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What is a Blended Orgasm and How Do You Achieve It?

By: Bo

What is a Blended Orgasm and How Do You Achieve It?

Blended orgasms can be said to be the Holy Grail of orgasms. Achieved by stimulating two or more erogenous zones simultaneously, blended orgasms can widen the pleasure in your body and increase satisfaction in ways you never imagined was possible. 

The Orgasm: Everything You Need to Know 

The body has various erogenous zones that produce pleasure: anal, clitoral, prostate, vaginal, G-spot, A-spot, O-spot, even nipples. Each of these spots can be stimulated individually to achieve an orgasm, the delightful feeling when your body reaches a peak of pleasure and your genitals and body release the pressure. 

Stimulation of more than one of these spots can be combined in a kind of mix and match to achieve what is called a blended orgasm. Below we’ll explore how to access this new level of expansive pleasure.

What is a Blended Orgasm 

Now that you have a birds eye view of what a blended orgasm is, let's get a bit more physical. With blended orgasms you stimulate two (or more if you’re really dexterous) areas of the body that are nerve-dense. 

The spots available for stimulation differ depending on body type. For vulva-holders, there are the A-spot, the elusive O-spot, the clitorus, anal, and vaginal. A possible combination for a blended orgasm could be a clitoral vaginal orgasm. 

One oft overlooked fact is that the clitoris extends beyond the visible head. It extends into the vagina and cervix, radiating out into a wishbone shape. This results in various areas we’ve just talked about. 

For penis-holders, erogenous zones include the penis itself, anal, nipples, and the P-spot. Yes, penis-holders can also have blended orgasms. And, honestly, it’s nothing short of a blast (pun partly intended). A possible combination would be the external stimulation of the penis with that of the P-spot. 

While penis-holders tend to focus on performance and penile orgasms, their bodies are also designed to have a full-bodied, earth-shattering, long-lasting orgasm when stimulated in a way pleasurable to that particular body. 

What Happens During a Blended Orgasm 

While someone is having a blended orgasm the pleasure radiating from the erogenous spots being stimulated combine in a way that might be described as a wave. If you know how to have an orgasm, you can achieve blended orgasm. 

The pleasure experienced can feel intense because more than one area of the body is being stimulated simultaneously. It can also feel more diffused since it originates from more than one source, making it feel like an orgasm throughout your whole body. 

Each erogenous zone is connected to a different network of nerves. When stimulated, these nerves send messages to our brains which processes information to each nerve network differently. This creates a different feeling in each erogenous zone. 

For example, the external clitoris and the skin on the penis is connected to the pudendal nerve. The G-spot incorporates not only the pudendal nerve, but also the hypogastric and pelvic nerve.  

Combining these different sensations coming from different parts of your body can lead you to move out of your head and into your body to experience literally mind-blowing orgasms.

Ways to Achieve a Blended Orgasm 

Ready to dive in? Here we break down how to access and stimulate the different erogenous zones. Pick any two or more to get started with experiencing blended orgasms. 

  • The G-Spot: Good for those beginning their blending journey. The G-spot can be found by inserting one or two fingers inside the vagina and making a hooking, “come here” shape. Feel for a textured patch behind the pubic bone. Combining a G-spot orgasm with clitoral orgasm is the easiest way for vulva-holders to achieve a blended orgasm. 
  • The A-Spot: Known as the anterior fornix erogenous zone, the A-spot is for when you want to go deep. The A-spot is located about one or two inches north of the G-spot. Because of its depth, this is a great spot to access with a sex toy. Some call this the female-bodied prostate because it's located in the same spot a prostate would be in a male body. You can also access this spot indirectly through anal stimulation. 
  • The P-Spot: To stimulate the P-spot, start with a liberal application of lube to your fingers or a dildo. Insert slowly into the anal canal toward the belly button. When you feel a walnut-sized gland, you know you've reached your prostate. You can combine this with stimulation of the penis with either your hands or mouth to achieve a blended orgasm.
  • The O-Spot: When you’ve mastered the G-spot, you might want to have a go at the O-spot. This spot can be found as far inside the vagina as you can go, behind the cervix. Stimulating this spot along with the clitoris feels out of this world. This spot is best accessed with a G-spot toy. Once you insert the G-spot toy, push a tiny bit more. The key is to apply pressure to the cervix. 

This list is just a starting point. Other erogenous zones include the nape of the neck, the inner thighs, and, of course, the nipples. The key here is to experiment with different combinations. Every individual body feels pleasure differently. Discovering what feels good to each individual body is part of the fun! 

How Toys Can Help Achieve Orgasm 

A great way to access blended orgasm is to use sex toys. They can help you access harder to reach erogenous zones with ease. Why work hard when you’re trying to have fun? Here are ways to access blended orgasms with sex toys both solo and with a partner. 

Having a Blended Orgasm with Solo Play

Solo play is a great way to get to know what you like and what you could do without. For solo play, you can access either your g-spot or p-spot. You can use your fingers or a sex toy. Armed with the sex toy of your choice, either a g-spot stimulator, a dildo, or even a vibrating dildo, you can combine g-spot or p-spot stimulation with clitoral or penile masturbating.  

Having a Blended Orgasm with Your Partner 

There are various positions you can use to achieve blended orgasms with your partner. The easiest way to start is to have your partner lie on their back so you can have clear access. Sex toys help take the pressure off you and your partner, especially when you’re starting out. 

Sex toys can also help you combine blended orgasms with multiple orgasms, such as when using a vibrator to achieve clitoral vaginal orgasms. Sex toys also allow for greater control and freedom of motion, so you can try experimenting with positions you couldn’t achieve otherwise. 

Armed with this guide you’re ready to access a whole new level of pleasure.