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The Best New Tips for Group Sex
By: Naima Karp - 07/10/2024
Too much of a good thing? Nonsense. Check out the best new tips for better group sex in all its glorious forms.
Foreplay tips to spice up your sex life
By: - 07/05/2024
Discover the best foreplay tips and techniques to spice up your sex life and take your orgasms to the next level.
An ABC glossary of LGBQTIA+ terms
By: - 06/28/2024
An ABC glossary of LGBQTIA+ terms used by the queer community and their allies
The best rainbow sex toys to celebrate Pride month
By: - 06/25/2024
Ride your pride with our pick of the best rainbow sex toys on the market
How do lesbians have sex?
By: - 06/14/2024
If Pride month has you curious about sapphic love-making, then check out our brief guide to lesbian sex, which can be helpful whether you identify as lesbian, bisexual, sapphic, or just curious!
Pride essentials for Homosexual men
By: - 06/08/2024
Pack your bags boys, PRIDE is here and we've got your best picks for gay pleasure this month.
Best penis sex toys for International Masturbation Day 
By: - 05/24/2024
Celebrate Masturbation Day with this selection of the best penis toys to spice up your solo play with new sensations and play styles
Quiet vibes for your discretion this Masturbation Day
By: - 05/17/2024
Keep your Masturbation Day on the down-low with these top picks of quiet sex toys that won't out you!
How to prepare your space for Masturbation May and have the best orgasms ever
By: - 05/10/2024
Dress the room to romance yourself this Masturbation May
The best toys on the market to help you cum in 7 different ways this Masturbation May
By: - 05/03/2024
Take up the heat on your Masturbation May with this selection of ways to orgasm (and the toys that can get you there!)
Touching yourself doesn't have to be a solo sport
By: - 04/25/2024
When I think about you I touch myself. Nothing beats a good old wank we know, but the benefits of sharing your masturbation sessions with a trusted lover might just blow your mind.
Can Masturbation increase your libido?
By: - 04/18/2024
Need a leg up in the bedroom? From beating your meat, to double clicking your mouse or rubbing one out, whatever you choose to call it, masturbation is officially good for your sex life and self-pleasure will make you feel more horny.