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How to use a Vibrator.

Always purchase vibrators from a reputable retailer like us, who can offer you advice about products. All of our vibrators are accompanied with operational manuals but using a vibrator to give sexual pleasure is more about personal preference. It's important to use your vibrator to its full extent and discover the intense sexual pleasure you can get from using a sex toy.

We strongly advise that when opening your new vibrator, that you clean the body with warm water and soap prior to use. Please refer to the manufacturers instructions on cleaning and sanitising your product. Ensure the batteries are connected correctly before using and familiarise yourself with the buttons and operations.

As always with a new Sex Toy we suggest you try for the first time solo, preferably completely alone. Most vibrators are quiet, but you may find you could make sounds of orgasmic pleasure. If you are nervous, you can experiment around with other body parts to discover your sensitivity to the vibrations. You might find using a mirror advantageous to see what you are doing with your vibrator and the sweet spots of your clitoris, vagina or anus. Experiment with pressure and try gentle caressing to deep pressure to see what turns you on. Unlike the non-vibrating Dildo, penetration is not required to reach orgasm. Remember that every person is different in what they like, so it’s perfectly fine to enjoy lower speed settings.

When you feel comfortable with the operation set the vibrator with the lowest speed and gently massage your clitoris or anus as desired. Allow time to feel and sense the waves of vibration to establish your comfort levels. When ready, increase to speed settings as comfort allows and find that level to bring you to powerful orgasm.

Experiment with settings, as some vibrators may have pre-set patterns of vibrations. Again personal preference will dictate if you prefer constant or intermittent vibration which increases or decreases the intensity. If you feel comfortable, try massaging over the labia, clitoral hood and inside the vagina will give a range of stimulation. Some models are intended for insertion and ensure your vibrator is suited for internal use before trying. You may need lube to make penetration comfortable, and using condoms is advised if you are sharing the sex toy.

Before insertion, we suggest turning the power off until you have experimented. When ready massage a small amount of lubricant onto your finger and on the shaft of the vibrator. Slowly insert the vibrator into your vagina and go at your own pace, gently sliding it in and out slowly. We suggest starting the vibration on the lowest setting and either leave the vibrator in place or move it back and forth. Either way, you may find the G-Spot orgasm deeper, but harder to build up. When you feel ready, you may want to introduce the vibrator to your partner and teach them how it can bring you pleasure.