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Oral sex tips for cake and cunninglingus day


Oral sex tips for cake and cunninglingus day
What do we want? Oral sex and cup cakes. When do we want them? Now.

Remember Steak and Blowjob Day, the national holiday that celebrates giving head and eating grilled meat every March? Some clever marketing bods decided to level the playing field and launch a day for the ladies (and let’s be honest, real men love going down on a woman) so Cake and Cunninglingus Day was born.  

What is cake and cunninglingus day?

So how does one commemorate this special day? Well it’s simple enough. Bake a cake (but buying Colin the Caterpillar will also do just fine) get down on your knees and lick her vulva like your life depends on it. 

If you’re keen to celebrate this special day on Sunday 14th April but you can’t bake for shit and you’re not confident in your clit-licking technique, we are here for you. Keep scrolling for the ultimate oral sex tips to celebrate Cake and Cunninglingus Day in style…

Before performing cunninglingus

For the uninitiated, cunnilingus involves licking her clit with your tongue until she either climaxes in a blaze of glory, or demands you finish the job with your penis. In either scenario, everyone wins. 

But before you get started, make sure she knows what your intentions are so she feels nice and relaxed about what’s to come. It’s also worth saving the cupcakes until after she’s had an orgasm, as no one wants to receive cunnilingus on a full stomach.

Prepare with foreplay

The best way to set the scene is to build up to the main event using tried and tested foreplay techniques. But remember to start slowly and listen out for subtle cues. You don’t need to start rubbing her clit just yet. Kissing, gentle stroking and even neck nibbling are a surprisingly easy way to oil the wheels. If she starts to moan, continue, working your way down her body until you get to the sensitive spots.

Target erogenous zones

If you skipped sex ed at school, erogenous zones are key areas on her body that make her feel extra tingly and sensual. Her lips, her neck and her chest are a good place to start, but don’t forget to cup her bum and stroke her thighs too.

Lube up, and use tingling/heating/cooling lube

If she’s a little bit dry at first, don’t take it personally. Not all women are mega gushers and some of us take a while to turn on the juice gates. This is where lube can come in handy. We’re big fans of the Sliquid Naturals Sizzle which is minty fresh and adds zing to your taste buds, but we’re also partial to the ID Stimulating Gel which makes all your sensitive spots feel extra tingly.


ID Stimulating Gel for Her

ID Stimulating Gel



It may be tempting to get down to her clit and start guzzling, but there’s no rush, so take your time. Talk to her gently, whispering about what you want to do to her. And maintain steady eye contact to get her really turned on before you stimulate her. Communication will go a long way to get you both in the mood long before you start licking her out.


Tips for during

Start slow - focus on other erogenous zones and with deep kissing

We’re all ready for action, but good cunnilingus is about time and technique, so take it slow and build up gradually to the main event. Go in too fast and you risk putting her off, so cruise your way down to her clit, stopping off to nibble on her breasts, belly and thighs along the way.

Play through the underwear without jumping straight to the clit

One surefire way to get the sparks flying is to gently rub her, through her underwear. Don’t go in hard, just apply gentle pressure with your fingers and increase as she starts to gently moan. As soon as her knickers are sopping wet, you’ll know you’re onto a winner.

Positioning is everything, put a pillow under your hips to elevate your pelvis

To chow down comfortably without risking neck ache, it’s worth investing in a sex pillow. Simply place it beneath her butt, so you have unfettered access to her hungry vag. She’ll enjoy the sensation of open mouthed oral sex while you get to benefit from the easy access the pillow provides.


Heart Wedge Sex Pillow

Heart Wedge Sex Pillow


Use your fingers at the same time

Once she’s nice and wet, slip a couple of fingers inside her vagina while you suck her clit and pump them in and out. If she starts to moan with pleasure, keep on doing this and whatever you do, don’t stop!

Experiment with patterns

If your tongue starts to tire, experiment with different partners instead of simply licking up and down. And don’t forget to show enthusiasm, maintain eye contact and tell her how delicious she tastes.


Try writing saucy words on her clit using your tongue, or flicker it straight onto her clit or round and round in tantalising circles. 

Toys to help you out

If your tongue starts to tire but you can tell she’s ready to climax, you risk ruining the moment, so now would be a great time to whip out a sex toy. If she’s already aroused, the addition of a sex toy will be joyfully received. 

G spot dildos to use simultaneously

G spot sex toys are a great shout for internal and external orgasmic fun, so slip one inside her while you continue to tongue her clit and she’ll be screaming in ecstasy within minutes. We can recommend the Rose Scarlet G for precision focused internal probing with a delightful vibration element.



Rose - Scarlet G

Rose Scarlet G




Rose sucker feels like the sucking sensation

Once your lips go numb, substitute your mouth for the Inya Kiss which is so similar to authentic oral sex she probably won’t even notice, although it’s so good you do risk getting dumped for a sex toy. 


INYA - The Kiss

Inya Kiss


Toys with a 'tongue'

The Tongue teaser is another great shout for clitoral targeted pleasure. Better yet, use it to lick her butt crack while you suck her clit and she’ll probably explode with joy. Just don’t forget to feed her cake afterwards. What would Cake and Cunninglingus Day be without some tasty postcoital pudding?