamenting the things that can get in the way of a good sex life, a Times journalist […]

Feel sexier in the summer months? You’re not alone!

What time of the year do you tend to have the most sex? If you’d asked me in December I’d probably have guessed that I have much more sex in the winter months: it’s chilly, after all, and there’s no better way of warming up than sliding under the duvet with a hot guy and […]