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An Introduction To Anal In Celebration Of Anal August.

By: Scarlett


An Introduction To Anal In Celebration Of Anal August.

Happy Anal August! It’s a month where we are celebrating all things peachy with a sale across selected items of anal toy products, so let's talk about what all the fuss is about! Whether you are just starting your exploration, or are a seasoned veteran of the backdoor adventures, lube up because we are going to be giving you an introduction to one of the most exciting and popular sexual acts since humankind discovered there are multiple ways to orgasm. (Oh you haven’t heard? Check out our blog here to learn more!)


So why does anal feel good?

For both Penis and vagina owners, anal pleasure can be the key to unlocking a truly explosive orgasm. 

In the case of Cis-gender men, the stimulation of the semen-producing gland called the Prostate is key. The provocation of this walnut-sized gland can result in some seriously tantalising sensations as it is filled with sensitive nerves that can create serious pleasure. Prostate orgasms create muscle tension that ripple throughout the entire body, but the sexual stimulation of nerves in and around the anus can also be toe-curlingly amazing for vagina owners too thanks to the proximity of the Clitoris and Vagina. 


Where do I start?


Taking hygienic measures by showering before is a start, and some prefer to douche||a|20|c|0||toy_category|0 before partaking in anal play. However much we accept that sex is dirty and bodily secretions are bound to end up involved in some form, it is important to remember that bacteria can inhabit the anus. Ensure that you aren’t using the same anal toy in any other orifices to avoid any infections. Take the opportunity to treat yourself to a moment of self care and relaxation by running a bubble bath whilst you clean the area.


Sliquid Balance - Soak - Luxurious and Gentle Bubble Bath

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As with any sexual activity, conversations with your partner are essential to ensure that full consent is ensured and you’re both on the same page. Anal sex can be an amazing experience, but if you’re a beginner then nerves are natural. Ensure that you’ve spoken to your partner about your feelings and any reservations you may have both before and during sex. 

Wetter is better!

The old saying is never more applicable than when partaking in anal sex. Lube can help avoid uncomfortable friction rubbing or tearing, and particularly if you’re new to the experience it will help you feel more comfortable. Lube up your anal toy, finger, or penis with desensitizing lube to help relax the anus into sex.

Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t produce lubricant naturally, so not only can lube reduce the chance of injury, it adds to the overall pleasure of anal sex. 


Relax Desensitizing Anal Lubricant

Relax Desensitizing Anal Lubricant - £29.67


Start slow.

If you’re new to anal play then don’t let the heat of the moment stop you from easing yourself into it. Begin with gentle touching, prodding and rubbing before penetration. 

Consider anal training in preparation for anal sex by using a set of anal dialators to work up to larger sizes.


Health and Wellness Silicone Dilator Kit

Silicone Dilator Kit - £34.35

Trying some solo play before sex with a partner can help establish some confidence if you’re new to anal sex. Try training kits to reduce tightness, relax and gently stretch the anus before penetrative sex. Gently introduce the tip and gently work it in until it is fully penetrated. 

Anal Trainer Set In A Bag

Anal training set - £25.22

If you’re not ready to penetrate with a girthier size just yet, then try an inflatable toy which can steadily increase the width with each pump of air once it is inserted into the anus. 


Colt Expandable Butt Plug

Colt Expandable Butt Plug - £28.89


We all tense our bodies when we are nervous or excited, so be sure to take deep breaths and relax into it. Begin with slow gentle thrusts and experiment with what feels good. Take this opportunity to massage your body, or even better ask your body for a gentle back rub while you’re having sex. Loving caresses can activate bonding chemicals in the brain, so get hands on while you’re having sex.


Butt plugs.

Butt plugs have a tapered end for easy insertion and whilst in use, a butt plug can increase the intensity of an orgasm by stimulating the nerve-packed anal canal and increasing a sense of 'fullness' whilst you climax. This is because the prostate is continuously receiving pressure and pleasure whilst you are having sex, oral sex or masturbating.

Those who are more experienced having anal sex will want to explore vibrating butt plugs, which can push that orgasm to intense new heights.


Luxe - Wearable Vibra Plug

Luxe wearable Vibra plug - £20.53


Golden rules.

Remember that with anal sex there are some golden rules you must remember. Clean up, and lube up.

Clean your toys using a toy cleaning fluid  before and after use, and as well as cleaning yourself in the shower remember to pee after sex (it helps reduce the risk of UTIs as it flushes out any bacteria that may have been displaced from the anus to the urethra.)

Lubricants will not only help make the entire process more enjoyable, but can help reduce tears and other painful experiences. 

Finally, remember that communication should always be at the core of any sexual practice, so whether you are introducing yourself or a partner to anal sex, ensure that both of you are comfortable with what is happening. 

Off you go peachy lovers, go reap your harvest!