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Gifts for HER This Xmas

By: Bo

The holidays are coming in hot which means it’s time to spoil the special girl in your life (or bestie. Or sister). If you’re looking for sextoys for her, this guide will give you what you need to know to get the perfect, unforgettable sex toy Christmas gift for the girl on your naughty list. 

Why a Sex Toy Would Make a Great Christmas Gift for a Couple 

For all the couples out there, a sex toy during the holiday rush can slow you down so you can reconnect and deepen your intimacy together. Gifting a sex toy can lead to the opening up of new conversations around pleasure, connection, and spicy new holiday traditions.  

It's intimate and personalised

Sex toy gifts are inherently personal and intimate. You need to have a conversation before gifting a sex toy to anyone, including a partner. The conversation is sure to be full of laughter and playful energy. This is a great way to get closer and approach sex with intention, care, connection, and joy. And, that’s what the holidays are all about.             

It can encourage you to try new things together

Introducing sex toys to a relationship is a way to invite new experiences into your relationship. They are tools that you share together and for each other to use in as many creative ways that you dream up. Together.         

They might not buy one for themselves

Sex toys for her are a thoughtful way to encourage your partner to explore their own sexuality and pleasure. It can be a playful way to show your support for them as an individual sexual vixen with all joyful energy to explore. 

Share Lite Double Dildo



Good for lesbian sex 

Sex toys are a fantastic addition to any form of lesbian sex. From double-headed dildos to nipple toys to even cock-rings (aka dildo rings!) for extra clitoral stimulation, vagina toys can help you stimulate all her pleasure spots.         


What to Choose?

So you’ve had the conversation and you’re ready to give the gift of joy, laughter, and getting her jingle bell rocks off. With so many options available, here’s our women’s sex toys gifting guide. 


Lingerie is a smexy way to say I’m into you. And, I care. There’s a finesse to gifting lingerie. Things could go from ‘oh so right’ to ‘oops, I did it again’ wrong. The secret here is to lean into thoughtful rather than suggestive. 

Take a peek inside her dresser and see what style she seems to like. Look through some magazines she subscribes to. Bonus points if you check out her Pinterest! This is an opportunity to learn what makes her feel divine and let her know you’ve been paying attention. 

The extra effort will leave her squirming to be unwrapped. 

Fishnet Garter Dress with Lace Hem and Attached Thigh Highs



Gifting a dildo can be a fun way to invite a sense of exploration and intimacy in a relationship. Or to encourage a close friend or loved one to prioritse their sexual health! When choosing sex toys for her it’s a good idea to know her experience with dildos. 

Are they a curious beginner or a dildo connoisseur? A g-spot dildo would work great for the latter. What materials would work best for their anatomy and preferences? You can get creative here. Dildos have become increasingly aesthetic and can even be used for decor! 


Every well-stocked sex toy treasure chest should have a sturdy vibrator, so if you know someone close to you that hasn’t snagged one, it’s the perfect opportunity to remedy the situation. Stat. 

There are different types of vibrators including: massage wands, clitoral simulators, clitoral vibrators, bullet vibrators, clit sucker vibrators, and, of course, the rabbit vibrator made famous by Sex in the City’s dear Charlotte. 

Feeling whelmed? You can’t go wrong with the classic Magic Wand. She’s a keeper. 

Magic Wand Original

Magic Wand Original


Remote control love eggs 

Looking for a sex toy that will keep her thinking about you? The long distance love egg will keep you top of mind. A love egg is a small egg-shaped vibrator that gets inserted into the vagina, like you would kegel balls. With powerful vibrations that send waves through her pelvic floor, this little love nugget produces riveting orgasms. 

The best part of remote vulva toys? You can control it from afar so you can get her off from a distance.  

E-Stim Pro Silicone Vibrating Egg with Remote Control

E-Stim Pro Silicone Vibrating Egg with Remote Control   

This holiday season, show her you care with the perfect sex toy gift that keeps on giving.