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Roxxxy or Orgasmatron: what will sex robots look like in the future?

I have an obsession with sex robots. I say ‘obsession’, I don’t actually own one yet – unless you count all the vibrators in my collection. In truth, a vibrator is to a sex robot what an abacus is to a scientific calculator – they’re a very basic means of achieving orgasm, but they aren’t […]

Would you agree to be the voice of a sex robot?

Terribly exciting news this week: a manufacturer has put out a call for people to record their voices, so they can be used as more ‘human’ outputs for sex robots. The idea is that you’d record the key phrases and words, and then consumers could download your voice as additional content, upload it to their […]

​Bucket list sex toys: what’s on your list?

There are some sex toys that only last about five minutes on my wish list before either I or my partner buys them. Furry tail butt plugs, for instance, press his ‘hot’ buttons as well as mine, so it didn’t take long from ‘ooh that looks nice’ to a package arriving – discreetly wrapped – […]