What is a couples vibrator, and why should you try one?

Despite my general love of sex toys, and all things that go ‘bzzz’ in the night, one of the products I was always a little ambivalent about in the past was couples vibrators. Until I actually tried one, that is.

Let’s start off by defining our terms: what exactly do we mean by ‘couples vibrator‘? Any vibrator can be a couples vibrator, after all, if you’re using it in a couple. But ‘couples vibrator’ is a term that has been coined – and kind of stuck – to mean vibrators that can be partly inserted into someone’s vagina and used during penetrative sex. They vibrate inside the vagina (and along the shaft of the penis) while you have sex. Eagle-eyed readers will note that this term therefore assumes a penis-in-vagina-centric view of sex, and you’d be right. More progressive (and less heteronormative) terms include ‘C-vibe’ or ‘U-vibe’, referring to the shape of the toy itself. But I’m going to use ‘couples vibrator’ for this post, just because that’s what most people tend to search for when they’re thinking of buying this type of toy.

How to use a couples vibrator

Let’s begin with the basics: couples vibrators like this are designed to be worn partly inside and partly outside the body. The slimmer section of the vibe (the end which doesn’t have the buttons) should be inserted into the vagina, so it sits along the front wall of the vagina (for that excellent g-spot stimulation). The other end of the toy (usually thicker, and with buttons) sits outside the body, pressed up against your clit.

Before you put it in, you’re going to need that old sex toys staple: a lot of lube! C-shaped couples vibrators are usually easy to insert, because the internal portion is much smaller than your average dildo. But once you have a penis inside too, things are going to get a bit snug. So to maximise pleasure and minimise potential dryness, grab your favourite water-based lube and make sure the internal part of the toy has been thoroughly doused in it.

Some of the higher end couples vibes, like the We-Vibe Sync, are app-enabled, which means once you’ve positioned the toy correctly you won’t need to go fiddling around in your crotch to press any of the buttons. However for toys which don’t come with an app or remote, you’ll need to reach down to switch them on or change the intensity of the vibrations. How you choose to do this is up to you, but with the couples vibes I’ve used I usually find it a bit easier to turn them on before I put them inside me. Manoeuvring a vibrating thing into my vagina seems simpler to me than pausing mid-shag to press buttons, but go with whichever way feels best for you.

Couples vibrator reviews

If I were to write a review of a couples vibrator, somewhere I’d have to admit what I did at the start of this blog: that initially I was ambivalent. In fact, I was ambivalent even after inserting it, even after turning it on… right up until the moment that we actually started having sex with it. The vibrations on the toy I tried out weren’t super-strong, but they really came into their own when we were shagging: I sat on top of my partner, who was on the sofa, and proceeded to grind against him. It was intense.

For me, it felt like his whole dick had turned into a version of a vibrator, and the additional pressure and stimulation on my clit felt quite magic too. He described it as if “your whole vagina is vibrating, which makes me feel every bit of sensation even more intensely.” But that was only afterwards, when he’d had time to compose himself, because while we were actually shagging with it all he was capable of saying was ‘Oh. My. God.’ It was a roaring success.

And if you’d like more proof, just check out some of the couples vibrator reviews we have here on the site:

“Me and my wife decided to buy this and my word does it deliver.” – Versa Multi-Speed Couples Vibrator

“Me and my boyf bought this, our sex life went from 100 to 150!” – Satisfyer Plus Couples Vibrator

Trust me on this: they’re amazing! If you fancy trying one out for yourself, here are a couple of recommendations of couples vibrators we sell here at SexToys.co.uk

Best couples vibrator – high end

Lelo Tiani Couples Vibrator

Not only is it beautifully designed, it also comes with a really clever motion sensitive remote control. So no messing around with buttons, you can just hold the control in your hand and use gestures to change the speed and intensity of the vibrations!

We Vibe Sync Couples Vibrator

I think I’m right in saying this is one of the most popular couples vibrators of all time, and if you buy one you’ll see why. It comes with a couples vibrator app for ease of control (and the potential for long-distance sexy fun if that’s your cup of tea), as well as a range of settings and patterns to play with.

Best couples vibrator – on a budget

Satisfyer Partner Couples Vibrator

This is very similar to the first couples vibrator I tried – you know, the one that turned me from a skeptic into a convert. It’s just a shade under £45, so much easier on the wallet than the higher end toys.

Loving Joy Versa Couples Vibrator

This couples vibrator currently has four 5-star reviews on our site, marrying decent technology with an affordable price tag.

Which couples vibrator will you choose? Once you’ve made your decision, all you need to do is start planning all the different positions in which you’d like to try it out…

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