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'What is Temperature play?' With Sexpert, Gigi Engle

By: Scarlett Ward

temperature play with gigi engle


Have you heard the phrase "you're playing with fire"? Well there are some of us who would take that as less of a threat and more of a promise of a good time. That's because temperature play is an exiting and relatively easy way to introduce some excitement into the bedroom... or the kitchen... or the living room... wherever the moment takes you, really. So let's begin with an introduction to temperature play; what is it and what exactly gets people going? 


We have's resident Sexpert on board to guide us through the basics, so that you can really heat things up (or indeed cool them down) 


Gigi Engle: "People are trying temperature play more often these days because we're simply getting more adventurous in the bedroom. Trying things that might once have been considered taboo is becoming more mainstream and acceptable. Sex toy sales absolutely skyrocketed during the pandemic, shedding light on the growing interest in kink and other forms of more non-vanilla play. We're also seeing an increase in this kind of play, in particular, because it's very accessible."

What is Temperature Play?

Temperature play is the act of experimenting with the extremes of ice or heat to titilate the senses and to arouse erogenous zones of the body. The sudden shock of a sudden change of temperature can send a jolt through the body to heighten the mood and get hearts racing.

Although technically temperature play falls under the umbrella term of BDSM, it can be as gentle as you would like, starting slowly with cooler packs or warming pads to introduce some sensation play to both your partner, or even try it out for yourself first while masturbating!


Gigi Engle: "You can simply grab an ice tray out of the freezer to give this play a try. It's quite simple to -- and I believe that makes it less "scary" when you're looking to try new things sexually.

Temperature play is appealing because of our heightened sensitivity to touch and sensation. Our brains become quite primal when we’re turned on. We want to touch and explore everything on ours and our partner’s body.

Feeling something cold (or hot) on certain areas sends a shock through the system. It’s something we’re not expecting. Experiencing that level of surprise increases blood flow and heart rate … only furthering our sexual intensity and desire.

It’s not just a shock that plays a role, but the flow of feeling. It is sensual exploration. It’s relaxing and sexy."


Safety whilst experimenting with temperature play.


It's very important though that you don't just go grabbing any naked flame and holding it to your partner's appendages. First and foremost you must have an open conversation about temperature play with your partner in order to acquire consent.

Gigi Engle: "Remember to always communicate with your partner to make sure everyone is having a great time and is experiencing pleasure. Check-ins are always very important."

Using temperature play sex toys

Not all materials are safe or suitable to be used when heated up or cooled down. For example your average living room candle will burn at a much higher temperature than a body-safe soy wax candle, and can cause serious burns.  

Gigi Engle: Be aware of what you’re using for this kind of play. You do not just go and find a household candle and start dripping wax on your partner’s thighs. You want to use a candle designed for this play (like this one!).


Torso Form I

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Gigi Engle: "If you're doing cold-play, plan ahead. Pop your toys in the freezer a few hours before you get down and dirty. Always be sure to test the toy on your hands and arms, to ensure it isn't 'too cold.' Because no one wants freezer burn."


Dildos and vibrators that are made of glass are an ideal material to cool down in the freezer, and can work in tandem with icecubes or packs to add a toe-curling sensation to your temperature play explorations.


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We asked Gigi Engle what are her top picks of sex toys for sensation play:

For internal vaginal cold play: 

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For anal:

Adam and Eve's Pink Gem Anal Plug - Large

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